Thursday, August 18, 2011

Biggest Black Website Going Gansta on Maxine for Dissing Obama, What is the difference between slaves on plantations and blacks who blindly vote for Democrats? Jon Stewart Hammers Ed Schultz for Race-Baiting Deceptive Edit

"this chick Maxine Waters is making us RECONSIDER OUR DECISION. She went out yesterday and PRACTICALLY BEGGED Black people in Detroit to STOP supporting Barack Obama, the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT IN THE 250 YEAR HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.

Well we WON'T let her DESTROY THE PRESIDENT. can CONFIRM that we have some very SCANDALOUS INFORMATION about Miss Waters - that is FACTUAL - and that if the mainstream press got their hands on it, her political career would be in SERIOUS JEOPARDY!!!

While we're deciding whether to DROP THE BOMB on this chick, you all can feel free to call her office and tell her to STOP trying to TEAR DOWN the President. Her phone number is (323) 757-8900.

Oh, and FYI,we're in the process of GATHERING scandalous ISH about CORNELL WEST too. And you won't BELIEVE what we've uncovered . ... developing . . .

What is the difference between slaves on plantations and blacks who blindly vote for Democrats?
This is from an email that’s been going around for some time, but never stops being thought-provoking. OR TRUE.
What is the difference between slaves on plantations and blacks who blindly vote for Democrats?
What does a slave-owner have to provide, free, for his slaves?
1. Free Housing.
2. Free Food.
3. Free Healthcare
4. A menial education sufficient to the task he requires the slave to perform.

What is the one thing a slave owner required of his slaves?
1. Unquestioning Loyalty.

What do the democrats always promise to provide, free, to blacks?
1. Free Housing.
2. Free Food.
3. Free healthcare
4. A free menial education, sufficient to get them to the voting booth.

What is the one thing Democrats require of their constituents?
1. Unquestioning Loyalty.

The only question black democrats have to ask themselves is:

Who’s your master now?

The Democrat Party survives because it keeps blacks poor and dependent on Democrat hand-outs to survive.

Democrats do something similar with gays: they keep us in check by scaring gays into believing Republicans are evil and want to kill us, so the only protection we have is to vote Democrat, Democrat, Democrat.

Democrats keep Hispanics under control by pushing Spanish as much as possible, so Hispanics never learn English and don’t progress as much in society.

Women are kept in line by Democrats though cultural wedge issues like abortion, where, once again, people are convinced to vote against their own economic best interests because Democrats create boogeymen to scare them into believing conservatives are evil and want to harm them or take away their rights.

From my old blog... looking back...

I was asked by someone recently why I said that I never trusted Obama. Well I posted this on my old blog. Good thing Free Republic still had it. I told every black person I talked to not to trust this fucken guy because any black man who would actively support and raise money for a former KKK racist fuck would sell his own mother into sexual slavery to become president. I knew Obama was full of crap and I said that if he became president it would be the worst thing to happen to black folks since Jim Crow. Did I nail it or what!? Now Maxine is wondering why Obama avoids black folks shit he already knows idiot ass Negros will vote for his ass no matter what because niggas are just stupid!

Barack Obama — Robert Byrd’s Special Friend
Political Party Poop ^ | April 5, 2008

I found this on Barking Moonbat -

Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has launched a scathing attack on U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama, accusing him of gleaning support from the Ku Klux Klan.The rapper, real name Calvin Broadus Jr., insists the Democratic candidate has received funding from the KKK.

He tells the Guardian, “The KKK gave Obama money. They was one of his biggest supporters … Why wouldn’t they be? The media won’t tell you that. They don’t want you to know that. They just want you to know that this [bleep] befriended this other [bleep] who be  threatening your values.

“But we all know all presidents lie to get into [bleep] office. That’s they (sic) job.”

But Snoop insists Obama will still emerge victorious in the upcoming presidential elections. He adds, “In America’s eyes, that mutha[bleep]’s gonna be president ‘cos (John) McCain can’t [bleep] with him. Hillary (Clinton) can’t [bleep] with him. He’s winning over white people, white ladies.”

“There may be many things that are marks on Obama.. but the claim that he is being supported by the KKK seems a bit out there and possibly only a position somebody totally wasted on drugs could come up with….”

Well not to knock good drugs, but the KKK supporting Obama is not a stretch. I have been questioning for a couple of years now why Obama back in the day would go campaign and raise money for Robert KKK Byrd. Hell if the KKK is sending dead presidents to Obama it’s the least they can do.

I have been bitching about this forever, despite overwhelming support from black folks for Obama, no black journalist, columnist, TV Pundit, somebody anybody ask him why he (Obama) would help raise money for a fucken racist!!

I bet still, today less than 1% of black folks who are supporting Obama know he campaigned for a former Klansman.

I don’t know if Snoop Dog knows it, but what’s that saying about politics and strange bedfellows…

This was from Moonbattery from 2005. In case you missed it!

Remember when the magic Negro went to West Virginia and pimped for Senator Robert “KKK” Byrd. Yes I know it’s an old story to us GOP types, but I thought it was a good time to recycle this old piece of 411.I was telling some friends about this and they did not believe me. I’m amazed at just how few people still don’t know about this, including Obama supporters.I know this is old, but just posting as a reminder since the media is continuing to prop up this articulate darkie. Just a reminder to Democrats as they push for change. These folks are not sold on the Magic Negro; (Obama: No Cash From Denzel, Spike, Motown, Despite Oprah Backing) It tis going to be interesting the race gloves come off. Hillary is certain to start uttering code phrases in the coming weeks where she will basically say it tis not a good idea to elect someone with so little “experience,” she will add some code “can we take a chance of putting a “N-g-e-r at the top of the Democrat Party ticket?” But we will know what she really means. LOL!

Veteran racist Robert Byrd — the senile Senator who has spent his overlong career keeping blacks in “their place” by recruiting for the KKK, by filibustering the Civil Rights Act for 14 straight hours, by making a fool of himself by trying to block the nomination of the supremely qualified Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State, by participating in the “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas as well as opposing the nomination of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court, by publicly calling people “niggers” as recently as 2001, by declaring that he would rather “die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels” — has a new advocate: Barack “Osama bin Osama” Obama, a fellow Senator and, as it happens, a “race mongrel.”Needless to say, any Republican with a resume like Byrd’s would be treated like a leper — especially by fellow Republicans. But the big D in “D-WV” deflects all sins from the Democratic Party’s point of view. There have been Democrats morally depraved enough to refer to Byrd as the “conscience of the Senate” without smirking. Obama is evidently shameless enough to go along with it.

Visit Ace of Spades HQ to read Obama’s letter to the true believers who make up on behalf of the windy old ex-Kleagle’s reelection campaign. Obama lays it on pretty thick, crediting the bloviating obstructionist with upholding the highest of principles by using his favorite tactic — the filibuster — to circumvent the Constitution’s requirement that judges be approved by a simple majority. The original letter of course has a link where you can send money to buy Byrd a fresh set of sheets.

Meanwhile, for advocating a color-blind approach to justice, Clarence Thomas is often called an “Uncle Tom.” Colin Powell is characterized as a “plantation slave” for serving in a Republican Administration.

The Republican Party, as apparently too few people know, was founded largely on the issue of opposition to slavery — and has remained true to the principle of individual liberty regardless of race to this day. Last time I checked, there weren’t any ex-Kleagles on the Republican side of the aisle.

Poll: 26 percent approve of Obama's handling of economy

Americans' Satisfaction With National Conditions Dips to 11%
Jon Stewart Hammers Ed Schultz for Race-Baiting Deceptive Edit

NBC News Lets Sharpton’s False Racism Implication Against Perry Stand

U.S. Government Loaning $500M for Solar Power Projects—In India

Federal Subsidies to Solar Up 626%, Subsidies to Wind Up 946%


Phelps said...

So they are saying that they are sitting on info about waters that we as voters should know but they won't give us?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it some bank got bailed out that her husband had a lot of stock in???

What amazes me is the incredible statistics on illiteracy in urban America. Slaves risked whippings and worse to learn. And the "culture" glorifies ignorance and denigrates learning.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Phelps: Does make you wonder right.
When she was a sista who was down for the cause she was ok as long as she supported other idiot ass Negro politicians, but now that she see that Obama ain't about shit and want to call him on it this website wants to pitch a bitch.

Remember sites like these are paid by the Obama administration to support his idiot ass no matter what.
That is what is fucked up about the vast majority of these black blogs and websites because since a brotha is in the White House they have access to a president that they never had before and they are willing to see their souls to keep Obama in office because once dude is gone that access is gone forever. Obama needs these Negro sycophants to keep posting stories about how good a job he is doing regardless of the truth.
Go to any black blog or major website and few if any tell the entire truth about how shitty a job Obama is doing, it is almost criminal. These black folks are the real sellouts they get money from the Obama klan to print bullshit while black folks don't have jobs or the bullshit hope Obama promised. It is the plantation mentality West talked about and it will never change. Maxine fucked up and I bet Obama said to attack her. I will be checking out other sites to see what is the fallout from this.

And on the Maxine and the bank thing yes that was her...

And also it is sad that black folks back in the day RISKED THEIR LIVES TO LEARN and now you can't pay a black kid to open a book or stay in school.
But believe me when I say this society is sinking faster and faster and if we don't all address this shit we are all fucked. Thank goodness I won't be alive to see it when it all crashes that is why I blog so vigorously I don't believe I will be able to do this for much longer. The freedom to speak out will erode I guarantee you. Someone will find a way to shut folks like me up.