Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Folks don't pass up this video... "Americans are mindless robots under capitalism"


I’ve been told ever since I started blogging that I’m not sincere in my rants and that I must be a racist white dude pretending to be black. I’m also told that I am overly critical and harsh when it comes to black folks. But I got to tell you I heard this clip on Boortz Erick Erickson is guest hosting for Boortz and played this and posted to his blog at Red State and he got it from Ace of Spades.
You want to know why I have such issues with black folks, listening to this lady explains better than any rant I could post here.
Let me be clear about something many of you white folks who listen to this may not understand, this woman is not over the top, this really is not that shocking a lot more black folks think like this than you will ever know.
Except for the Christian bashing and stories from the bible being “made up” a considerable number of black folks think like this woman. Just consider that as you listen to this crazy shit.
Also keep in mind her mindset will become even more commonplace as time rolls on. The days when people gave a shit about personal responsibility, had a sense of pride when it came to family and community those days are quickly diminishing.
We have raised a generation of kids who are completely dependent syphoning off the assets of their parent like never before. Parents are raising their grandchildren, more men are deadbeats, women don’t value themselves, and people are more apt to want to make a fool of themselves for a few seconds of fame.
People today are more clueless and selfish than ever as exhibited by the riots in England and the flash mob robberies by black youth across the country.
People don’t give a shit about being informed and education is no longer valued the result…We elected a president based on the color of his skin and not the content of his character or his qualifications.
I’m telling you this is not shocking… funny somewhat, sad in other ways but believe me when I tell you this woman is more normal than not and that is something all of us better be taking a good hard look as to why and figuring out how to reverse this moronic thinking or we are all fucked.

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Anonymous said...

Right.....it's the system's fault you bought those things and accumulated the debt. Gee, I'm sorry you have to work you lazy bitch. Here's an idea, become a contributing member of society vs. a parasite who lives off others. BTW you pay rent because someone built and maintains the building. Don't like it here, get your clit chopped and move back to Africa you twat!