Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Folks wanna know... "Is Obama The Most Disrespected U.S. President Ever?"

WOW! Zero net jeb growth in August, unemployment still 9.1%

FLASHBACK: Unemployment will stay below 8% with stimulus...*****
Obama Talks MLK, Black Criticism, Jobs On Tom Joyner Morning Show (Audio Link)

President Barack Obama talked with TJMS this week about the ongoing economic struggles America is currently experiencing, along with job industries that were hardest hit and how he plans to get the ball rolling. He also touched lightly on the criticism he has been receiving from African American leaders like Tavis Smiley and Cornell West.

On criticism from other African American leaders:

…when things are going good, you get the credit, when things are tough, you get the blame, thats the nature of the Office. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about that. I think about what we can do to get the economy growing faster….The economy has to grow faster, next week I will be unveiling new plans to get the ball rolling (in the economy).

Black Website Asks...

Is Obama The Most Disrespected U.S. President Ever?
Since taking office, President Barack Obama has faced a barrage of disrespect.
From conservative pundits constant slip-of-the-tongue references to Obama as “Osama,” Glenn Beck claiming the president “hates white people” and even Donald Trump’s overhyped demands to see the president’s birth certificate, critics have levied some very brazen, almost radical assaults against Obama.

And while some say it’s just politics as usual, others are questioning whether race is making Obama the most disrespected U.S. president in history.
The question among some of us who love this country and want to see it succeed is what all of this is all about? Because it just seems there is a pissing contest going on, but the only ones getting wet are the American people; many of whom are suffering through the worst economy of their lives.

Oh my: White House “furious” that Boehner made them postpone speech until Thursday - Hot Air

The kowtower-in-chief first earned his “O-bow-ma” moniker on this blog in November 2009, when he genuflected before the Japanese Emperor. Before that, he was scraping the floor in front of Saudi King Abdullah. The Apology Tour has been around the world and back.
But August 31, 2011 marks the first time I can recall that we’ve seen President Obama stoop before a GOP opponent.

It’s a milestone moment. Taste the acquiescence:

President Obama acquiesced to a request from Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday to move the date of his proposed address to a joint session of Congress to Thursday Sept. 8, after Mr. Boehner all but rejected Mr. Obama’s request to speak next Wednesday.
Mr. Obama had asked to deliver a much anticipated speech outlining his proposals to boost employment and the economy on Sept. 7 — the same night as a scheduled Republican presidential debate, as it happens.
Lesson for GOP: Push back fast and hard enough, and the wobbly weeble in the White House can and will fall down.
Michelle Malkin
CHICAGOLAND: Suit claims 1st graders handcuffed for talking in class...

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Obama's not even Black, he's just as White as he is Black. He's a sellout to the Black race. They just voted for another Cracker.