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Rep. Maxine Waters - Criticizing Obama + the Black Community, IDIOT! Tom Vilsack Says Giving Away Food-stamps Is a Stimulus Program, President Obama Hates America: Travels The Country On A Canadian Bus, Obamacare Is Going Down, Our Tax Dollars Being Pissed Away, Honest insight from Thomas Sowell on the issue of race, More Niggas behaving badly!

08.16.11: Rep. Maxine Waters - Criticizing Obama + the Black Community

Hey Negros... you remember this shit!

Oh, My: Obama's Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Says Giving Away Food-stamps Is a Stimulus Program Which Puts People Back to Work - Doug Ross
One in seven Americans (another Obama record!) is now on food stamps. Asked how the federal government might alleviate those high numbers, Obama Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack proclaimed that food stamps are "putting people to work".

I don’t know what to say about this. I get on this blog and blow off steam bashing liberals and Democrats relentlessly and I’m certain people think I am a bit certifiable and a little extreme. I have some loved ones who are Obama fans who can’t read because they get offended by what I say not only about him but Democrats in general and then I run across stuff like this and post and I’m thinking when I say Democrats and liberals are just fucking bat shit retarded am I going over the line? Really!? Seriously!?


You Know That $1 Million Luxury Bus Obama Is Campaigning In To Boost US Job Growth? Yeah, Turns Out The White House Had It Built In. . . Canada… - Weasel Zippers

WASHINGTON — President Obama is barnstorming the heartland to boost US jobs in a taxpayer-financed luxury bus the government had custom built — in Canada, The Post has learned.
The $1.1 million vehicle, one of two that Quebec-based Prevost sold the government, has been tricked out by the Secret Service with state-of-the-art security features and creature comforts.
It’s a VIP H3-45 model, the company’s top of the line, and is used by major traveling rock bands.
“That’s the more luxurious model,” Christine Garant of Prevost told The Post.
“When we have the Country Music Awards, we sometimes see a lot of them,” she said, noting that Kid Rock, David Lee Roth and Kenny Rogers also have owned them.
Obama’s new ride is equipped to carry all the baggage a president needs — including the “football” that allows him to remotely control US nuclear weapons.
There’s electronic equipment allowing Obama to communicate and teleconference worldwide.
Like his GM-built limousine, nicknamed “The Beast,” the bus has armored doors.
The president also has large flat-screen TV sets and comfortable couches.

President Obama Hates America: Travels The Country On A Canadian Bus

Canucklehead Obama bus-ted! (PHOTOS)
Palestinian Authority Showcases Its Kindergarten Students Educated With US-Taxpayer Funds Desire To Kill Jews In The Name Of Islam


US considers funding $12 billion Pakistani dam project, despite dissipating anti-terrorism cooperation and the angering of India - Jewish World Review

By Saeed Shah

The President, it should be remembered, is currently traveling the country in his ObamaBus discussing how he intends to help revitalize America

Even as U.S.-Pakistani cooperation on anti-terrorism programs is withering, the United States is considering backing the construction of a giant, $12 billion dam in Pakistan that would be the largest civilian aid project the U.S. has undertaken here in decades.

Supporters of a U.S. role in the project say American participation would mend the United States' tattered image, going a long way toward quieting widespread anti-Americanism amid criticism that the U.S. lavishes money on Pakistan's military while doing little for the country's civilian population.

Approval of the project still faces many hurdles. India objects to the dam because it would be in Kashmir, an area that India also claims. The project also is likely to face opposition from Pakistan's critics in the U.S. Congress, who've called for all aid to be cut off after Osama bin Laden was found hiding in northern Pakistan earlier this year. Recent Pakistani actions, including allegations this week that Pakistan had allowed Chinese military experts to inspect the wreckage of an American stealth helicopter that crashed in the bin Laden compound, are likely to inflame such criticism.
Your tax dollars at work … $20 million federal grant to weatherize three homes in Seattle.


Obamacare Is Going Down
As we saw, the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals became the first federal appellate court to find the Obamacare individual mandate unconstitutional last Friday. I filed briefs in that case on behalf of the American Civil Rights Union urging that result.
More important than the ruling is what the trend is showing. For all that matters in the end is what five Justices on the Supreme Court say.
One of the two judges voting to strike down the Obamacare mandate is Frank Hall, a Clinton appointee. She now joins her 11th Circuit colleague Judge Joel Dubina, appointed by Bush I, District Court Judge Henry Hudson, appointed by Bush II, and District Court Judge Roger Vinson, appointed by Reagan, in
producing thorough, compelling opinions all agreeing that the Obamacare mandate violates the Constitution.

Shit, what did I write about the other day folks!

Food Deliveryman Robbed, Beaten Unconscious In Delaware
WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) – Police in Delaware are searching for seven suspects who robbed and attacked a food deliveryman, leaving him unconscious.

The attack happened at about 10:40 p.m. Tuesday in the 500 block of W. 26th Street in Wilmington.

According to investigators, the victim told them he was making a delivery when he was met by an unknown black male. The victim said six other black males appeared and began to strike him in the head and face until he lost consciousness.

Upon waking, the victim discovered that money, personal property and the food order had been taken.

NYPD Seeks Pack Of Thugs Who Beat, Rob Fordham Heights Man Of His Bible

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD is hunting for a vicious trio who have been robbing folks along Creston Avenue in the Fordham Heights section of the Bronx.

The brutes are described as African Americans, aged 16-20. They may have a fourth accomplice.


New Jersey Priest Sex-Abuse Case Settled For Just Over $1M
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The Diocese of Trenton and lawyers for five men who were abused by a New Jersey priest in the 1970s and 1980s say they have reached a seven-figure settlement.

The diocese says allegations against the Rev. Ronald Becker, who died in 2009, were found to be credible. The church will pay $200,000 to each of the victims, plus $25,000 to cover therapy costs.

Diocese spokeswoman Rayanne Bennett says Becker was sent to treatment in 1989 after a complaint was made, then defrocked in 2002.

The men say Becker molested them when they were 11 to 16 years old. Lawyers claim one boy was molested about 150 times.

Heartless Or Desperate? Woman Wanted For Stealing From Child’s Cancer Charity

Brutal Girl Fight Caught On Tape On R Subway Train Car
Houston Gangs Recruiting Students As Young As 10 At Schools
Street gangs are quickly migrating from America’s inner city to its suburbs and small towns says a new National Gang Center study.

According to the report, 55 percent of all gang activity occurs in big cities, while 41 percent occurs in outlying suburbs in our smaller cities.

In Houston, Tex., officers say kids as young as 10 years old are joining gangs because they are looking for “leadership…guidance….connection…and a sense of belonging.”
Somebody Finally Said It
Thomas Sowell
After mobs of young blacks rampaged through Philadelphia committing violence -- as similar mobs have rampaged through Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and other places -- Philadelphia's black mayor, Michael A. Nutter, ordered a police crackdown and lashed out at the whole lifestyle of those who did such things.
"Pull up your pants and buy a belt 'cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt," he said. "If you walk into somebody's office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won't hire you? They don't hire you 'cause you look like you're crazy," the mayor said. He added: "You have damaged your own race."
While this might seem like it is just plain common sense, what Mayor Nutter said undermines a whole vision of the world that has brought fame, fortune and power to race hustlers in politics, the media and academia. Any racial disparities in hiring can only be due to racism and discrimination, according to the prevailing vision, which reaches from street corner demagogues to the august chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Just to identify the rioters and looters as black is a radical departure, when mayors, police chiefs and the media in other cities report on these outbreaks of violence without mentioning the race of those who are doing these things. The Chicago Tribune even made excuses for failing to mention race when reporting on violent attacks by blacks on whites in Chicago.
Such excuses might make sense if the same politicians and media talking heads were not constantly mentioning race when denouncing the fact that a disproportionate number of young black men are being sent to prison.
The prevailing social dogma is that disparities in outcomes between races can only be due to disparities in how these races are treated. In other words, there cannot possibly be any differences in behavior.
But if black and white Americans had exactly the same behavior patterns, they would be the only two groups on this planet that are the same.

Krauthammer: Obama’s Actions on the Economy Are ‘Pathetic’

Will Obama Blame His Dog for Eating the Recovery?

Via Hot Air
Video: Can you tell real government spending from fake?

A Child Prodigy Under the Welfare State - Moonbattery
A schoolgirl who posed aged 12 for controversial bikini pictures in a magazine is now pregnant at 15 — to the joy of her mum.

The shots of Soya Keaveney outraged parents, who blasted mum Janis for fuelling the youngster’s obsession with a modelling career.

But now that dream is on hold after Soya got pregnant by a 17-year-old boyfriend who is allowed by Janis to stay overnight at the family home.

Jobless single mum Janis, 48, said she was delighted because the council will now have to give her a bigger house.
Shocking! (Video): 6-Year-Old Girl Made to Tape Mother’s Group Sex Acts

WTF! L.A. School District Bans Chocolate Milk
LOS ANGELES–Los Angeles Unified on Tuesday became the nation’s largest school district to stop serving flavored milk in a move to combat child obesity.

The school board voted to eliminate chocolate and strawberry milk from schools as of July 1.

LAUSD joins a growing number of school districts nationwide, including District of Columbia, Boulder Valley, Colo., and Berkeley, Calif., that serve only plain milk because of the added sugar contained in flavored versions.

I’m telling you IF there was a god he would have flooded all of this shit and started over by now.

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