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Allen West I'm the Modern Day Harriet Tubman, VACATION TIME: JOBLESS CLAIMS UP, Negro Apologist: Black Teen Flash Mobs A Sick Result Of Political Neglect, More attack videos, Thomas Sowell - Social Degeneration Part 2, White Man's Welfare, Warning: Conservatives May Be Harmful to Your Mental Health

Allen West I'm the Modern Day Harriet Tubman

West says: "blacks are so comfortable on the Democrat Plantation that they don’t really understand that they are captives."

My whitey friends please read this…. Seriously you need to read. For some of you (and I have received e-mails on this) who wonder why I always sound so angry and pessimistic it is stupid ass negros like this that irritate the fucking shit out of me.

Black Teen Flash Mobs A Sick Result Of Political Neglect
By Dr. Boyce Watkins
Like the rest of the country, I couldn’t help but notice the occurrence of Black teen ‘”flash mobs” around the country. For those who haven’t been made hip to the game, flash mobs are random groups of people who get together and do “stuff.”

The acts committed by flash mobs can be naïve and cute, like singing the Star Spangled Banner on one leg while drinking a Pepsi. They can also be nasty and violent, like beating down anyone who happens to be passing by.

We can leave it to teenagers to find creative and potentially frightening ways to use the amazing power of social media. Black teen flash mobs have been formed throughout the country, with many of them designed to break the law in some way.

The most recent incident involved the 60-second robbing of a 7-11 store in Maryland. A group of teens got together on Twitter/Facebook/email/Myspace/text message and agreed to walk in the store, grab things off the shelves, and then walk out.

Another series of incidents occurred in Philadelphia, leading Philly Mayor Michael Nutter to put the entire city on lockdown with a 9 p.m. curfew for all citizens under the age of 18. Nutter went so far as to appear in a church in Philadelphia to proclaim that these young people are “an embarrassment to their race.” He is certainly correct that it’s difficult to excuse the behavior of flash mobs, especially those who engage in violence.

I can’t help but notice how the creation of flash mobs is probably the first time in recent memory that Black teenagers have gotten this much attention from media or public officials. Rather than focusing on the teenagers who are doing great things with their lives, the media loves to put a spotlight on the few scary looking black kids who decide to rob a store on a Saturday night. In spite of the media bias, there are quite a few reasons that the media, Mayor Nutter and the rest of us could have been paying attention to Black teenagers in the past.

“Black teen flash mobs are our society’s creation: if we’d chosen to give these kids something to live for, they wouldn’t be out finding ways to self-destruct.”

Something to live for!? A country that if people like Obama don’t fuck it up provides the opportunity for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

When I was a teenager long before there were any cell phones or Facebook if I wanted money I found a goddamn job whether that was cutting grass, raking leaves, cleaning someone’s garage whatever.
Once my family got past the whitey outrage of moving into their neighborhood the last thing I wanted to do was destroy my neighborhoods or graffiti my school buildings.
I had no inclination to harm perfect strangers or to disrupt the quiet and calm and peacefulness of my neighborhood.
Back in the day when I would go with my friends to the local 7/11 to play video arcade games we have no hidden agenda to rob the fucking store.
Was I a fucking angel or saint hell no, want to know the first time I smoked weed shit I was 10 years old. Have I even engage in petty theft, yes but common sense quickly kicked in because the difference between me and the kids of today is these kids have no shame or remorse.

Back in the day my friends and I would get up sometimes at 7am to play basketball or we would venture out to find the nearest manicured grass field to play tackle football.
We ventured to sites around the Bay Area, went to the movies not to be disruptive fucks but to actually watch the movie.
We took care of each other, valued each other not in some ridiculous gang mentality way but we understood that life does not have to be about acting like a fucking idiot and engaging in self-destructive bullshit.
Mr. Watkins let me tell you something the reason why the unemployment of young black kids is so high is because many of them can’t be hired to do the simplest of tasks because they are too fucking stupid, they don’t want to work any damn way.
Just as Mayor Nutter pointed out they dress like retards, talk like retards, they don’t value anything of substance; will spend money on the silliest shit like the old stereotype of putting $1000 rims on a shitty ass car. Young girls’ spending money on tattoos, long ass fake nails and weaves making them look like circus clowns instead of young women. Who are going to hire these social freaks and what government program are going to teach these kids common fucking sense.
Consider the pictures shown here. One young black girl suffering from such low self-esteem she gets a “super-ho” tattoo. Another fad now with young gay black men extreme lip injections. These young black kids are mentally unstable, most or uneducated because the dropout rate amongst black kids today is almost 50% nationally so who the fuck is going to hire a mentally unstable, uneducated black kid with multicolored hair weaves, tattoos on the neck, lip injections and saggy paints who is only proficient at flash mobbing.

Look at these kids committing these crimes and the frightening thing is they are “proud” of the mayhem they are committing, they are not even a little bit ashamed of it but niggas want to continue to make excuses for them. I find this more than a little bit amazing because as Negro journalist like this dude celebrated the inauguration of the first Negro president Obama was supposed to eradicate niggadom and it looks as though he has done just the opposite.

Hey Mr. Watkins explain this shit!

New Video Shows Philly Teen Attack


Flash mobs, grievance-stokers, and RAAAAAACISM! - Michelle Malkin

Thomas Sowell - Social Degeneration Part 2


Peggy O'Neil's Pub Refused Minorities: Lawsuit
A Dorchester, Mass. bar faces a lawsuit that claims the establishment refused to serve minorities.
The Boston Globe reports on a lawsuit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General's office alleging that members of a group of friends were turned away from Peggy O’Neil’s Pub and Grille because they were African-American and Latino.
According to Fox News Latino the suit alleges that, last year an African-American man and a Cape Verdean man were told it was too late to come into the bar, even though white patrons were allowed in.
Later that same night, another group of African-American and Latino friends were told they didn't "look like the type of people" the owner would allow into the pub, according to the suit.
The bar's owner denies the lawsuit's claims.
Race separating brother and sister in Polk schools?
Polk County School Board Chair Kay Fields told 10 News, "To me, diversity is just as important as family, in my opinion. You look at Lincoln Academy. Lincoln Academy is in a black community. So, to me, that's important. That's a part of diversity, and I think we have to look at all of it."

Polk County magnet schools get federal money, in part, because they were designed to be racially diverse, and school officials say extending sibling preference beyond the current standards could cut into that necessary diversity by reducing the number of spaces available for minority students.

School official Carol Bridges told the board, "We continue to be scrutinized by the Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice to make sure we maintain that value [of diversity]."

Rosemary Goudreau, an advocate for the McLaughlin family, responded, "They say if Polk stands up for its kids, Washington will pull its funding. Really? Washington is telling Polk County to stop admitting kindergarteners to magnet schools with their siblings?"

Folks I have dealt with this issue from the other perspective. I served on a desegregation committee because after moving into my neighborhood (my first home purchase) I discovered something strange. There were a number of kids in my neighborhood even kids from the same household who were getting on separate busses.
I inquired about this and even spoke with a number of parents. Because of the magnet school concept employed at the time only a certain number of slots were allotted to white kids at certain schools (rotated by birthday) and so many black kids (each school had to have a percentage of black kids evenly dispersed around the city). In a two block area of my home no more than two (black) kids in my neighborhood went to the same school. The only reason why mine did after figuring this out, I claimed they were Hispanic (which was not a stretch because my wife was Puerto Rican). I was told the same thing quoted in this story, that “diversity” was more important, than keeping families and neighborhoods kids together although my neighborhood was one of the most racially diverse areas in the city at the time. Liberal social engineering at its finest.
I had some black kids in my neighborhood being bussed across town taking as much as an hour to get to school which was fucking outrageous while the white kids around me went to the neighborhood school within walking distance. What was more amazing to me at the time was the fact that the Negro community leaders at the time did not see anything wrong with this. Diversity trumped common sense. Oh well…

I had not seen this, fucking outrageous! Who says white people don't receive taxpayer supported welfare!?

Bite Me’ Benefits From Obama Stimulus Funds
RALEIGH — “Bite Me,” a charter fishing boat based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County, was one of 14 fishing boats on the North Carolina coast to receive thousands of dollars to replace their diesel engines under President Obama’s stimulus program.

The purpose of the funds, administered by the state’s Marine Diesel Equipment Repower program, was to improve air quality by reducing diesel emissions, though the boats operate in an area of the state not known for air-quality problems.

In addition to the colorfully named “Bite Me,” also receiving funds for engine replacement under the 2009 stimulus program were “Harper’s Folly,” “Endless Pursuit,” “Net Results,” “Hopeful,” and nine other fishing vessels. (See chart below for all grant recipients.)

“Bite Me” owner Jay Kavanagh received $65,886 in public funds for a new diesel motor for the 51-foot charter boat based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County. Kavanagh’s award amounted to one-half the cost of purchasing and installing a new Caterpillar 2009 model year motor. The new motor ran cleaner than the 2000 version that had powered his boat.

The largest Marine Diesel grant was $93,000 to replace the engine in Bald Eagle II, a commercial fishing vessel owned by the Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant in Wanchese.

New information about the use of stimulus funding comes as the White House and congressional leaders are deadlocked over proposals to avoid a potential default on more than $14 trillion in government debt.

One of the most outrageous "open secrets" of U.S. government policy these days is that the Federal Reserve is still paying big banks not to lend money.

Kinda knew this already but interesting anyway...

Warning: Conservatives May Be Harmful to Your Mental Health
By Bernard Goldberg
“If you hooked network news reporters and producers to polygraph machines and asked them, ‘Do you think you are guilty of liberal bias?’ most would almost certainly answer, ‘No.’ And they would pass the polygraph test because they’re not lying. They honestly believe what they’re saying. And that’s the biggest problem of all.”

I wrote those words 10 years ago in my first book Bias, a behind-the-scenes expose on how and why mainstream journalists often slant the news to fit their own liberal biases. It’s still the biggest problem of all today.

But despite what some conservatives might think, there’s no grand conspiracy to slant the news in a liberal direction. During my nearly three decades as a correspondent at CBS News I never once saw Dan Rather (or anyone else) summon his top lieutenants and tell them to cover a story in a way that would make liberals happy. It doesn’t work that way.

The problem is that newsrooms are packed with liberal journalists who see the world through a liberal prism. There’s a lot of racial and ethnic and gender diversity in newsrooms these days, but very little ideological diversity – very little diversity of opinion. So, inside the bubble, everything to the right of center is (correctly) seen as conservative, but everything to the left of center is (incorrectly) seen as middle of the road. Liberal views, in this world, aren’t really liberal. They’re moderate. They’re reasonable. They’re mainstream.

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