Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I Read Today... Busy... with kids... - Obama One of Three Worst Presidents in History

Jackie Mason: Obama One of Three Worst Presidents in History

Lieberman: Obama’s Lack of Leadership 'Troubles Me'

Obama's Grants Violate ACORN Funding Ban?

In Debt Limit Debate, Higher Taxes Aren’t the Answer

Obama: We didn’t intervene enough in housing markets

Corporate jet industry to Obama: Thanks a lot for hurting our business

Obama Touts Federal Worker Pay Freeze That Isn’t

Did Obama lie about White House salaries in Twitter town hall?

"Alibi Obama" Is Ripe for a Takedown

Public Wants Changes in Entitlements, Not Changes in Benefits

The Left’s Desperate, Devious and Dangerous 14th Amendment Ploy

Can We Offer Relief at the Pump Without Compromising National Security?

Teacher Quitting Union Over Support for Obama

Liberals: Wrong Again. Do They Care?

Obama's Debt Plan Fails the Truth Test

Obama puts Medicare, Social Security cuts on the table

ObamaCare and Kagan's Conflict of Interest

MSNBC: Leaning Left for 15 Long Years - A Year-by-Year Video Retrospective

HUD Settles Racial Discrimination Lawsuit With Another $62 Million for Post-Katrina Rebuilding

Clothing For Mass. State Workers Costs Taxpayers $44M

ABC Touts Teachers Blaming Standardized Tests for Atlanta Cheating Scandal

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