Monday, August 15, 2011

Now apparently the Negro retard disease has spread to the Midwest, Ted Nugent: Rise of the goons, Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time, Media Unearths Rick Perry’s College Transcripts In Nothing Flat - Still Unable to Find Any Trace of Barack Obama’s Existence, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is clearly screwing Obama - Proof

Plaza mayhem prompts call for change
The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Mayor Sly James vowed Sunday that he’d take steps to end large, nighttime gatherings of unsupervised teenagers and preteens on the Country Club Plaza by holding parents to account.

How, he didn’t know.

But whatever plan is developed, it will be a joint effort of the mayor and the City Council, James said after consultation with school officials, police and the juvenile court, among others. And James promised that the plan will be in place before next weekend.

It may or may not include an early curfew, as some are calling for.

“We can’t expect that imposing a curfew is going to stop some 15-, 16-, 17-year-old from bringing a gun to anywhere,” he said at an afternoon City Hall news conference. “On the other hand, we should be able to expect parents not to have their 13-year-old children on the Plaza getting shot.”

His announcement came a day after the Saturday night shooting that saw three youths wounded and the mayor forced to the ground by his security team. James, along with former Councilman Alvin Brooks and a group of ministers, was at the Plaza talking with kids and assessing the crowd problem in response to calls from Plaza owner Highwoods Properties and others to roll back the current midnight curfew on weekends to 9 p.m.

“A curfew would have merit in our view, but that is a decision our capable mayor and his team of municipal experts need to weigh,” Highwoods said in a statement issued Sunday.

The shootings occurred shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday near 47th and Wyandotte streets. When shots rang out — witnesses reported hearing five or six — James was about 50 yards away. His two bodyguards pushed him to the ground and drew their guns.

“They basically forced me into the flowerbeds by the Cheesecake Factory,” James said.

He was uninjured. But two boys and a girl — 13, 15 and 16 years old — were wounded. A bullet grazed the girl’s face, and the two boys were shot in their legs, police said. None of the injuries was life-threatening. James said all three youths were in stable condition on Sunday.

Kansas City police continue to investigate the shootings and interview witnesses. Police believe some witnesses know the shooters’ identities but are reluctant to reveal their names.

The Plaza has been the scene of large crowds of underage people both this year and last, mostly on warm weekend evenings in the spring, summer and fall. Some come to see a movie and others are there simply to hang out, James said.

Generally, they are well behaved, but there have been sporadic bouts of violence and disorder.

The first notable occurrence was on April 10, 2010, when as many as 900 youths, some as young as 11, converged on the shopping and entertainment district that Saturday night. Police responded to reports of vandalism and assaults. One group of teens robbed and beat a couple from Grandview. A girl in a prom dress was shoved into a fountain. Fights broke out.

Police used pepper spray to disperse groups who refused to move along when instructed to do so.

Afterward, city officials and community leaders expressed their concern by staging a summit to look for ways to deal with the situation. The general agreement was that kids needed more activities.

This is not about kids needing “activities” this is a bunch of bullshit. What the fuck did kids do back before there was cable TV, Video games, I-Pods? I’m going to repeat what I keep saying these kids are retards because their parents are retards if they even have any reasonable or responsible parents. Every time one of these stories is written we want to make excuses for these punk bastards. Every fucking major city should institute a curfew and if these idiot kids keep getting into trouble throw the parents in jail and hold them accountable.
I joked back when Obama first became president, I will try and find the post… I joked that now that Obama is president you will start to see Negros acting out more than ever because now that a brotha is in the White House Negros think that they can get away with doing more stupid silly shit and unfortunately I was right. Now racial tension is at an all-time high. You have a Negro president who is fucking shit up and now your average white person sees what a colossal mistake voting for this idiot was and is now reading these stories and watching the escalating violence and mayhem going on in America’s cities.
In my entire life I have never witnessed such widespread despair and hopelessness, everyone is pissed and unhappy and unsure of their futures.
You know when I saw that silly ass set-up at the Democratic Convention with all those retarded ass Greek columns and I saw how smug and arrogant this man was I knew we were in trouble then and I said so. As fucked up as things are frankly none of this shocks me. This is the great thing about blogging because long after I am dead and gone and people look back and read what was written about this period in our nation’s history I want those who read my words to know that not all of us black folks were as clueless and stupid as those who continue to support this disastrous president. There was nothing historic or virtuous about electing this man to the presidency in fact it will indeed go down as the worst mistake this country has ever made and we all are paying for it.
I hope this man does not get four more years, I’m not saying that all will be well once his ass is out of office but it would be a step in the right direction. All we can do is hope that sanity will take place in the voting booth in 2012. This country desperately needs a TRUE leader.

Check this out
Flash mob robs DC-area 7-Eleven...

NUGENT: Rise of the goons
Thank a liberal for creating a legion of rioting dependents
Did you really expect anything different? From London to Philadelphia to Milwaukee, goons are rioting in the streets. And guess what? I don’t believe it is the fundamental fault of the goon squads that they’re rioting, although there’s no excuse for beating people and destroying property.

Societies, especially America’s, have created a shattered social system in which lawlessness and irresponsibility are excused by boneheaded liberals because they don’t think government has provided enough for these supposedly disadvantaged and downtrodden people.

The shiftless, looting goons and their liberal allies think rich people should be taxed more, and more economic advantages must be provided to largely uneducated, unskilled, lazy, incompetent goons. Eat the rich, my foot.

The problem, of course, is the exact opposite. For decades, government has provided too many programs, too many checks, too many safety nets, too many handouts and too many taxpayer-provided gimmes. The goons literally expect a handout instead of a hand up.

Now that governments have become broke because of any number of grossly expensive and tremendously inefficient social-welfare experiments gone awry, once-vibrant economies such as the United States are slowing down thanks to the self-imposed heavy hand of debt, tax systems that punish producers, and borrowing and spending gone mad.
Rep. James Clyburn wants to use his position on the deficit supercommittee to redistribute the wealth.
A leading House Democrat is hoping to use his prestigious seat on the deficit-cutting supercommittee to close the growing gully that divides the rich and the poor in America.

Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.) said the recent debate over slashing spending and reducing deficits has all but ignored the toll those cuts could exact on lower income folks, particularly in minority communities. Clyburn – the third-ranking House Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) – is vowing to use his perch on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to tackle the nation's enormous wealth gap.

"In 1963, Dr. [Martin Luther] King [Jr.] expressed disbelief that the vault of opportunity in this great country was empty. Yet in 2011, the gap continues to grow wider between those who enjoy great wealth and those who struggle to get by with little thought of ever getting ahead," Clyburn said in a statement reacting to his appointment on the deficit panel.

"Too often, the human side gets lost in the Washington debates about our nation's debt and deficits," he added. "I will seek to keep those interests on the table."


Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time

CNN Poll: Democrats Support For Obama’s Reelection Drops By 11 Points…

12 unions tell Dems they'll boycott convention in N. Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Casting North Carolina as an anti-union bastion with "regressive policies aimed at diluting the power of workers," more than a dozen trade unions affiliated with the national AFL-CIO have told the Democratic National Committee that they will sit out the 2012 convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Coming on the heels of some liberals' complaints that President Barack Obama is giving in to Republicans, the unions' decision is another sign that key Democratic allies are unhappy with Obama and other party leaders as they gear up for a difficult election season.

It's also a signal that anything relating to Charlotte — from its besieged hometown bank to its lack of unionized hotels — will face scrutiny as the city eases into the national spotlight.

Top 10 Obama Excuses for the Failing Economy

“"It is important though to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession.” – Barack Obama 2009


What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing.
He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president.
It's open season on President Obama. Which is to say that the usual suspects on the right (among whom I include myself) are increasingly being joined in attacking him by erstwhile worshipers on the left. Even before the S&P downgrade, there were reports of Democrats lamenting that Hillary Clinton had lost to him in 2008. Some were comparing him not, as most of them originally had, to Lincoln and Roosevelt but to the hapless Jimmy Carter. There was even talk of finding a candidate to stage a primary run against him. But since the downgrade, more and more liberal pundits have been deserting what they clearly fear is a sinking ship.

Here, for example, from the Washington Post, is Richard Cohen: "He is the very personification of cognitive dissonance—the gap between what we (especially liberals) expected of the first serious African American presidential candidate and the man he in fact is." More amazingly yet Mr. Cohen goes on to say of Mr. Obama, who not long ago was almost universally hailed as the greatest orator since Pericles, that he lacks even "the rhetorical qualities of the old-time black politicians." And to compound the amazement, Mr. Cohen tells us that he cannot even "recall a soaring passage from a speech."

Overseas it is the same refrain. Everywhere in the world, we read in Germany's Der Spiegel, not only are the hopes ignited by Mr. Obama being dashed, but his "weakness is a problem for the entire global economy."

Media Unearths Rick Perry’s College Transcripts In Nothing Flat, But Still Unable to Find Any Trace of Barack Obama’s Existence

In 2004, Barack Obama’s GOP opponent for Senate — Jack Ryan — “mysteriously” had his sealed divorce records un-sealed.
Still as for Barack Hussein Obama:
1. Occidental College records and transcripts — Not released
1. Occidental College records and transcripts — Not released
2. Columbia University records and transcripts — Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper — ‘not available’
4. Harvard University records and transcripts — Not released
5. Medical records — Not released
6. Illinois State Senate schedule — ‘not available’
7. Illinois State Senate records — ‘not available’
8. Law practice client list — Not released
9. Certified Copy of Original Birth certificate — Not released
10. Harvard Law Review articles published — None
11. University of Chicago scholarly articles — None
12. Record of Baptism — Not released or ‘not available’

Dual Intervention Needed: Norah O’Donnell & Debbie Wasserman Schultz Agonize Trying to Reconcile DNC Talking Points With Reality

I swear this woman and Obama are clearly having an affair. The only way anyone could stand up for someone in this manner is if they are in love with each other or are fucking each other’s brains out.
No normal person could go on national TV and say the stupid shit she says here with a straight face unless she is in love with dude or she is getting some serious hidden benefits. Not even the closest people to Obama could say this retarded shit without bursting into laughter.
I find this absolutely amazing but then again I find that most Democrats are completely illogical anyway. Why was Obama elected? “Hope and Change” and “because he is black.” Illogical right?


Obamacare Loses Another One
On Friday, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Obama administration in Florida v. HHS, declaring Obamacare's individual mandate unconstitutional. This was good news, but not particularly surprising considering the tough questions with which the three-judge panel peppered the government's lawyers during oral arguments last June. In that hearing, DOJ attorneys were repeatedly pressed about the mandate's implications for limited government.
One judge, for example, pointedly asked if there were "any limits" left on federal power. Its predictability notwithstanding, the decision did cross two new and important milestones: The 2 to 1 majority that struck down the mandate included a judge appointed by a Democrat president, and this is the first time an appeals-level
court has ruled against Obamacare.

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