Thursday, August 11, 2011

How People Found Magic Negro Watch... and Nigger vs Nigga

Some of you people are some sick, silly, crazy, racist, retarded, bastards…
So it looks like my audience is comprised of white racist sex addicts with Negro body part fetishes (particularly Negro penises) who hate Obama! Does that sum it up?
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Arrived on Magic Negro Watch by searching for...
for niggas with guns.

Time out honkeys... watch this

for black kid doing homework.

for mexico sucks.

for obama sucks (2)

for dont mind me.

for obama is destroying america. (2)

for boot obama out (3)

for image Sarah Palin track suit.

for greek islands.

for obama genius.

for happy face.

for romney billboard "obama is".

for big black gays dick.

for obama bowling.

for wtf michelle bachman.

for sexy hotdog.

for Negro pussies.

tea party idiot.

for obama Ties Record Low Approval -- 40%....

for is rahm immanuel a negro? (Seriously!?)

for name of the song from the video "white house cleanses Israel%.

for porn.

for bob beckel football.

for black beast of argghhh. (WTF!)

for penis gay. (2)

for obama pimp picture.

for kind Penis.(2)

for gay penis.(3)

for welfare queens. (2)

for Sarah Powers, az., hooters.

for black republicans.

for one term president obama.

for fuk u cracka.

for silly nigger. (2)

for obama is a big failure.

for obama economy funny.

for OBAMA BEST LIAR in the world.

for Tupac with money.

for muslim bitch.

for Jesus is a gangster.

for newsweek covers with jesus.

for metro sleeping in dc.

for has obama done anything. (If you have to Google it then probable not!)

for hawaiian birth certificate sample.

for ku klux klan logos.

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