Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More college grads file for bankruptcy, America Needs To Relearn How Jobs Get Made, Obama Destroying America - Obama's Plan Is Lousy Economics, You people who voted for Obama must feel like idiots....

More college grads file for bankruptcy
College graduates are the fastest-growing group of consumers who have filed for bankruptcy protection in the past five years, according to a new study by a financial nonprofit, which underscores the broad reach of the Great Recession.

The survey by the Institute for Financial Literacy, slated for release Tuesday, found that the percentage of debtors with a bachelor’s degree rose from 11.2 percent in 2006 to 13.6 percent in 2010. The group tracked similar but smaller increases in consumers with two-year associate and graduate degrees. Meanwhile, the percentage of debtors with a high school diploma or who did not finish college declined.

“We’re told that if you do go and get advanced education, you’re going to be almost guaranteed this economic success,” said Leslie Linfield, the group’s executive director. But the recession proved that “higher education was no guarantee that you weren’t going to be at risk.”

Ok never mind that I posted a really good video and stated that a college education for the most part is completely unnecessary and a huge fucking scam but hey if you people want to go broke chasing a piece of paper that is more likely to put you in debt than make you rich but what the hell.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating that folks not seek a degree but frankly from my viewpoint most college education is completely worthless and a huge fucking financial waste of time.
Now if you are trying to become a doctor, an engineer something educationally demanding most of your educational curriculum is relevant. But those folks who get worthless liberal arts degrees or art major degrees when these degreed disciplines fail to lead to jack what is the point.
I’ll say again if we don’t rethink a college education and refine it to only require the essential courses needed to become proficient at a particular discipline and get rid of these people teaching shit that don’t amount to shit this will be another major financial burden all American’s are going to have to absorb.

FYI: 20 Most Useless Degrees - The Daily Beast

America Needs To Relearn How Jobs Get Made
We need a refresher course in Job Creation 101 to judge how much, if at all, President Obama's proposed $447 billion program of spending increases and tax cuts might revive America's sputtering job machine.

Recall that the private sector is the main employment engine. Businesses create jobs when two conditions are met. First, extra demand for their products justifies more workers. Second, the extra demand can be satisfied profitably. There are qualifications to these generalizations (startups, for instance), but these are the basics.

As for government, it's less a job creator than a job changer. It supports jobs (soldiers, teachers, scientists) by taxing, borrowing and regulating. If government taxed, borrowed or regulated less, that money would stay with households and businesses, which would spend it on something else and, thereby, create other jobs. Politics determines how much private income we devote to public services.

There's one glaring exception to this. In a slump, government can create jobs by borrowing when the private economy isn't spending. But the effect's temporary and isn't automatic.

OBAMASCARE: 1.5 million lose health insurance from employers...

Obama to Congress: Tax rich Americans to pay for $447B jobs-creation bill

Higher Tax Rates On Rich Won't Increase Revenues

Obama's Plan Is Lousy Economics - Thomas Sowell

Record 46.2 million Americans are poor

22% of children live in poverty

Dramatic drop in median income

CBO: Jobless rate to stay 9% through 2012

Now I ask this question every once in awhile because I love to give Democrats some grief… seeing how Obama has totally fucked all of us and the country is in economic free-fall in addition dude has the audacity to ask for more stimulus money for job creation when he knows damn well it wonk work… don’t you people who voted for him feel like a bunch of fucking dumbasses. I just wonder is the guilt setting in, do you have buyers remorse?
And for those of you who plan on voting for him again I’m wondering, are you fucking mentally retarded, do you find joy in seeing people get fucked due to liberal democrap policies.
I wonder sometimes if I should continue to read all of this shit, because I know most people won’t bother informing themselves. They live their lives day by day oblivious to what is going on so for those of you like me who are informed I’m sure you think as I do… what the fuck is the point?
I will give Democraps credit, they know their constituency, they know most people who call themselves Democraps are totally oblivious to reality, typically lack common fucking sense and any political candidate who promises as chicken in every pot and have a nice smile is vote worthy. That is the reality of today’s America and it is a sad and dangerous reality. Obama thanks for you’re your ignorance.


Anonymous said...

Every stimulus package has been figured to directly benefit the various democrat constituencies rather than help the country as a whole. Thus, there will be as many as can be passed.

They are nothing but a crass attempt to buy votes. All they want is to retain power.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Oh absolutely, this is the very reason why Democrats hammer away at the tired old mantra of “tax the wealthy” “pay your fair share.”
America is now a “gimmie” society thanks to Democraps. But I must say, it has worked, they have remained in power for generations promising to “give” It is easy to “buy” power when you are using other peoples money. This is why I Detest Democraps and why I look long and hard at people and frankly question the motives of people who are seemingly reasonable and intelligent who proclaim themselves to be “proudly” Democrat.
Hey I work in a university environment and of course many of these young people claim to be Democrat but it is clear most are clearly ignorant of reality and to be perfectly frank much of what can be learned on countless websites a lot of what I post here that don’t have a clue. It is like I keep saying Democrats relies on ignorance to flourish and to stay in power.

Anonymous said...

As usual. Something bad happens to this country and the racist retards blames it on Obama like they always do. You are a sick, demented racist asshle. You know your racit racist party's got NOONE worth voting for, but you are bat shit retarded and crazy.

Anonymous said...

Once again, stupid democrat libtards throwing the word "racist" out there when we tell them our present leader is a worthless President.
Yea, we're racists for disliking the whole Democratic party! While you may think the Republicans or Tea Partiers may have no one to vote for...I can't say 4 more years of the Obaminator is a pleasant thought, either.
Get a grip, Anonymous!