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Idiot: Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs, Skipping Violent Talk on the Left, Networks Ignore Religion Ban at Ground Zero Ceremony, An uneducated black child IS a future criminal... African Americans Moving To North Dakota For Jobs? CU prof: Fox Sports' Pac-12 video 'demeaning' to Asian Americans

Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs

'It might not create a single job'...

CEO to Obama: 'Get Out of the Way' for Job Growth...

Skipping Violent Talk on the Left - Newsbusters
After the mass shooting in Tucson of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a federal judge, and other bystanders, President Obama gave one of those unite-the-divide speeches that give journalists leg thrills. We need to “sharpen our instincts for empathy,” he said.

He lamented political finger-pointing: “It's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” The initial speculation was that conservatives were responsible for the Tucson horror. Even after this proved to be false, the attacks were relentless, with a barrage of media reports on the alleged excesses and mean-spiritedness of the Tea Party and all things right of center.
On Labor Day, Teamsters president James Hoffa was in Detroit addressing a rally starring the president. Hoffa told Obama there was a “war on workers,” and the unions were Obama’s “army.” He said: “We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” Obama then showed up and said that voters would be looking for “straight shooters.” The rhetoric was just fine by him.

The same media that mercilessly attacked conservatives after the Giffords shooting couldn’t ignore this, you say? True, the venue was too high-profile: a union leader at an Obama rally on Labor Day. While ABC, CBS, and NBC were compelled to notice, there was virtually no outrage. Indeed, The Washington Post and The New York Times skipped right over it.

So much for “all the news that’s fit to print.”

Were a conservative – Perry? Palin? Bachmann? – to talk in martial terms about “taking out” the opponent, immediately the media headlines would scream “Conservatives Threaten President.” Minutes later, there would be calls on the Justice Department to investigate this physical threat.

DNC Chairwoman Refuses to Criticize Hoffa's 'Take These Sons of Bitches Out' Line - Newsbusters

Networks Ignore Religion Ban at Ground Zero Ceremony
- Newsbusters
The major news networks love 9/11 stories. But there's one 9/11 story they won't touch: the exclusion of any religious participation from the Ground Zero memorial service during the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
Mayor Bloomberg has vetoed the presence of religious speakers at the site of Ground Zero during the memorial ceremony on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, provoking a firestorm of criticism among religious leaders. But the three mainstream news networks - ABC, CBS, and NBC - have completely ignored the story.


Australia Strikes Christ's Birth as History Marker
Australian history books will no longer use Jesus' birth as a reference point for dates, to the outrage of some religious and political leaders.

Under new government curriculum, the terms BC, translated "Before Christ," and AD, translated "The Year of Our Lord," will be replaced with neutral, non-religious language.

The land down under will now use the politically correct BCE and CE, meaning "Before Common Era" and "Common Era" respectively.

The terms are popular in academic and scientific publications.

Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen has condemned the move, calling it an "intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history."

Interviewing Lee Doren about his new book, 'Please Enroll Responsibly: Avoiding Indoctrination at College.' - Right Wing News


Is There Hope for Black Students When Teachers View Them As Criminals?
First grade teacher Jennifer O’Brien of Paterson, N.J. made headlines last week back after referring to her class of mostly Black and Latino kids as “future criminals.” In a status update on her Facebook page O’Brien wrote, “I’m not a teacher – I’m a warden for future criminals,” according to Six hours later she continued, “They had a scared straight program in school—why couldn’t I bring 1st graders?” referring to a school event where sixth graders talked to prison inmates about the consequences of crime.
O’Brien is currently awaiting the school board’s decision on whether or not she will be allowed to keep her job.
O’Brien’s sentiments are not shocking, nor are they uncommon. She just happened to make a bad judgment call in vocalizing her opinion on a social networking site.
As someone who has substitute taught in a 60 percent Latino, 40 percent Black school district, I understand the frustrations of teachers. Students as early as sixth grade can be unruly, rude, uninterested, use foul language, etc. And some teachers are clueless as to how to deal with students whose culture and background is unlike their own. But as frustrated as I’ve been on days where I did more disciplining than actual teaching, my god, I’ve never once thought those children were “future criminals.” Never. What chance do Black and brown students have if by the first grade their teachers already think so poorly of them? It’s one thing to express frustrations of having an overly active or rowdy class. It’s quite another to use the terminology “future criminals.” It’s bad enough the U.S. government builds prisons based on the reading scores of fourth graders. But the teacher responsible for teaching these same students is criminalizing six and seven-year-old kids. O’Brien has to go. Her beliefs are far too dangerous for the classroom where she has already determined her students are destined for failure.

Ok consider this...

Every year, 3 million young people in the United States fall victim to crimes at school. Almost 2 million of these incidents involve violence. Although most school violence takes the form of minor assaults, some episodes are far more serious. Some end in tragedy. For example, in two recent academic years, a total of 85 young people died violently in U.S. schools. Seventy-five percent of these incidents involved firearms.

Reports of assaults, robberies, and vandalism were on the rise in U.S. schools from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. School violence leveled off by 1975. But in the early- and mid-1980s, reports revealed that school violence was on the rise once more, reaching a new peak in the early 1990s. Recent information tells us that today, school violence may be decreasing. In short, school violence, like violence in society, seems to run in cycles. These cycles appear to mirror the trends of violence in our larger society.

The threat of attacks in schools can create fear and disorder among students and teachers. According to a study conducted in 1995, 34 percent of middle school students and 20 percent of high school students admitted that they feared becoming victims of school violence. Eight percent of teachers say they are threatened with violence at school on an average of once a month. Two percent report being physically attacked each year. In a single school year in New York City, 3,984 teachers reported violent crimes against them.

and this....

Bullies, victims have more violent homes
U.S. middle- and high-school students who are bullies, victims, or both victims and perpetrators of bullying many have more violent homes, officials say.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, released Thursday, said bullies and victims of bullies are more likely to report considering suicide, intentionally injuring themselves -- non-suicide attempt -- being physically hurt by a family member and witnessing violence in their family than students uninvolved in bullying.

The report involved 5,807 middle- and high-school students surveyed from 138 Massachusetts public schools. Forty-four percent of the middle-school students and 30.5 percent of high-school students reported being involved in bullying, the report said.

"The health and family environment for students involved in bullying are substantially worse than for those who are not involved in bullying," the report said. "The results underscore the importance of primary prevention programs, as well as comprehensive programs and strategies that involve families."

Ok this is a few years old but consider that it is much worse today...

  • More than half of Black males did not receive diplomas with their cohort in 2005/2006.
  • The state of New York has 3 of the 10 districts with the lowest graduation rates for Black males.
  • The one million Black male students enrolled in the New York, Florida, and Georgia public schools are twice as likely not to graduate with their class as to do so.
  • Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, and Wisconsin graduated fewer Black males with their peer group than the national average.
  • Nevada and Florida graduated less than a third of their Black male students on schedule.
  • Illinois and Wisconsin have nearly 40-point gaps between how effectively they educate their Black and White non-Hispanic male students.

Dropout rate for Calif. black students hits 37%
More than a third of California's African American public high school students dropped out before graduation day, a startling number and one that's on the rise, according to 2009 data released Tuesday.

The 37 percent African American dropout rate, up three percentage points from the prior year, was far above that of any other ethnic subgroup. Hispanic students had the second highest rate at 27 percent.

What is my point… well not much time to rant today but, future criminals OF COURSE!

Remember the flash mobs from the recent criminal crime wave activity. Educated young people with their whole lives ahead of them don’t spend their free time robbing convenience stores!

The parents don’t give a shit about education so why should the kids. I keep saying these kids are some of the most fucked up and screwed up human beings walking around these days. Teachers are grossly underappreciated and when these bad ass kids fuck up and act out the parents want to blame these teachers who should be getting combat pay and should be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves.

I’ve said countless times and others have commented… black people use to risk their lives to educate themselves. Under the cover of darkness black people use to sneak their books and read without the massa knowing.
Black folks back in the day had to endure all kinds of racist bullshit just to go to school, kids as young as 5 had to be escorted by National Guard troops just to be educated and now idiot ass black people/kids piss away educational opportunities because they want to act like uncivilized idiot fucks and when they can’t find employment they want to blame whitey. Fuck that!

Yesteryear…there was nothing more dangerous to a white man than an educated black man, now the opposite is true.

An uneducated black child is a future criminal and to deny that reality because folks don’t want to face reality is bullshit and as a black man I am embarrassed and ashamed by this stupidity of folks who share my skin pigmentation.

Cops Catch Alleged Bank Robber Through Facebook Posts

Four years and done- Governor Snyder approves cash welfare limit

Dr. Boyce: 27-Year High On Black Unemployment Is A Sign To Wake Up

Candid! Obama: “Obviously Black Americans Have Suffered Far More”

African Americans Moving To North Dakota For Jobs?

CU prof: Fox Sports' Pac-12 video 'demeaning' to Asian Americans

Fox Sports is apologizing for an "inappropriate" video filmed on the University of Southern California campus that critics say mocks Asian students -- most of whom appear to know little about college football -- by singling them out and prompting them to welcome Colorado and Utah to the Pac-12.

The video has since been removed from Fox's website. But a University of Colorado ethnic studies professor said Tuesday that he finds it troubling, saying it perpetuates racist myths about Asians being "un-American."

For the video, Bob Oschack -- a comedian who labeled himself as an "investigative reporter" for Fox Sports -- approached Asian students on the USC campus, asking them how they feel about CU and the University of Utah becoming the newest members of the Pac-12 conference.

In his introduction, Oschack says: "Let's give the conference's two newest members a good, old-fashioned, all-American welcome!"

He then appears to mock students' accents, corrects their grammatical mistakes in a seemingly condescending tone and pretends to mistake what they're saying for the sake of laughs.

One student enthusiastically say, "Welcome to Colorado and Utah!" and is interrupted by Oschack: "No, you're saying welcome to Colorado and Utah. We're in Los Angeles." He also includes a student who admits that she doesn't know much about football and says, "Welcome Colorado and Utah to the top 12."

Darryl Maeda, a professor in CU's Ethnic Studies department, said that Fox Sports should be apologizing to Asian Americans -- not just the USC community -- who are demeaned by the video. He also said that Fox should publicly reprimand Oschack.

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