Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Hilarity: Someone Called Yours Truly ME Gaius RACIST!

Anonymous said...

As usual. Something bad happens to this country and the racist retards blames it on Obama like they always do. You are a sick, demented racist asshle. You know your racit racist party's got NOONE worth voting for, but you are bat shit retarded and crazy.


Because the president is an idiot and people are finally waking up to the reality that they made a huge mistake DOES NOT MAKE THEM RACIST.

You Have a Nice Day

Yours Truly Gaius!


Ooops there is more!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're such a fucking MORON. How do you NOT kill yourself.

Seriously, write a blog post about THAT.


A patheticattack on Obama, then a pathetic attack on the youth of America? that's just like a right-wing racist. a compelete brain-dead scumbag.

By Anonymous on Obama Sucks Watch, How Obama lost his presidency


Ahhhhh pissed off Obama fans always make me smile :-)


Older School said...

3 years ago, people bitched about Bush and his administration. And, it's okay to do that because it's our fundamental right under the 1st amendment. But now, if you should happen to call Obama a worthless President, suddenly you're a racist?? Liberals are such ignorant 2faced morons.
He's a worthless Democrat like they all are. Obama is also the most unpatriotic person who has ever occupied the White House. If he gets re-elected, we're in deep sh!t!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

What continues to kill me to this day is I am STILL speaking to black folks who swear that Obama is doing a decent job and they don’t understand why white people are turning on him, which is beyond retarded. Never mind that black folks are facing record unemployment and record poverty numbers as a result of his incompetence.
I still have conversations with well-meaning black people and they don’t understand my angst and why I don’t trust him. I inform them (and to this day not a single black person I have spoken to has heard this) that I KNEW that this fuck could not be trusted when he was willing to campaign for and raise money for that former idiot senile bastard KKK member Robert Byrd

Barack Obama Wants You To Support an Ex-Klansman

Maxine Waters and the rest of the idiot Negro Democrats wonder why Obama avoids black audiences and why he does not care about Negros but white criticism of him still gets this racist tag. Never mind other black intellectuals had already started to speak out about him.

Professor Michael Eric Dyson: 'This President Runs from Race like a Black Man Runs from a Cop'

You see my problem is not a difference of opinion in regards to someone’s political slant. My biggest problem is the typical Obama fans are some of the dumbest clueless people on the planet. It is one thing to support someone you know, with whom your share ideas and philosophies with but you familiarize yourself with a candidate and understand who and what he is and what he stands for and are a candidates ideas and philosophies in the best interests for the country as a whole. For an Obama fan all they see is a face and a color.
I was not a Bill Clinton fan and although dude was flawed in many ways he turned out to be a decent president when it is all said and done. At least Bill Clinton and I believe Hillary would have… got it. Obama is a fucking moron, he does not get it and we are paying for it.
Frankly I swear there should be an intelligence test to vote. Voter stupidity is going to fuck us all.

sorry for the rant... :-)