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Obama jobs plan heartens frustrated blacks... no Obama is frustrating everyone, 9/11 mental overload...

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ATLANTA (AP) -- President Barack Obama's jobs pitch is already playing well with blacks, who had grown plenty irked with him over what they perceived as his indifference to their needs.

A day after Obama laid out before Congress his plan to kick-start job growth, many blacks hoped it would translate into reduced misery for them over the coming months. While the country's unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent, black unemployment has hit 16.7 percent, the highest since 1984. Unemployment among male blacks is at 18 percent, and black teens are unemployed at a rate of 46.5 percent.

The early signs of their reaction were positive.

Social media sites were abuzz with highlights from the president's plan. Amid the comments were excited responses to the proposal, especially from the black community. Twitter was full of similar bursts of excitement over the plan, with some black Tweeters defending the president and applauding his message. One user tweeted: "Taking a sharp tone `cause the NumbersDontLie! Pass this bill and put America back to work."

Prominent African-Americans like Kenneth Chenault, chairman and CEO of American Express and Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia, quickly applauded the plan. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has been one of the most vocal advocates for dealing more effectively with black unemployment, but she was enthusiastic.

For the president, it was a welcome change in tone after a steady drumbeat of criticism from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who held their own job fairs and town hall meetings while protesting that Obama's jobs tour across America last month bypassed black communities.

Yes I know today marks the anniversary of 9/11 and many people are marking the occasion by hosting a number of so-called patriotic activities proclaiming their patriotism from flying flags on their cars to football stadiums unveiling football field covering American flags. Frankly I think it is significant overkill and all the coverage of the anniversary is almost morbid to some extent.
Every newscast, replaying of the day, countless nauseating accounts from journalists and celebrities will no doubt make people numb to significance of the day.
Politicians are using the occasion to make themselves seem “more American” not to mention people who on normal days could give a shit about fire department or rescue personnel proclaims their love and admiration it is seriously disingenuous to say the least.
Please don’t get me wrong I remember where I was on 9/11 and it did make a significant impact on me and at the time I did believe that our world would change significantly but there is a vast difference in commemorating a significant event in American history but 9/11 has evolved into almost an obsessive never ending grieving session, this is not how America became a world power but obsessively grieving but by surviving, regrouping and enduring.

In case some of you have forgotten more American’s are dying overseas dealing with terrorists and other hostile threats and of course there is much debate about just how much we should be involved in the Middle East and other world hot spots. Since 9/11 over 6,500 American service men have given their lives and more than 40,000 have been injured and many more suffer in silence and will be dealing with issues for the rest of their lives. But I’ve seen people on news stories and countless interviews acting as if 9/11 was yesterday. We got to move past this and quickly. I’m not saying forget, but we must stop this obsessing grieving and never pity party.
Yes 9/11 I know shattered many of our sensibilities because thousands of innocent people were killed and exposed us to just how vulnerable we are not these days. But folks many of you who are older than I knew of a time where American’s thought we were on the brink of total annihilation due to the pending threat provided via the Soviet Union.
It is funny how people can be brought to tears recalling such a horrible day and still be oblivious to how segmented and wounded this country has become.
America is as fractured and fragmented as it has ever been as demonstrated by this story.

Because of this president there is no more collective American pride, this is why people get overly teary-eyed by the 9/11 memories. America has been battered and bruised throughout its history but what made us a great nation was our resilience and fortitude. But now we are a nation of cowering masses bitching and moaning about anything and everything. Here you have black folks whining like children because the president daddy is not taking care of them the way they think he should. You mean people still don’t get the notion that raising the status of ALL American is what is important and not concentrating on one segment of the population.
We should all want “America” to succeed not just black folks, not just Hispanic folks, not just Asians, white people whoever.
What is that old saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” As America grows and strengthens collectively we grow stronger. Once this president figures out (which I doubt) that his ineptitude is collectively screwing this nation fiscally, socially and emotionally the standing of all Americans will be raised and Maxine Waters don’t have to keep bitching that Obama is not being an efficient enough daddy.

Bottom line we all better quickly start giving a shit about the status of this nation as a whole and stop holding out our hands on the behalf of a given segment of the population. Religion has already segregated us and we have a presidential administration that has brainwashed folks into a frenzied state of class envy. Political and racial lines have been drawn in the sand like never before but the masses are completely oblivious of the damage it is doing to this nation.
While 9/11 activities seem to bring about a temporary state of unity we are facing a far greater crisis of societal mental and emotional decay that will do far greater damage than planes bringing down two buildings and if we don’t wake up to this reality folks this nation is fucked.
If black folks want to continue to bitch about the lack of jobs and opportunities make your communities safer and make educating your kids a priority. Liberals stop continuing to prop up the notion that government is the solution to every problem and to you people in the media, stop fucking lying and tell the truth about what is happening politically and tell the truth about this president and lying ass Democrats who openly rob taxpayers blind and give the less fortunate and the politically and educationally unaware false hope.
As horrible as 9/11 was this nation is facing a far greater crisis stop waving American flags and promoting this fake as patriotism and open your eyes to the real issues facing this nation.

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