Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Really Is An Annoying Dude.....Obama proposes to pay for his jobs plan with $400B in spending cuts. Just kidding--it's paid for with $400B in tax increases - Muslims Are Offended Yet Again - “We Have To Bring Drunken ‘Uncle Omar’ In Front Of The House Judiciary Committee”

Obama proposes to pay for his jobs plan with $400B in spending cuts. Just kidding--it's paid for with $400B in tax increases - Doug Ross
Apparently, America's job creators are under-taxed. At least that's the word from Uncle Ben, who relays this note from his Beltway corporate tax guru.
The White House today is proposing to pay for its new jobs bill entirely with tax increases.
It proposes these tax increases:

--Limiting itemized deductions for incomes above $200,000 and family incomes above $250,000. Total: $400 billion over 10 years;

--Treat carried interest as ordinary income rather than as capital gains. Total: $18 billion;

--Raises taxes on oil and gas. Total: $40 billion

--Increase taxes on corporate jets. Total: $3 billion

I was asked by a reader do I really hate Obama as much as I say I do here on my blog and the answer is a resounding YES, fucking hell YES!
Obama is likely the politician that is my all-time least favorite and in my opinion the least trustworthy. This job bill bullshit just pisses me off more and what is more offensive is that clueless Negros on various blogs and websites thinks all of a sudden Negros are going to be getting jobs left and right. This man is a goddamn con artist and I just wish he would go away. The best thing he can do for the country is announce that he is not running for reelection. I swear if he were to do that we could mark on our calendars a new Independence Day.


Muslims Are Offended Yet Again - Moonbattery
Get your hankies ready — this one is a tear-jerker:
FBI agents participating in an outreach workshop Saturday hoped to improve their relationship with Seattle’s Muslim, Arab, East African and Sikh communities, but ended up offending some participants.
About 20 community leaders attended the workshop at North Seattle Community College, which featured presentations by the FBI, Seattle police and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The event was aimed at improving communication and building trust between law enforcement and communities that feel targeted and profiled by authorities.
A Seattle Police Department presentation on the rights of citizens when approached by an officer was well-received.
But the event grew confrontational during the FBI’s presentation, which community members complained was too focused on Islamic terrorist groups. Then, the agents showed a PowerPoint slide about state-sponsored terrorism that included a photograph of a man many in the audience believed was a Shia Islamic leader based on his clothes. …
The photo was small, and the two FBI agents giving the presentation said they didn’t know who it was. That offended members of the audience even more, and one of them compared it to calling the pope a terrorist or serving pork to Muslims.
Afterward, event organizer Amin Odeh said he’d have to do “damage control” to try to explain to the community what happened.



GOP Rep. Steve King: “We Have To Bring Drunken ‘Uncle Omar’ In Front Of The House Judiciary Committee”… - Weasel Zippers


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