Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I agree with Herman: We're 'Over This First African-American President Bullshit, Archie Bunker Was Right about Democrats, Another Gaius rant...

Herman Cain: We're 'Over This First African-American President Thing' - Fox News
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: All right, it's hard to bust through loyalty, and the unions have always been loyal to the Democratic Party. So what specifically peels off the union vote to you? And with the African- American vote, you know, they've been very proud of President Obama becoming the first African-American president. How are you going to peel of those votes? Because they certainly -- you know, they have great pride in having him president. So tell me exactly what your message is that reaches both those groups.

HERMAN CAIN: I think that they're over this first African-American president thing. I think that is behind them. Here's what's going to do it, Greta, growing this economy. Growing this economy is what's foremost on the minds of black Americans, Hispanic Americans, all Americans. The fact that my plan resonates, the fact that if we boost this national economy, we're going to help the state economy -- that's going to help the local economy, and that's going to help the household economy. And because the unemployment rate for black people is nearly 17 percent, instead of the 9 percent, they're looking for something that's going to boost this economy, and they see that possibility in my 9-9-9 plan.

That's what's going to peel off the black vote, results, not rhetoric.
Folks I’ll be blunt as I usually am. If black folks are dumb enough to vote for this man a second time considering what he has done to them by completely fucking up the economy… then if he were to inexplicable win… any unemployed black person who votes for him should not be hired until he leaves office. Hell you won’t get a job any damn way but hell there should be a price for a second bout of stupidity!

By John Hawkins

5 Major Ways The Obama Administration Is Killing American Jobs
Admittedly, the country was not in great shape when Barack Obama came into office. The United States had already gone into recession, the housing bubble had burst, and the global economy didn’t look so hot either. Unfortunately, Barack Obama took a bad situation and made it much worse. Had Obama done nothing, chances are the country would be better off today and had he actually pursued a pro-growth policy of slashing regulations, cutting taxes, and tamping down the deficit, the economy would be immeasurably stronger than it is now. Instead, Barack Obama pumped job-killing, growth-draining rat poison directly into the veins of our nation’s economy.

1) Obamacare: Obama pushed a massive new entitlement program past a Congress that didn’t even read the bill. Many businesses don’t fully understand how Obamacare will impact them when it goes into effect in 2014, but they do know their lives will be much more complicated, it will cost them a lot more money, and it will be considerably more difficult to provide health care for their employees. Obamacare is a major disincentive to hire new people.

I found this post while scanning posted by a blogger by Susan Shannon on a blog Smart Girl Politics
I always did hate Meathead. Even as a kid. He whined, he free-loaded, avoided the draft; he was arrogant and he thought it was all about peace, love and sharing- all the trademarks of the socialist propaganda machine. Archie was raw, but by God Almighty, he went to work everyday in a job that wore him down. He risked his life as a soldier in WWII and hated the Age of Aquarius. He never asked for governmental charity, nor did he ever even think about it. He was rude to his wife, but he loved her- he would never even think to leave her. He disagreed with his daughter's politics, friends, and her choice of husband- but he never kicked her (or them) out. He spoke in racist terms, but was never did a racist thing. His actions, and not his words, defined him. The rants that used to take place between him and Mr. Jefferson were the healthiest discussions on race, politics & culture this country has ever seen. They were downright sophisticated- if you could stop laughing long enough to think about them. His show, All in the Family, spoke to the American Family. It showed both sides of the spectrum, mocked them both and then showed the humanity of both. The resolutions were often tear jerking and always kind. I miss that show- as I miss Little House on the Prairie. I wonder, if I did a little research, would I find the dates of their demise to correspond to the dates when the six elite families and groups purchased all the movie studios?

You know I was a very young kid but I loved All in the Family and still think it was one of the smartest shows ever made. People bitch about how Archie supposedly made right wing types look like idiots but as this blogger points out this show highlighted the silliness of political discussion and how both sides can appear unreasonable while also showing the humanity on both side of the political fence.

But folks watch this clip and consider it was made what a little less than 40 years ago and we are still ranting about the same shit. Just goes to show you that there is nothing new about political rhetoric it is only recycled.

Not to say I was this smart astute kid back in the day but for some reason I clearly got Archie despite the portrayal of a bigoted old white dude. I knew a lot of “Meatheads” growing up in the San Francisco Bay area and from the time I was a little kid liberals like the character always drew red flags with me, just as black folks who proclaimed that all whiteys were evil drew those same red flags.
I always knew prejudice no matter who was spouting it was bore out of complete and utter ignorance and just because someone happened to be the same color did not necessarily mean they were on the same team as I.

Even as a young kid long before I listened to Rush, or Paul Harvey, followed Ronald Reagan or knew who Thomas Sowell or Shelby Steele was I found the difference between being a conservative or a liberal simply meant….

I don’t want what you want, I don’t need to have what you have, you take care of your corner of the world and I’ll take care of mine, I won’t ask for what I don’t deserve, I’m not envious of your achievements and if you work hard you deserve to keep what you worked hard for.

We all want clean air but I don’t need to be told by someone what I NEED to do to keep it clean. I don’t need to be told what to eat nor deny your right to eat whatever the fuck you want or when to eat and how to eat, being an overweight bastard is your own business.

Taxation is not “patriotic” and ALL regardless of country of origin are welcomed as long as their goal is to become a citizen and be loyal to this great nation.

Political rhetoric should not be shoved down our kid’s throats because propagandizing on the taxpayer dime is reprehensible and all points of view should be heard equally.

Touting racial superiority is stupid, discriminating because of it is equally as stupid, but bitching that you deserve more or require special needs or treatment based on it is simply retarded.

The difference between conservatives and liberals is we conservatives want smaller government, a more efficient government and just like the rest of us don’t spend money that you don’t have and we don’t believe in class warfare.

I know nobody gives a shit about any of this and my friends say they don’t read my blog because it upsets them. Well now that this page will circulate in the blogosphere forever some alien in the future I hope will get a kick out of it. Peace, Gaius


namaste said...

i love that quote from smart girl politics.

gaius, your friends may claim to not be reading, but i am. keep putting the truth out. we may be outnumbered by the more outspoken, but we know what's up. thanks for saying what needs to be said, repeatedly! great post!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Thanks Namaste for the kind words and I have received some cool emails from nice folks in between the typical hate mail crap but hate mail actually inspires me, I know I'm crazy :)

Peace Gaius