Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yo Obama U still president? Dude Why!? - Read your headlines...

JOBS PLAN: $1,500,000,000,000 IN NEW TAXES... 

Why is it that when you try to explain to people about taxation and Obama defenders say “well Obama has not raised any taxes on me…” When taxes are raised on supposedly just the “rich” taxes are raised on all of us. Things like fees and repealing tax breaks ARE indeed raising taxes too. Obama is such a shallow stupid man all he talks about are raising taxes and dude STILL has not talked about how to fix this fucked up economy. However you know folks I said to somebody that “I hated” Obama and folks that is just not true. I don’t hate the dude… in order to hate someone you have to invest way too much of your soul in doing so, hate is corrosive and destructive. I did also say that Obama will end up being the biggest presidential disaster in American history and I do stand by that sentiment. I’m gonna say again, to anyone who either has the ear of Obama or works for the man, if you are foolish enough to decide to keep working for this dude. Please, for gods sakes if you believe in the almighty… step down don’t run for a second term. Don’t waste your followers’ contributions on a foolish journey that will waste well-meaning American’s time and energy. Obama you are a fucking disaster as a president. Now if you would like to go bowling sometime or shoot some hoops and have a few beers and get drunk hit me up. Hey if you play video games and if Michelle would let you we can play NCAA 2012, I’ll go easy on you. Shit if you have a source for some mean green we can light up a few crank up some Parliament and Funkedelic and have a good ole time. But as for the presidency step down do us all a huge favor. I’m sure America just might survive your incompetence but let’s not take that chance.

Your Pal Gaius

By Neal Boortz
Never mind his complete incompetence when it comes to our economy, here’s a prime example of how divorced from reality Barack Obama has truly become … he believes his chances of being reelected in 2012 are “much higher” than they were in 2008.
His dogwashers seem to be equally clueless.  Over the weekend, David Axelrod, Obama’s top political adviser, “issued a memo to the Sunday news show producers and other reporters that concludes Obama is in strong shape for another four years in the Oval Office,” according to The Hill.  The memo pointed out that Obama has strong support from Hispanics, noting them to be the fastest-growing segment of the population.  These are the same Hispanics who Obama has been Hispandering to in recent weeks by changing the deportation laws in this country.  While I don’t have the figures since Obama essentially granted amnesty to a whole swath of illegals currently in the United States, but last month, Obama’s poll numbers among Hispanics were dropping big time.  Gallup polling showed that Obama’s approval among Hispanics hit an all-time of 47%.  This a drop of 38 percentage points from his all-time high of 85%, which he saw in the spring of 2009 among Hispanics.  So I am a little perplexed as to how the Obama administration can hang its hat on the approval rating of Hispanics, unless we are to assume that those number will climb big-time in the weeks following Obama’s amnesty ploy.  But if your biggest talking point is the fact that less than half of Hispanics approve of the job you are doing in office, then we have some real issues to deal with.
As for the rest of the country, Hispanic or not, things are not looking good for Dear Ruler.  For the first time during his reign, more Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Obama than have a favorable opinion of him.  In key swing states – particularly traditional red states that Obama flipped blue in 2008 – Obama’s favorability ratings have fallen below 50%.  Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and Nevada were once red states that flipped blue, with a combined total of 112 electoral votes.  Now in every single one of these states, less than half the people approve of the way Obama is handling things.





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