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Liberals and Negros Love to Manufacture A Racial Controversy - Do folks really give a shit about what Fox News says or does?

The country is tanking, US credit gets downgraded, Democrats want higher taxes, soldiers are killed in Afghanistan, society is getting progressively more dumber and detached from reality… BLOWOUT: 'JERSEY SHORE' WATCHED BY 9 MILLION... More violent… 'Hundreds of young black people beating white people'... But liberals are losing their minds because of a silly ass Fox News headline. Jesus I swear liberals are just fucking retarded.

Fox News website calls Obama’s birthday party a ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’

Fox News' criticism of the Obama administration is becoming more than a Common problem.
The rapper Common, you may recall, drew heated commentary from the cable network for his invitation to take part in a White House poetry night. And Eric Bolling, a host on the Fox Business network, faced allegations of racism in May after referring to the White House as the "Hizzouse," "Hizzy" and "The Big Crib," and guests of the administration as "hoods" on the air.

On Thursday, a Fox News opinion website called Fox Nation aggregated a "Playbook" column by Politico's Mike Allen about President Barack Obama's 50th birthday bash, changing Allen's typically long headline with this:
'Obama's Hip-Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs'
The private party included dinner ("BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad") in the Rose Garden was attended by Obama's staff and celebrities including Al Sharpton, Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. There were performances by Stevie Wonder, R&B singer Ledisi, jazz legend Herbie Hancock. A DJ "played Motown, hip-hop, and '70s and '80s R&B."

"The president asked everyone to dance -- and they did!"


‘Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ’ – Is Fox sending racial signal

and this

Fox Nation attacks Obama over ‘hip-hop BBQ’

U.S. job growth accelerated more than expected in July, but the top story at Fox News' Fox Nation blog Friday seemed to imply that the economy would have created even more jobs if President Barack Obama didn't have so many black friends.
"Obama's Hip-Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs" was the screaming headline on a post about Obama's 50th birthday party.

Along with the story was photo montage of Obama, Charles Barkley, Chris Rock and Jay-Z, all of whom are African-American men. Other celebrities attending the event included Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, but Fox Nation did not include them in the photo.
On Twitter, many were using the hashtag #HipHopBBQacts to mock Fox Nation's framing of the event, with names like The Notorious P.I.G., House of Propane, Wyclef Dijon, Sheila E coli, Coolio Whip and Limp Brisket.

"The economy added some jobs last month and the unemployment rate is down," Crooks and Liar's Tina Dupuy noted. "But not the stock market. So therefore on Fox Nation - LOOK OVER HERE POTUS IS BLACK WITH BLACK FRIENDS!"

Fox: Obama's B-Day Was a 'Hip-Hop BBQ'

From The Last Tradition:
This president talks a good game, but he doesn’t care about the common folks a hoot.
Of course the common folks believe he does, but what do they know. They’re too busy talking on their free cell phones on the taxpayer’s dime.

Folks I love how liberals manufacture bullshit controversy. As I have said numerous times, black folks don’t watch the news and they damn sure don’t watch Fox News so why would the average Negro give a fuck about what Fox news has to say about the president.
Most of the country now thinks the president is a dumbass except for the paid professional spinsters that are paid by the Obama administration to say the economy is performing swimmingly regardless of what is really happening.

As the dude said above it is just like Obama to screw this nation royally especially black people and then invite a bunch of rich sycophant Negros to the Black House to make him seem “down” with the brothas and sistas. The bad thing is this kind of showy bullshit works on most black people. The very people who are unemployed and struggling will smile seeing their comedy and entertainment heroes dancing and drinking 40’s with the president.

Fuck these entertainment punk asses, they don’t give a shit that they are used as pawns to bamboozle black people into continuing to support this idiot ass president. If you are stupid enough to be swayed by a bunch of rappers and professional athletes they you deserve your fate. Obama does not give a shit about the common man black, white, Mexican whatever neither do many of the people writing these stupid stories. This country is in a tailspin and nobody gives a shit about what Fox News says or does.

Nobody is criticizing the prez for his choice of friends and acquaintances, what is the old saying “birds of a feather?”
Negros are going to have more Negro friends and acquaintances except for people like myself who happens not to live or work around very many black folks. In addition if you live in places like the Midwest where the likelihood of running into professional or more educated black folks is rare.
Most of my old friends who are indeed black were former military and all for the most part not only are successful but had solid marriages and raised some pretty good kids. Now if I were president I would be inviting these type of black folks, common everyday types, educated, solid citizens and people who are making a difference in their communities. I worked with a lot of these people and know they exist.
The only reason you invite people like rappers or crazy bastards like Charles Barkley is to raise your “Negro Capital” Obama is trying to be cool and “hip” because he needs to keep the Negros in line and supportive because without them he can’t get re-elected.

Hey Chris Rock, Charles Barkley, Common, Oprah and the rest of you baller Negros in case you are paying attention…
The stock market lost all of its 2011 gains on Thursday. Investors lost a staggering $787 billion — the exact same amount of money President Obama’s economic “stimulus” was originally supposed to cost (before its costs were adjusted upward). Unemployment is now at 9.1 percent, up from 7.3 percent when the “stimulus” was being debated. Gas is now $3.70 a gallon, about double what it was on Inauguration Day.

You idiot bastards, just what the fuck are you people celebrating?

But no matter how shitty Obama’s performance in office is black folks will still be bamboozled. Get a few ghetto ministers to preach more bombastic sermons or have Kanye West or Jay-Z produce another political rap video....  watch as we get closer to the election watch the racial rhetoric amp up, watch the manufactured racial animosity heat up.

Don’t worry folks when that happens I will be here to point it out and say what you white people won’t be allowed to say.
So invite your friends, piss off a liberal, send your friends a link or two.

Life sucks about now and I don’t have shit else to do but take out my frustrations on this idiot fuck president.

Peace, Gaius

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