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Controversial Billboard Stirs Conversation, Cilility Is Bullshit! Chicago on the Potomac: White House reportedly takes Ford to woodshed over anti-bailout ad - Limousine Lib: Susan Sarandon - “Patriotic Millionaires” want you to donate to them...

Controversial Billboard Stirs Conversation 

Billboard about President gets people talking in Athens.
ATHENS, AL— The corner of Capshaw and East Limestone Road hardly qualifies as a bustling intersection, but a nearby billboard has been getting the area attention. The billboard reads, "If you voted for our current president in 2008 to prove you weren't a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot. Thank you . . . Concerned Citizens of America."

But they aren't the only citizens that are concerned.
Local resident Lee Daniels says, "To make the statement that a vote for 2012 to prove you're not an idiot, well that was saying, in my opinion, that whoever voted for him in '08 was an idiot, and that's just really inflammatory."
Not everyone takes the billboard so seriously though.

Area resident Brandon Fall fall says, "I think it's hilarious.  I agree with every bit of it, and it makes my day every time I drive by it."
So who put up the billboard?

The owner of the ad space tells WHNT News 19 the concerned citizens paid for the billboard with cash up front.  He could not pass along contact info.
The mysterious group leaves people with a lot of questions.
Daniels asks, "Who are they?  Are they part of the tea party?  Are they Republicans?  Are they disappointed Democrats? Or are they just a large group of upset citizens who don't like the way the economy or the presidency has been run so far?"

Was this billboard "civil?"

Ok I’ve been stewing on this since last evening… this billboard story was a great start to my already fucked up day... thanks to.... never mind....I had the opportunity to watch a program on “civility”  

ci•vil•i•ty Noun /səˈvilitē/ 

1. Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech. 
2. Polite remarks used in formal conversation.

Some local group thought it was necessary to conduct a survey to get individuals input on how we all can be more civil when it comes to political discourse and this program was the results of the findings.

Let me just bluntly say, the results are irrelevant and the topic is exceedingly pointless. When folks gather in these group therapy sessions people always put on a brave and friendly face and say the right bullshit, but the erosion in political civility has to do with the erosion of civility in society overall.

Let me give you a couple of outside examples. I live in a modest apartment complex and one of my biggest fears for most of my adult life was having to live in such close proximity to so many fucked up folks. I’m not a dog owner, I’m more of a cat person really, but I don’t mind dogs I understand they are a source of companionship for a lot of folks but the idea of having a smelly beast in such close proximity to me all the time is not my cup of tea. But I have never understood how dog owners could allow their animals to take a shit along the walkways or common areas (and not pick up after) that they themselves pass by to their car or wherever.
You mean to tell me that people have that little pride in their surroundings that they would have a dog shit every fucking where and they have no problem eyeballing shit coming and going every fucking day?


I talked about before a trip the ex and I took to Maryland, Prince Georges County the highest per capita income of black folks in the country and how I was astonished as the former Mrs. and I drove around and look in amazement how these black folks in these beautiful homes had their lawns fucked up and parked their cars in the walkways and on the grass and I’m thinking… (just like a lot of you white folks would) “did these mutherfuckers just get out of the damn jungle?” $500,000 plus homes with Range Rovers or BMW’s parked in front but the damn place looked like the middle of Iraq.


How often do you people venture to a Walmart and you see exceeding fat folks wearing shit they have absolutely no business wearing. Or you see folks with children and these bad ass kids are running all over the fucking store wreaking havoc or these same people will bring these little bad ass kids to a restaurant and fuck up a nice meal for the rest of us. Smokers who still proclaim it is their right to smoke wherever or whenever they want even in a restaurant (not talking about bars and clubs folks) totally oblivious that their nasty ass cigarette smoke gets on my fucking clothes and make me smell as nasty as you do. Look I take an occasional puff on a light cigar but I do it in the confines of my little patio, nobody has to smell it or deal with it but people don’t give a damn.


People who drive in the left lane oblivious that they are screwing with progress, or idiots riding on motorcycles who must let everyone know that they are riding a Harley in the middle of a quaint downtown with everyone chillin, “fuck your peace and quiet.”


A dude came into my building before this civility program and we got to talking and just like fucking clockwork the first thing he mentions as far are someone not being “civil” is Rush. This was a 60 something white dude.

He actually says the following:

“Rush is nothing more than a billion dollar corporation based on nothing but hate, the biggest mistake this country made was not passing the Fairness Doctrine. It used to be that someone would say something inflammatory or baseless and someone would demand equal time and you had to give it to them, that way it would force people to listen to an opposing view and would help educate them.”

I said the following: “So when it comes to hate speech only those on the right are responsible?”

He asks “what do you mean”

ME: “virtually every college campus in this country rejects right wing thought or discussion in the classroom, when people on the right come to a college campus they are shouted down or pies are thrown at them.” Left wing groups printed off T-shirts putting a deformed picture of Sarah Palin’s baby on it and other shirts called her a cunt.” “Code Pink a left wing organization carried banners calling for the murder of American troops.” “Ed Schultz referred to talk show host Laura Ingram as a “slut.” “I could send you links to all sorts of examples where left wing types have used far more incendiary language than Rush ever dreamed of.”

HIM: “oh really, I was not aware of that”

Of course not you ignorant fuck! (Did not say that but that was what I was thinking…) Don’t let facts get in the way of a good argument… er uh discussion or chat.

Now mutherfuckers want to talk about civility?

Civility exists in small pockets but the days of polite discussion are gone. I was the chair or president of a number of councils in my community service days and whether or not I agreed with folks on an issue people are just fucked up and only want to hear themselves speak. This is a bigger problem created with reality television everyone thinks they are a fucking star… NO YOU ARE NOT!

People would get up in these community meetings and say shit that I knew for a fact that they did not know what the fuck they were talking about and I use to embarrass them big time. I’ve had arguments with friends on stuff and they would regurgitate crap they heard on the news, a classroom or Keith Olbermann and I would look at them like they had eyes growing out of their heads. Nothing pisses me off more than people wanting to tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about on issues particularly issues I post here. Kids are propagandized in the classrooms, people are educated by the evening news or the New York Times or a drunk relative and these people who put on this program wonder why there is no civility?

I’ve been blogging for five or six years, on this blog alone I have over 1786 posts and I post 15 or 20 links or more on various subjects and read about 50, 80 or more websites, blogs, news sources from across the political spectrum. I bet I have absorbed more information since I’ve started blogging around the age of 41 than all the years before that combined. I hated to read, only had read two books cover to cover until the age of 35, the first book I read where I actually read the entire book cover to cover every word was Rush’s “The Way Things Ought To Be.” I’ve said before Rush never influenced my thinking he only validated what I was thinking. The most important thing he ever said on his show very early on is “understand what you don’t agree more than what you do agree with.” A very simplistic proposition… imagine a hateful, right wing nut ENCOURAGING people to listen to and absorb the other side have you ever heard any liberal say that? Liberals create websites to inform its followers on how to think about what some right leaning person said. Imagine liberal are so fucking stupid that they could actually hear something for themselves, have an opportunity to read a transcript for themselves and STILL would need to go to a left leaning website to be told how to interpret something they could absorb firsthand, REALLY!? SERIOUSLY!?

Rush has stated and I have said here as well and I’m paraphrasing… Anyone with any fucking common sense if you listen to a liberal long enough you will understand why liberalism is so fucked up.

Gov. Perdue’s office says her suggestion to suspend Cong. elections was only “hypberbole”

I would NEVER shout someone down with whom I disagreed with or stifle his or her tongue. I firmly believe that ALL LIBERALS should be heard loud and clear. I’m all for civility liberals frankly are not.

I again remember being with the ex when we were in Topeka and this Neo-Nazi group was protesting on the steps of the capital and while everyone was all bent out of shape by their being there I said “I don’t have a problem with it, because I know as long as they are allowed to protest freely I know I’m free.”

Now unfortunately people choose to exhibit freedom in other less demeaning ways, liberals chose to be ignorant, people insist on driving like idiots talking, texting or dinking while behind the wheel, having their dogs shit all over the place, cart around loud obnoxious kids and not disciplining them, fart in elevators (you white folks love doing that shit too) or choosing to vote for a moron for president...

Ooops… that was un-civil, my bad.

FYI: Obama's friend: William Ayers' forgotten communist manifesto 


'I thought it was my sister': Woman loses $2,000 to Facebook scam

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short little rebel said...

Hi Gaius,

Your article amused & interested me. I'm trying to navigate your post to learn a little more about you. Being a fellow conservative, I enjoyed the way you exposed the liberal hypocrisy in this article. That picture of Sarah Palin's baby is just so disgusting- it actually made me sad. Poor baby. What amazes me is that liberals can't see it. I believe this blindness to their own behavior must stem from Satan & evil. How else could otherwise smart people be so unaware of their ugliness? Amazing.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Hey SLR:

Basically about me 47 y/o black dude… no really I am black, many who visit don’t believe it… former military, political junkie who was encouraged to blog by my former daughter in law who herself was a blogger.
I was a constant ranter on (KS) a local blog site where a number of bloggers posted on various topics of interest. Lawrence, KS being hyper liberal many too a huge dislike to me as most white liberals do.
White liberals will argue all day with a white dude white collar buttoned up type because they can accuse them of being racist. White liberals don’t know what the hell to think of me, I was a ranting black conservative long before if became fashionable. Had a blog, The Snoop Zone, then Political Party Poop and on inauguration day started this one which will stay up until Obama leaves office.

Most liberals of course don’t understand their own hypocrisy but hey it is always fun to vent about it.

Thanks for visiting.

Peace, Gaius