Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gaius: Why do you hate Obama? - Why do you Obama fan still support him despite his incompetence? - Looking at the history of Barack Obama... Obama sees himself as the savior of the oppressed...

You know I don’t get a lot of e-mail considering the fact that when I first started blogging years ago I was viewed as a pretty incendiary dude especially for a black conservative dude. Most black conservatives are the polite, well spoken, well-mannered type of dudes who would be acceptable at just about any lily white wine and cheese tasty treat gathering even one hosted by liberal white folks. I remember when going to certain gatherings and I would spout of my conservative rants with a bunch of left wing white folks and they would look at me like I was some fucking circus freak. I had to be careful with whom I chose to spout off my right wing rhetoric towards. Uncomfortable all whitey circumstances in my life are common, this is the one thing a lot of you white folks don’t understand about black folks like myself who have chosen to be outside the mainstream collective of the black thought process.

Many of us end up marrying outside our race and since the social calendar is usually kept by the wife you have to attend an inordinate amount of gathering where white people are everywhere so you stand out like a sore thumb. Many times it is uncomfortable but you usually suppress those feelings and it is tough. Just like being on the outside of the political thought process from most black folks you go to places like barber shops or other predominantly black owned establishments and you hear folks talking about white folks treatment of the president and you want to say something but you just say fuck it why bother if people chose to be ignorant of the fact surrounding a given topic then that is on them. It is weird to not only be viewed as different in virtually every social circumstance but that is compounded by the fact that my political thinking is still viewed as perplexing to black folks and liberal white folks. Now I’m under no delusions no matter how conservative my politics may be I don’t go around wearing GOP paraphernalia or have conservative quote bumper stickers on my car. Never mind the fact that I have always viewed people who put political bumper stickers… OR ANY bumper stickers on their cars especially nice once… beyond silly and completely pointless, nobody gives a fuck about who you voted for or that you kid is an honor student, or that you found Jesus… when in fact you have not found him. If someone does please introduce me… sorry I digress…

So since I don’t have “conservative” or “Republican” stamped on my forehead as far as white folks go I’m an Obama supporter based on color. One of the most attractive qualities of a person is intelligence. Now I’m not saying that in order for me to be friends with or to date or to marry ect that individual needs to agree with me, quite the contrary… all I ask is that they be reasonable informed and in tuned with the world around them. I never expect anyone to be as immersed in this political crap as I am but as for subject matter like any discussion about our current president at the very least by this time the warning flags should have already gone up for you, by that I mean when your gut tells you something is not right follow that gut feeling, your first instinct is almost always right. Don’t let the color of the president skin keep you from having a little common sense when processing the stupid shit he is doing while in office.

After a number of e-mails from haters asking, what do you have against Obama? Folks from the first time I heard his name mentioned as a serious candidate for president I had a bad feeling. Never mind “Barrack” yes my slight prejudice did tweak when I heard the name but I do have the ability to give someone the benefit of the doubt and I never allow my prejudices cloud my thinking to the point of being unreasonable. Below Neal Boortz wrote the following rant and I have posted hundreds maybe thousands of links pointing most of this stuff out. I say this way too often and some of you regular readers may get tired of hearing it, I still meet Obama fans who have not heard about much of what Boortz points out here. Since my blog is not commercially driven and I’m not beholden to any advertisers, political group or organization or a particular political candidate and of course since this blog is my repository of most of what I read and absorb and I simply aggregate it would be impossible to view this blog on a regular basis and not be 100 percent familiar with the history, background and goings on of this president. This is why I suspect that some of my friends and acquaintances tell me “well I never read your blog because you are mean and you cuss too much.” Fucking amazing, so my language standards trump ignorance to the world around you, truth be damned.

I may not be the most articulate brotha on the planet but when it comes to this president I know my shit. I never liked Obama in any way shape of fashion, and it amazed me that the voters of Iowa bought into his bullshit helping him win the caucus.

"On this January night, at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn't do," Obama told wildly cheering and chanting supporters Thursday night. 

"We are choosing hope over fear, we are choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America."

This is why me personally I hate the fact that Iowa has been anointed as this import defining moment in presidential politics. Obama winning Iowa to me just proved that no matter how politically in tuned those folks supposedly are even they are prone to blanket stupidity. After all Mike Huckabee inexplicable won Iowa too. If we want to improve the presidential nominating process there should be a movement to basically say “fuck Iowa.” How the hell seemingly intelligent people could be so swayed by Obama and his bullshit, the dude was an arrogant moron from day one and I thought this even before I heard the story about how he had his election challengers removed from the voting ballots, or that his mentors were communist sympathizers, or that he was financially backed by Saudi oil billionairs… and a billionaire socialist… how the fuck does a negro from Chicago have these kind of hook-ups. I mean seriously people; regardless of what you think of Obama does this make any fucking sense at all?

The dude ran a campaign regurgitating “hope.” That’s it! He clearly lacked substance, ideas, and a plan, was woefully unqualified and look what your voting stupidity has gotten us! I don’t get it folks, I will maintain this blog until the day Obama is removed from office and I pray that is sooner than later. Until then folks if you are an Obama fan and you still are not clear why folks… particularly us conservative black folks have so much disdain for this dude take the time to read and inform yourself. If you won’t check out the 411 here on my blog because you find my fucking language offensive then avail yourself to the many resources on my sidebar who may be able to explain in a much kinder less harsh tone. In any case don’t chose to be ignorant when the 411 is right in front of you, all you have to do is take the time and inform yourself.

Ignorance is not a virtue… and ignorance if not corrected will indeed destroy this country.

I’m just a simple, poor black dude with no agenda whatsoever. AGAIN I don’t work for any political party or website or news agency so ask yourself what do I have to gain by making up shit about Obama and dissing him. Trust me the DONATE button is hardly used if I can make money doing this have not figured out how yet.

Peace, Gaius

By Neal Boortz - August 2011
Looking at the history of Barack Obama – where he came from – would give you a clue.  It’s not very politically correct to say this, but his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, has been described by many as being a Marxist.  She attended Mercer Island High School near Seattle, Washington – a high school described by many as a hotbed of communist teachers, administrators and activism. His father, Barack Obama Sr. was widely believed to be a Marxist, I can’t find references to the political philosophy of Lolo Soetoro, Dunham’s second husband and Obama’s step-father, but we do know that he was a practicing Muslim.
After Obama’s mother divorced Soetoro she move back to Hawaii with young Barack.  There she took up with (we’ll leave the definition of their relationship there) a dedicated communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis.  Obama references Davis in his books, but only by the name “Frank.”  He talks of the profound influence Davis had on his life.  Some suggest that Dunham’s relationship with Davis went back to her earlier years in Hawaii and that Davis may, in fact, be Obama’s father.  Phuleeeeze.  This is another “birther” diversion that means nothing and gets us nowhere.  Davis had a profound influence on Obama. That’s enough.  The begator is not as important as the begatee.  
Is a trend starting to emerge here?
Let’s wrap this up quickly by pointing out that in Obama’s own books he speaks of his gravitation toward Marxist student groups and professors during his undergraduate college years at Occidental.  It is there that a man by the name of John Drew (now a PhD political scientist) encountered the young Obama and, according to Drew, convinced him that the communist revolution Obama envisioned would never happen in this country due to the presence of a strong middle class.  Drew writes that their conversations resulted in Obama dedicating himself to transforming the United States to a Marxist economy through political activism rather than encouraging a violent overthrow.
There’s that “transform” word again.  
Don’t forget also that when Barack Obama made the decision to formally announce his entry into the political world – he chose the warmth and cozy confines of the living room of two dedicated Marxists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dhorn, as the venue for his political debutant ball.   
And this is the guy who spoke of “fundamentally transforming” the United States of America? 
So … let’s absorb all that I’ve already told you about Obama’s past, and add to our little mix some of Barack’s greatest hits over the past few years.  Again, paraphrasing here because I just don’t have the time to get the exact quotes:
  •  We need to raise taxes because we need to spread the wealth around.
  •  Working for the private sector is “working behind enemy lines.”  In other words, the private sector is America’s enemy. 
  •  Sometimes you have to just admit that you’re making too much money.
  •  Yes, an increase in capital gains taxes would probably result in a decrease in tax revenue, but we need to do it out of fairness.
  • Some people just have more money than they need and they should pay more taxes.  
If you will go back and read the writings of Barack Obama Sr. you will see a seething animosity toward capitalism.  You will see some of the same in the writings of his son.  I’m convinced that Obama believes that free enterprise and capitalism are exploitive economic systems wherein people only acquire wealth by plundering others.  As you page through volumes of Obama’s speeches and statements over the years you will see a definite dedication to the “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” tenant of Marxism.  
Where does that leave us?  Is it possible that this leaves us with a President of the United States who is engaged in an intentional and dedicated effort to sabotage and to damage, beyond repair, the capitalist free market economy of The United States?  Does this leave us with a president who is joining with his radical leftist friends in the Democrat party to “fundamentally transform” our nation into the very model of a European socialist welfare state with al all-powerful central government planning and implementing every economic step?  Does this mean to destroy free enterprise in America?  Anti-capitalism is certainly at the core of Obama’s upbringing; does he hope make it his legacy?  I understand that these are all very uncomfortable questions when applied to our president, but considering both his background and his actions as president, do we have the luxury of casting those arguments aside as nonsense?   Does Obama sees himself as the savior of the oppressed – the man who will bring American free enterprise and (in his mind) it’s history of exploitation to its knees? 
I can understand why you would want to reject this scenario out of hand.  Simply put, most Americans just can’t bring themselves to believe that the man who occupies the Oval Office could be a Marxist revolutionary dedicated to the destruction of Capitalism.  There are dots here, my friends.  Many dots.  Just connect them.  The image you will see isn’t the dollar sign.  It looks more like a hammer and sickle. 


DOTDOT said...

I don't know why you're so self conscience about being an Obama hating "conservative." Sure, not fitting in anywhere can work on your mind, but I like to think that us grown-ass men are responsible for carrying the weight of independent thought. School's out.

Anyhoo, It's been awhile since I visited here. Been watching the Republican debates for any sign of, well, anything. Gotta say I like Ron Paul for consistency - even if he IS a wacko little fuck. But Herman Cain seems to be the only candidate in the bunch. Outside of some miracle, Obama will be the next president.

Answer me this. If conservatives are so much superior to liberals, why can't they field a decent candidate? And fuck McCain (the biggest reason for Obama being elected - you know exactly what I mean).

Rue St. Michel said...

Conservatives are superior to liberal progressives because our philosophy honors the sovereign individual, by seeking a restrained government.

Liberal-progressives believe the government can take care of the individual.

Progressivism is rooted in totalitarianism. In fact, back in the 30's the progressive agenda was lumped in with the policies of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and FDR. They were viewed as avant-garde political systems that would finally bring Utopian egalitarianism and we could finally seize that brave new world that the Left has searched for since Marx wrote his obtuse Manifesto.

It takes ZERO effort to be a Liberal. For that I applaud Gaius because it can't be easy to be a conservative when so many black folks are immersed in bastard versions of Marxism. (BLT has a strong Marxism strain running through it.)

To answer your final question: It is WAY too early to see who's going to be the GOP candidate. You know there are more than two running, right? The media is focusing on Perry and Romney but Cain, West, Bachmann and Santorum are all great candidates and would bring sanity back into our Federal government.

To Gaius: Have you ever written a blog post on the 10th amendment? The Left loves to say that that amendment 'proves' that the constitution was supporting institutional racism, when in fact, it was put there to sound the death knell to slavery.

Let me know, and keep up the great work! Sic semper tyrannis!


Anonymous said...

We don't hate obama, we hate what he stands for. Communism. We, and Our parents, grandparents and forefathers fought and died for this Country, to protect us from tyrants just like Obama.

Anonymous said...

Man, your point about not wasting your breath on ignorance is spot on. I'm black and I work in a union heavy industry. The amount of dumb shit, I hear everyday is crazy.

Not to mention, how crazy some white sound/look going out of their way to say something nice about Obama around me.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Hey Dot! Long time no hear from. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Ok as to your question “If conservatives are so much superior to liberals, why can't they field a decent candidate?”

Let me tell you based on personal experience, no joke and I’m being totally serious and not trying to be snarky, people who typically are conservatives would never run for public office because they believe they can make more of a difference to their communities or the nation in other less visible ways.
If I did not tell you before I had an opportunity to run for higher office and I was as outspoken back then as I am on this blog. The funny thing was the white people who touted me only did so because of my skin shade and because they believed I would run as a Democrat. I was asked to run against a prominent former Republican but I had no desire to go around shaking nasty ass hands and begging for money because I actually had more power to get things done being a “community advocate” then I ever could in a political position. Also I did not have a big enough ego; to run for office you must have a huge ego.

Liberals if you listen to they talk and remember I get to hear firsthand you know where I spend my days… they have an arrogance about them they believe they their ideas are best for the masses, liberals have a god complex, they believe that because they care more and are smarter it is their responsibility to look out for “those people” and Dot those people are typically darkies or other poor saps.
Look at your typical college professor brainwashing kids into mindless compliance while they reject any other thoughts or opinions to be heard within the confines of their classrooms. This is why right wing types don’t go to colleges to speak liberals throw pies at those they don’t agree with or shout down right wing speakers, right wing types don’t do that. If you remember on my old blog I use to beg liberals to post counter arguments, I think all liberals should be heard, loud and clear because the best weapon against a liberal is their own mouth.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Don’t get me wrong, not all liberal white people are evil sanctimonious arrogant fucks, many are well meaning. When I did my thing via a number of community entities, philanthropic boards and such I came across a lot of well-meaning people who just wanted to make their communities safer and better. But most of your highbrow liberals the people who are at the top of the Democratic Party food chain want to beat this country over the head with their social engineering econ and eco liberalism, arrogant fucks like Obama. Socialized medicine, wealth redistribution, cell phones for the poor the Robin hood shit is only to obtain and keep power not about making the country better.
Big time politics is about ego and liberals have huge egos. Dude when I went to the Kos convention several years ago you should have heard how arrogant these people sounded.
Many wealthy or well off liberals who did not have shit else to do but concoct the type of ridiculous bullshit Obama is currently doing that is sinking the country.

Why can’t we find decent Republican candidates, again because basically no sane person would ever run for president, right wing types want a less intrusive government, government should be less involved in our lives, government should move the fuck out of the way and allow progress to flourish. Anyone these days who would run for president Republican or Democrat deep down don’t believe this, they believe that they are the magic bullet needed to take this country to the next step. Massive ego, having your name memorialized winning the greatest and most expensive popularity contest of all time a liberals wet dream, an intelligent, sane, reasonable conservatives nightmare.

As for Ron Paul I’ll say it again and I don’t know why folks don’t get this, Ron Paul says the shit he does because he KNOWS he has no shot at the presidency. He wants to sound off for his fans to shake things up. If Ron Paul were a serious candidate for president he would dial back his rhetoric because he would have to answer for some of the shit he says.

Take me for example; it is easy for me to get on this blog because I am able to spout off my opinions because I don’t have to answer to anybody. I can be completely open and honest. If I were running for president and folks read my shit people who did not completely get me would have a fucking fit. Folks who don’t get me write me all the time thinking this blog is satire and I could not possible hate and did Obama and liberals and Democrats like I do, but my disdain for the previous is very real.

I honestly don’t believe Ron Paul really believes much of the shit he says. Listen to his voice, the pitch and his body language. Now go back and watch the Reagan You Tube video a time for choosing and note how powerful Reagan spoke, his confidence, his body language. Ron Paul is a mouse and does not inspire any confident which is why I completely don’t understand what people see in him.

DOTDOT said...

Rue: "Conservatives are superior to liberal progressives because our philosophy honors the sovereign individual, by seeking a restrained government."
Gee, that sounds swell!!!! Constitutional amendments protecting marriage notwithstanding. See, the problem is this weird social "conservatism" that goes exactly against what you just said. Your statement sounds like an ad for Ron Paul. Just saying.

Gauis: I hear you. You and I have talked about this for years. Any real talent is too smart to run. But knowing that doesn't do us any good. This is why I have been quiet about Obama. I seriously didn't - and don't - see any alternative.

DOTDOT said...

Rue: "Conservatives are superior to liberal progressives because our philosophy honors the sovereign individual, by seeking a restrained government." This over-simplification would be a real tear-jerker were it true. The only presidential candidate that broadcasts a message anywhere close to this is Ron Paul. Like I said, I like Cain, but you can't be serious about Bachman, Santorum, or West. Seriously.

Patriot: So what are you saying? Every unemployed union jock sitting on the couch with his dick in his hand bitchin about why Obama doesn't do anything about jobs is a communist? Nobody that fought and died for this country is a liberal? I don't get it. Seriously.

Ano: Stupid shit is abundant these days. I got teabagger noise all around me.

Gauis (Snoop is easier to spell): Sorry if I am double posting, but I'm not sure if the first one went through. I'd probably jump on the "Obama's an asshole" bandwagon if I saw even the glimpse of an alternative.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I’m being serious if I could wave a magic wand the perfect ticket would be Paul Ryan and Herman Cain or Ryan and Bobby Jindal or Ryan and Jon Huntsman, Jr.

If Huntsman can get traction and become even fairly well known he will be a serious candidate in 2016 IF by some tragedy Obama wins.
Jesus if Obama wins again everyone who votes for his idiot ass should be required to take a mental health test.