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Thanks Obama: POVERTY RECORD: 46.2 million Americans now poor- Shocking! 27 Percent Of African Americans Live Below Poverty Line - Obama Going on Another Bus Tour! - Why!?- Video: Remembering Idiot Obama Voters-Did Michelle Obama diss flag ceremony? -The Third Rail Unplugged, Authors of Social Security Believed It Was Unconstitutional

My dear Anonymous friend got me in such a good mood and I felt compelled to illustrate why. You see myself along with all of my homies on the right side of the political spectrum understand people like this. It was retard Obama voters who did not have a fucking clue about who they were voting for other than the fact that dude had a really good tan and the result is what we have now the goddamn country going down the fucking toilet.
So while you Obama fans will want to continue to play the race, racist card the rest of us smart enough and passionate enough will plug away posting and praying that more and more people will wake the fuck up and get this man the hell out of the White House!

POVERTY RECORD: 46.2 million Americans now poor

22% of children in poverty

Dramatic drop in median income

Likely to worsen

Another blow to ObamaCare as a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled the individual mandate to be unconstitutional.

Independent voters aren’t swinging Obama’s way.

Wow, here’s a real shocker .. the CBO says that it anticipates slower growth and continued unemployment.  At least they didn’t use the word “unexpectedly.”

CBO chief Doug Elmendorf says that to avoid slowing the economy even further, the deficit must get worse before it gets better.

Three congressional Democrats are introducing a bill today that would abolish the federal debt ceiling.

Obama’s jobs bill ripped by … Senate Democrats

Reid Not Sure if Obama's Jobs Bill Can Pass

Obama Going on Another Bus Tour! - Why!? I mean really!? Seriously!? Dude!

The latest from the incomparable Thomas Sowell: What makes history so relevant today is that the same economic assumptions and political arguments which produced the absurdities of 1921 are still going strong in 2011.

Even Washington doesn’t believe that Obama can help when it comes to the economy.

Shocking! 27 Percent Of African Americans Live Below Poverty Line
- Thanks Obama!

Nearly every time Obama delivers a speech about the economy or jobs, something bad happens.  How many more of these speeches must we endure before everyone realizes his ideas and proposals aren't working?

The true cost of government regulations like Dodd-Frank: jobs.

White House pushed for $500M loan to solar company now under investigation
After Solyndra bankruptcy, White House defends clean energy investments

Obama Campaign Revs Up – Goon Squad Snitch Police Reinstated - Gateway Pundit
The Return of the Goon Squad–
Top democratic prosecutors in St. Louis announced in September 2008 that they would threaten and prosecute critics of Barack Obama.

Did Michelle Obama diss flag ceremony...

I found this on a couple of sites. Now I can’t lip read but some have her saying
“all this for a flag”

Now if someone can lip read you tell me if this is bogus or not, but consider what we have seen from Obama and his Boo in the past:
Obama stops wearing American flag pin
Presidential candidate says he will show patriotism by expressing his ideas
WATERLOO, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, D-Ill., said he will no longer wear an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

He commented on the pin in a television interview Wednesday and then again on Thursday at a campaign appearance in Independence, Iowa.

“My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart," he told the campaign crowd Thursday. "You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and ideals. That’s what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.”

Obama: No Hand on Heart for National Anthem - Newsbusters

This was hotly debated back in the day Obama fans vehemently defended him including this dude: Obama once again does not salute the flag; does it matter?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of folks that exhibit phony patriotism all the time and some people are zealots when it comes to such matters. But my first gut reaction to Obama after reading his background and who dude associated with sent up HUGE red flags. I will say this until I am blue in the face this man should not have been allowed anywhere near the White House. Frankly if dude was a visitor to the White house I would have patted him down twice.


Ridiculous NY-09 spin: “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats” - Hot Air
Republicans won two House seats in a special election last night.  One, in Nevada, had been a relatively safe district, and Republican Mark Amodei cruised to victory over Democrat Kate Marshall as expected.  Also as predicted, Republican Bob Turner won a six-point victory over Democrat David Weprin in NY-09, a Congressional district in the heart of Democratic stronghold New York City.  The margin of victory exactly matched polling leads for Turner from both Siena and Democratic pollster PPP in the final days before the vote.
That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a surprise.  The NY-09 seat has been in Democratic hands since, well, Warren Harding was President.  So what did the leader of the Democratic Party have to say about the loss?
Democratic party leaders insisted the loss wasn’t a harbinger of things to come. “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats,” said Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, noting its Democratic margins there tend to be the second lowest of all the districts in New York City.

Disgraced Penis-Tweeting Weiner: “It Would Be Bad if the Republican Won” - Gateway Pundit

Larwyn's Linx: NY-09 Goes Republican For the First Time Since 1922 - Doug Ross

GOP wins House seats in N.Y., Nevada

Authors of Social Security Believed It Was Unconstitutional - CNS News

By Terence P. Jeffrey
Mitt Romney may believe Social Security is constitutional, but he would have a hard time convincing some of the people who pushed the Social Security Act into law.

As I wrote in my book, "Control Freaks," some of the main players involved in creating Social Security believed it was unconstitutional -- and for good reason.

Yet, for them, not unlike many in today's Washington, the ultimate questions were not: Is this good for the long-term future of the country, and does Congress have authority to do it? They were: Will this serve our immediate political interests, and can we get away with it?

At Monday's Republican presidential debate, Romney attacked Texas Gov. Rick Perry for, as Romney put it, holding the view that "Social Security is unconstitutional."

It is important to note that neither Perry nor any other contemporary Republican leader is calling for the abolition of a program that has been in place for more than seven decades.

But was it founded on a sound constitutional basis? Is there anything to be learned from how it was forced through?

The Third Rail Unplugged - The American Spectator

Candidates need to study Marco Rubio's Social Security playbook.
TAMPA -- For decades now political consultants, especially those of the Florida sub-species, have been able to charge big bucks to advise Republican candidates not to say anything about Social Security during campaigns. It's the "third rail" of politics, they breathlessly warn. Touch it and your political career goes up in smoke.

On the other side, consultants have cashed in advising Democrats to attack all Republican candidates on Social Security, early and often -- to charge that these heartless villains are constantly conniving to snatch your widowed mother's Social Security check from her arthritic fingers, regardless of what these candidates have really said or done on this issue. The Democrats' court eunuchs in the main(left)-stream media have been happy enough act as megaphones for this scam.
Memo to GOP: Social Security Demagoguery Is the Province of Liberals

Book Claims Sarah Palin Had One Night Stand With NBA’s Glen Rice
The National Enquirer reports:
A publishing source told The ENQUIRER that McGinniss claims Sarah had a “fetish” for black men at the time and he quotes a friend as saying Sarah had “hauled (Rice’s) ass down.”
A source unrelated to the book told The ENQUIRER, Todd was very much in the picture at the time and the couple married just nine months later.
In the book, McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand.

Thanks Anonymous for the laugh, best mood I have been in in quite some time…

But seriously catch a clue… please for the sake of America, shake off the pride shit and get with reality. Obama needs to go and fast or we are screwed.

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blackboi262 said...

The last time census was taken before 2010 was in 2000, and who was in the white house then, that's right George W Bush, for 8yrs might I add. So before you, false news, or Rush try to put all or any of this on Obama, feed your readers the facts.