Friday, August 12, 2011

America’s Worst President Ever Watch Friday Edition, Obama and ACORN, Is Obama a Serial Liar? Republican Debate... who cares too damn early!

My life and this countries mood are perfectly in sync. Have you ever been driven to the brink of complete and utter insanity? Things everywhere are fucked up and people everywhere are fucked up and no matter how hard you try the shit storm that is our current state of affairs look to be something we all are going to have to deal with for quite some time.
Now if you just think I’m being a pessimistic bastard note the following:

Post Office proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of healthcare plan...

CHICAGOLAND: State can no longer afford to bury dead poor...

Pastor Tased, Woman Stabbed after Church Service...

Cops: TACO BELL employee handcuffed himself to female coworker who declined date...

Pregnant woman mauled to death by pet pitbull...

Teen girl, 16, nicknamed 'Uzi,' busted in gang slay; Shot member of former crew dead near playground

Shocking! Female Rapists Terrorize Men In Zimbabwe

Bronx teen arrested in death of college student shot over 50 cents

Peace Corps Volunteer Confesses To Molesting African Orphans

24-year-old Connecticut woman savagely attacks girl, 12, who was 'looking at' her boyfriend at party

U.K. riots: London Olympics ambassador Chelsea Ives turned in as brick-thrower ... by her own mother

Family Fined $300 For Having Apple, Tomato, Cucumber In Child's Backpack At Airport...

Cubs fan catches foul ball, holds on to baby
In the top of the fourth inning of the Cubs game against the Washington Nats, Michael Morse fouled off a pitch into the right field stands. A Cubs fan pulled off an incredible catch with his left hand, WHILE he was holding his child in his right arm. Well done sir.

“Give that man a contract,” said Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper.
No dickhead don’t give that man a contract he should be arrested for child endangerment. Why you idiot rednecks continue to think that endangering your babies to catch a $5 baseball is beyond me. Reminds me of one of my favorite lines: “gene pool eradication.”
I guess if you kill your kid because you are an idiot bastard you are doing society a favor!


A five-year-old boy gets a piece of LEGO stuck up his nose

Nevada Judge Slaps ACORN With Maximum Fine for Latest Illegal Voter Registration Scheme - Gateway Pundit
ACORN was the largest radical leftist group in America before controversy forced the discredited leftist group to disband. This radical group worked closely with the Obama camp during the 2008 election but was not open about the relationship. The photo below was scrubbed from the ACORN website before the election:

One of Barack Obama’s first big “community organizer” jobs involved ACORN in 1992. He worked along side ACORN before he became an elected official. Obama also trained ACORN employees. He represented ACORN in court. Obama worked with and protested with ACORN. His campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN in 2008 for voter registration efforts.

And, ACORN even canvassed for Obama in 2008.

Oh but you idiot bastards who voted for Obama did not know this huh? Ok...

Obama, Acorn, And Election Fraud

Failed President Obama Urges Voters to Scold Republicans… Then Flies Off to 2 Fundraisers
Barack Obama urged Americans to scold Republicans yesterday during his speech in Michigan where he pushed his latest costly new regulations and tax increases. The president was visibly upset that Republicans have stalled his big spending, big government agenda.

Obama's Undignified Transparency
If the American people were doubtful about the manipulative natureof Barack Obama, his undignified behavior at the "dignified transfer" of the remains of 30 American troops killed by Taliban insurgents in the worst single loss of life in 10 years of the Afghan war should extinguish any remaining doubt.  It's confirmed -- Barack Obama is willing to disrespect the families of dead war heroes if doing so assists in his desperate bid for reelection.

Unbeknownst to those caught up in that heartrending moment, a White House photographer accompanied the President to the ceremony -- incognito. By that night, "an official White House photo of a saluting Obama was distributed to news media and published widely. It also was posted on the White House website as the 'Photo of the Day."

I swear this president is a fucking snake…

Shock: When Joe Wilson Said "You Lie," The President Was In Fact Lying - Ace of Spades
Wilson's shouted comment was in response to Obama's claim that none of the ObamaCare dollars & treatment would flow to illegal immigrants.
You'll never guess...
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced on Tuesday that it has awarded $28.8 million to 67 community health centers with funds from the Obamacare health reform law. Of that $28.8 million, approximately $8.5 million will be used by 25 New Access Point awardees to target services to migrant and seasonal farm workers, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Spokeswoman Judy Andrews told HRSA is a part of HHS.
Andrews said that grant recipients will not check the immigration status of people seeking services.

Rep. Wilson yells "liar" after Obama says illegal immigrants won't be insured.

This president is a fucking snake....
Obama's Top Five Health Care Lies

Lie One: No one will be compelled to buy coverage.

Lie Two: No new taxes on employer benefits.

Lie Three: Government can control rising health care costs better than the private sector.

Lie Four: A public plan won't be a Trojan horse for a single-payer monopoly.

Lie Five: Patients don't have to fear rationing.

May 9, 2011
Is Obama a Serial Liar?

Obama says 80% of Americans want higher taxes. Just an example...
Accusing someone of lying is a serious matter.  Especially when that someone is the President of the United States.  Charges of that nature should be leveled based only on absolute proof of a deliberate statement, intentionally made, whose sole purpose is to deceive.  Based on this criterion, President Obama is a liar.  Demonstrably so.  And a disturbing pattern is emerging that allows for the possibility that our president is a serial liar.  Consider:
In just the last month, Obama has made several statements that are just not so.  Statements made to the American public that were in direct conflict with known facts.
In April, Obama flatly stated that implementing ObamaCare will reduce the deficit by $1 trillion.  A day later, the Congressional Budget Office reported that statement was 'incorrect,' pegging the "deficit savings" at $210 billion over 10 years.
In the same April 15 speech, Obama stated that the tax burden on the wealthy is the lowest it has been in 50 years. A simple fact-check proves him wrong.  Obama did not correct his false statement and the media didn't either.

In January of 2009, Obama stated that it was no longer necessary to kill Osama bin Laden to win the war against al-Qaeda.  On May 1, 2011, after the successful raid by Navy Seals that killed bin Laden, Obama told the nation that he made the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden a "top priority," and had instructed CIA Chief Leon Panetta to make this job number one.  Which statement is correct?

Last week, several of my friends asked me if I believed that bin Laden was really dead.  The questions weren't surprising, considering the mass of misinformation and conflicting accounts of bin Laden's death now emanating from the White House.  It appears the question of bin Laden's demise was only settled after al Qaeda issued a statement confirming it.
What does it say about Obama's credibility when the pro-Arab al Jazeera media reports are given more credibility than our own president?  Maybe that's why Columbia School of Journalism just awarded al Jazeera a journalism prize.

Oh for the record I don’t give a rats ass about the GOP debate, it is too damn early to give a shit and frankly none of the candidates inspire me. The guy who should be running won’t and you people who are going to support Romney are just clueless Romney is a complete and utter fraud the prototype politician who sticks his finger in the air and goes with the prevailing thought of the day. He is nothing more than a Bush jr. clone he will do anything just so people will like him. Remember who said it first.


Anonymous said...

Who do you want to run?

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Paul Ryan (R-WI)

My dream ticket would be him and Allen West of Florida

not likely in 2012 but 2016 yes.

Bird of Paradise said...

The lady is carrying a realy great sign beats all those annoying signs with that stupid obama logo on it