Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Video: Our Moral Psychology

Very interesting program.

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt offers a fascinating look into how our moral psychology shapes us into who we are. Worth a look for anyone who has ever wondered, "How can they possibly think that way?" during a political discussion with someone of a differing belief system:

Maybe if we started trying to understand where other people were coming from, we could stop having pointless pissing contests that go nowhere and actually all learn something from each other and our differences.



Liberals lack intellectual empathy? - The Thinker

"I’ve posted numerous times before about the need for critical thinkers to practice intellectual empathy — the ability and willingness to examine issues from others’ viewpoints in a fair and open-minded manner. A person who fails to practice intellectual empathy often unfairly mischaracterizes an opposing viewpoint (committing the straw man fallacy) and snarkily ridicules its holder (committing various forms of the ad hominem fallacy)."

In this Pajamas Media article, Helen Smith tries to offer advice to conservatives for how to deal with the left’s lack of intellectual empathy. She cites research by Jonathan Haidt, a psychologist and a professor at the University of Virginia,who found that conservatives could more readily put themselves in the shoes of liberals and understand morally where they were coming from.
The reverse was not true of liberals. They have little understanding of those with opposing views to their own.

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Phelps said...

Given the studies that show that conservatives are much better at empathizing with liberals than liberals are at empathizing with conservatives, then Haidt is in the right place, but he's got a tall hill to climb.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

You know I’ve said the same thing to liberals and they say that I am nuts.
Thing is I may vehemently disagree with liberals on all sorts of things but I bet I understand them better than they understand themselves.
Liberals for the most part are completely irrational and don’t or won’t follow simply or basic logic on many issues, but again I get em, I understand their emotion but when it comes to processing why those of us on the right think the way we do were are “stupid” or “stubborn” You are absolutely right.

Phelps said...

This may be useful in the future -- this is what I was talking about: