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Is Obama Smart? Kansas returns ObamaCare grant, Obama ties record low approval -- 40% Unions/Dems Fall Short of Goal, London riots were about race. Why ignore the fact? Black Man Run Over, Killed In Mississippi Hate Crime, Racist Philly mayor goes off on black flash mobsters, Kids and parents clash on climate change

Is Obama Smart?

A case study in stupid is as stupid does.
The aircraft was large, modern and considered among the world's safest. But that night it was flying straight into a huge thunderstorm. Turbulence was extreme, and airspeed indicators may not have been functioning properly. Worse, the pilots were incompetent. As the plane threatened to stall they panicked by pointing the nose up, losing speed when they ought to have done the opposite. It was all over in minutes.

Was this the fate of Flight 447, the Air France jet that plunged mysteriously into the Atlantic a couple of years ago? Could be. What I'm talking about here is the Obama presidency.

When it comes to piloting, Barack Obama seems to think he's the political equivalent of Charles Lindbergh, Chuck Yeager and—in a "Fly Me to the Moon" sort of way—Nat King Cole rolled into one. "I think I'm a better speech writer than my speech writers," he reportedly told an aide in 2008. "I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I'll tell you right now that I'm . . . a better political director than my political director."

On another occasion—at the 2004 Democratic convention—Mr. Obama explained to a Chicago Tribune reporter that "I'm LeBron, baby. I can play at this level. I got game."

Of course, it's tempting to be immodest when your admirers are so immodest about you. How many times have we heard it said that Mr. Obama is the smartest president ever? Even when he's criticized, his failures are usually chalked up to his supposed brilliance. Liberals say he's too cerebral for the Beltway rough-and-tumble; conservatives often seem to think his blunders, foreign and domestic, are all part of a cunning scheme to turn the U.S. into a combination of Finland, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.

I don't buy it. I just think the president isn't very bright.

Video: Obama’s Jobs Pivot Deja Vu

I still say and I will keep saying. If you voted for Obama you should have to pay a stupid tax!

Kansas returns ObamaCare grant

WASHINGTON, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Kansas became on Tuesday the second U.S. state to return a large federal grant meant to help it create a prototype health insurance exchange as part of the Obama administration's healthcare overhaul.

Republican Governor Sam Brownback said the state would give back the $31.5 million it received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to become an early leader, along with six other states, in establishing health insurance exchanges that other local government could use as a model.

Exchanges are meant to provide an open marketplace of competing insurance plans that allow uninsured people and small businesses to band together to negotiate cheaper rates.

Kansas's move brings the total amount of the returned exchange-related federal grants to almost $90 million as Republican governors seek to block implementation of the healthcare law supported largely by Democratic lawmakers.


Obama ties record low approval -- 40%...

BIG FAIL – Unions Far Left Burn Over $10 Million in Wisconsin Recall Efforts But Come Up Short

This Is What Democracy Looks Like–
Unions spent millions in Wisconsin and fell short picking up only two senate seats in last night’s election.
The Wisconsin senate remains in Republican hands.

REJECTED… Dems Fall Short of Goal – Even MSNBC Can’t Spin It Away

You gotta love unions. Let’s sabotage our employer! Oh .. and let’s unionize more private businesses

Rioting spreads across England...

Looters as young as 9 years old run wild...

These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact?

What colour is Mark Duggan? Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by the police on Thursday in Tottenham. The Tottenham riots last night were sparked when people protested his death. This morning, I first heard of the riots on the radio, then on the television. I read articles on the internet. But oddly, no one would say what colour Mark Duggan was. No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were, I suspect on the whole, black. Then, finally, Toby Young’s Telegraph blog post on the riots was published. Is Toby Young the only journalist out there who will dare say that these riots are about race?

Still, one paper did carry a photo of Mr Duggan. When I saw the photo, it confirmed what I knew instinctively: black youths once again have set London alight.

Ok was listening to Boortz this morning while scanning for stories. He mentioned this Wall Street Journal front page while talking about the riots and asked what is missing as you look at the picture on the front page? Also what is strange about the picture of the kid looting found via the front page of Drudge.

And this...

More race shit... One a black website
Black Man Run Over, Killed In Mississippi Hate Crime, DA Says

JACKSON, Miss. — Two young white men were looking for a black man to assault in Mississippi’s largest city when one of them ran over a 49-year-old African-American with a pickup truck after he had been assaulted, killing the man, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

James Anderson was run over by a Ford pickup outside a Jackson hotel near dawn on June 26 and died later in hospital, Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith said during a bond hearing for Deryl Dedmon, who is accused of driving the truck.

Dedmon and John Aaron Rice, both 18 are also accused of assaulting Anderson before he was run down. Both are charged with murder in Anderson’s death.

“It was an intentional act and it was a hate crime,” the prosecutor said.

Racist Philly mayor goes off on black flash mobsters - Sister Toldjah

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

Mr. Nutter announced that he was beefing up police patrols in certain neighborhoods, enlisting volunteers to monitor the streets and moving up the weekend curfew for minors to 9 p.m.

Parents will face increased fines for each time their child is caught violating the curfew.

The head of Philadelphia’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, J. Whyatt Mondesire, said it “took courage” for Mr. Nutter to deliver the message.

“These are majority African-American youths and they need to be called on it,” Mr. Mondesire said.
"But, as per the norm, the only time its acceptable to call out such behavior is only when other black liberals are doing it."

Muslims Attack Christian Village in Egypt -- 1 Murdered, Homes Looted and Torched


Kids and parents clash on climate change

AUSTRALIAN kids are clashing with their parents over the importance of climate change, a survey has found. The survey, by research groups Bayer and the CSIRO, found one in three families disagree on the importance of climate change with one in five parents saying they didn't believe in climate change. "It is encouraging to see that children are taking what they've learned in the classroom and using it to educate their parents on how to reduce their carbon footprint," Peta Ashworth, from the CSIRO's Science into Society Group, said today.

I know this Australia but kids today are fucking idiots and it is precisely because liberals dominate the educational system everywhere that our kids are as dumb as they have ever been and are brainwashed by the slightest bullshit.
Teachers don't teach anymore, many can't because of well you already know...
How else can you explain why teachers have resorted to helping kids cheat on tests!? The operative phrase in the below links is “big meddling government!”

Why Teachers Help Students Cheat On State-Standardized Tests

Philadelphia Teacher Explains Why She Helped Students Cheat

How Government Tests Pressure Schools To Cheat

D.C. teachers help their students cheat on standardized exams

Report finds teachers helping students cheat to pass high-stakes testing

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