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Idiot: Obama: Pelosi “One of the Best Speakers of the House” and “Will Be…Again in 2013″ - That's raaacist! - Coulter: 'They Are Terrified Of Strong, Conservative Black Men' - Another Obama-Backed Green Energy Company Goes Bust - FBI Report Says Gangs Using Rap Groups To Launder Money, Recruit Members - Media hyped global warming “skeptic” was no such thing - The latest liberal campaign to discredit the most conservative Supreme Court justice

For some reason, the ObamaMedia seems intent on asking Rick Perry questions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Unfortunately for Perry, he has stumbled over different ways on how to answer, or not answer, the question.  One of those ways is by joking around about the issue … even though, in all seriousness, he says that there is no doubt that Obama’s birth certificate is real and he is a citizen.  But this is not the good enough for the ObamaMedia who took offense to Perry’s joking about the birth certificate.  Naturally, they made it an issue of race.  MSNBC contributor Toure says …
"It's absolutely racist, without question.  It suggests that he is other. It indexes white as truly American. And he is not one of us. And it just takes coded language for everybody to get the message that he is not one of us. The whole Muslim flirtation that other people engaged in is the same thing. He is not one of us. He is not a normative American. Why are we saying this about him? We didn't have these questions about Clinton, Bush, Bush, Reagan, etc. We just wonder suddenly about Obama. "Is he really an American? Mmm, I don't know." It's because he's black. "It's a coded way of saying he's black, don't vote for him."
Just add this one to the list of ways that criticism of Obama can be construed as raaacist.

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POLITICO: Two Women Accused Cain of Inappropriate Behavior... 

Reporter: 'We're Not Going To Get Into Details Of Exactly What Happened'... 


Coulter: 'They Are Terrified Of Strong, Conservative Black Men'...

Black website headline: 
Naughty! Herman Cain Accused Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior


Bob Schieffer’s Smokin’ Interview with Herman Cain; Update: Tom Brokaw ‘Stunned’ by Smoking Ad - Michelle Malkin


Another Obama-Backed Green Energy Company Goes Bust - Gateway Pundit
Another green energy company that was awarded stimulus cash for its survival went belly up this past week. The Obama Administration awarded $43 million in conditional loan guarantees from the Department of Energy to Beacon Power in June 2009. Now it’s bankrupt.
Yahoo Finance reported, via Free Republic:
Beacon Power Corp filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, just a year after the energy storage company received a $43 million loan guarantee from a controversial Department of Energy program.
The bankruptcy comes about two months after Solyndra — a solar panel maker with a $535 million loan guarantee — also filed for Chapter 11, creating a political embarrassment for the administration of President Barack Obama, which has championed the loans as a way to create “green energy” jobs.
Beacon Power drew down $39 million of its government-guaranteed loan to fund a portion of a $69 million, 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage plant in Stephentown, New York.
There are several key differences between the two loans, an Energy Department spokesman said on Sunday, noting the Beacon plant continues to operate, unlike Solyndra, which shut down shortly before filing for bankruptcy.
The Energy Department also had agreed to restructure Solyndra’s debt in a last-ditch effort to keep the company alive, a deal which put taxpayers behind $75 million in private investment. But for the Beacon project, the government loan is the first debt the company must pay, the spokesman said.

George Will says that the principle-free Mitt Romney is becoming less electable.

The Republican Party in 2011 looks similar, demographically and ideologically, to the Republican Party that nominated John McCain in 2008.

The GOP Jobs Plan Vs. Obama's.

Obama: Pelosi “One of the Best Speakers of the House” and “Will Be…Again in 2013″ 

President Obama put on his game face Saturday night when he praised former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and told the audience that she will be back in her old job come January 2013.

Obama was speaking at the National Italian American Foundation gala and was introduced by Pelosi, at which time he showered his praise on the former Speaker.

“I am biased, but I think Nancy was one of the best Speakers of the House this country ever had.” “She was no doubt the best Italian American Speaker of the House we ever had. And I believe that she will be the best Speaker of the House again in 2013.”

Media-hyped global warming “skeptic” was no such thing - Gay Patriot

Question: “Do you think it's right that Boeing has to close down that plant in South Carolina because it's non-union?”  Nancy Pelosi: “Yes. I don't think they close it down. I would hope they would make it union.”

To win re-election, Barack Obama needs to win over three important voting groups …

Obama isn’t the first president to run for re-election by railing against “the Republican Congress.”

Would you consider the Obama administration free of scandal?  This columnist does …

Occupy Denver to Police: "Revolution is Inevitable. You're Asking For A Military Defeat, You Fucking Pigs"  - Ace of Spades

New FBI Report Says Gangs Using Rap Groups To Launder Money, Recruit Members. 


The latest liberal campaign to discredit the most conservative Supreme Court justice... 
The Supreme Court could decide how it will handle the health care reform lawsuits as early as November 10. Supporters of the law are busy filing amicus briefs, making legal arguments -- and trying to disqualify justices likely to find President Obama's signature legislation unconstitutional.

Liberals have disliked the idea of Clarence Thomas voting on the Supreme Court for 20 years now. The current drumbeat began in February when 73 House Democrats demanded the justice recuse himself from any case involving the health care law because of his wife's work as a lobbyist and conservative activist. The ringleader of this effort was that ethical giant, then Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

"As members of Congress, we were surprised by recent revelations of your financial ties to leading organizations dedicated to lobbying against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," the Democrats wrote in a letter. "We write today to respectfully ask that you maintain the integrity of this court and recuse yourself from any deliberations on the constitutionality of this act."

Evidently untroubled by Justice Elena Kagan's work as solicitor general for the Obama administration, Weiner's warriors continued, "Given these facts, there is a strong conflict between the Thomas household's financial gain through your spouse's activities and your role as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court."

Weiner is gone, but apparently not forgotten. This fall a group of 20 House Democrats excoriated Thomas for filing disclosure forms that failed to mention his wife's tenure as a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Wags might be tempted to joke that this could actually bias Thomas in favor of the individual mandate, but the Democrats weren't in a joking mood.

Herman Cain: True or not... "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Cain denies sexual-harassment claims - From Hot Air
There are many headlines that strike fear in the hearts of presidential campaigns — and this one from Politico is probably right near the worst of them.  Last night, they ran a story that the National Restaurant Association had to settle two sexual-harassment claims against Herman Cain when he chaired the trade group in the 1990s:
During Herman Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain, ultimately leaving their jobs at the trade group, multiple sources confirm to POLITICO.
The women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the restaurant group that gave them financial payouts to leave the association. The agreements also included language that bars the women from talking about their departures.
Cain got challenged to respond to this earlier in the day, which led to an uncomfortable moment:
Cain said he has “had thousands of people working for me” at different businesses over the years and could not comment “until I see some facts or some concrete evidence.” His campaign staff was given the name of one woman who complained last week, and it was repeated to Cain on Sunday. He responded, “I am not going to comment on that.”
He was then asked, “Have you ever been accused, sir, in your life of harassment by a woman?”
He breathed audibly, glared at the reporter and stayed silent for several seconds. After the question was repeated three times, he responded by asking the reporter, “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?”
By late evening, the Cain campaign had a more polished response in denying that Cain had ever engaged in sexual harassment, without denying the existence of the settlements...

Ok perfect example of how as I check out my first reads of the morning I see this and feel compelled to say what few will say. Folks let’s get real here, every man I have ever known has engaged in sexually suggestive behavior with a woman at some point. This obviously is Cain’s “fuck a nigga up” moment. The liberals on the left side of the aisle obviously think it is time to engage in what Clarence Thomas coined as a high tech lynching.

This clearly tells me that Herman Cain has arrived as a serious challenger and candidate for president. If Cain had no traction, no juice to make a serious run for the White House nobody would care who dude hit on.

Men are pigs pure and simple… Look I went to an event in Washington D.C recently with a number of very prominent individuals and a number of past political icons present. One of these men in front of everyone “goosed” one of the women who were hosting the event and everyone thought this was cute because this dude was an old fart never mind this individual was a high ranking highly regarded politician. I witnessed a number of men at this event just go out of their way to get all up on a number of women at this event. Bunch of old high power white men who obviously see women as nothing more the tree ornaments.

I’m certain that if I were to attempt to run for high office a few women from my past could tell some pretty messy stories about me stories that yes were indeed true and certainly nothing I was proud of. Even my recent ex could tell stories of behavior that would not put me in the best light. Look I’m exceedingly flawed and have been for a long time I should have taken some well-placed advice and dealt with some of my poor behavior and mental health issues long ago. But you know thing is most of us are fucked up to varying degrees. We all have mental demons that we battle each and every day and we go through life believing we are the only ones suffering from these demons. These demons cause up to behave in ways seeming unimaginable to us when we are thinking clearly and rationally.

Now what the hell does this have to do with Herman Cain, nothing and everything. I have been paying attention to politics for a long time and yes I was one of those who would demonize someone solely based on their personal flaws and frankly I simply don’t do that anymore. If I am going to reject someone personally it will be because of their core ideology and what decisions I think they will make while in office.

Now certainly do we want our political leaders to be child molesters, callous womanizing conniving monsters with no soul or moral conscious… of course not. But this is the one thing I find offensive about liberals. Many on the left side of the ideological scale have engaged in questionable behaviors particularly against women and children and you rarely see the outrage against their own as you do when someone who has a R after their name engage in the same behavior unfounded or not.

What is even more offensive to me is Herman Cain a black man will no doubt go through the most vicious attacks imaginable because white liberals clearly see him as a threat. Any black man willing to show a mindset and conviction that is contrary to the slave mentality mindset of the Democratic left is a huge threat and will be dealt with accordingly. This is why those of us conservative blacks have never feared the white supremacist, skinhead racist redneck type because we know where they stand and they are honest about who and what they are. White liberals are far more dangerous and even seemingly like-minded black are equally as dangerous. I’m far more likely to be mugged by or shot and killed by a black man than I am some white skinhead.

Black folks who have the wrong skin shade are likely to be dissed by other light skinned black folks. Society is filled with exceedingly flawed individuals with a number of skeletons hiding in various closets. Bill Clinton was a man with all sorts of personal failings but was a decent president and has done a lot of good since leaving office.

We all could put together a laundry list of political leaders and business leaders who may have been complete bastards but who have transformed society, created jobs and wealth for lots of people. I recently watched a 60 Minutes segment on Steve Jobs and by watching that is some of the stuff I read about him he was a complete asshole and by many accounts a fucked up dude, but he left his mark on society and changed many lives and again made a lot of people wealthy.

The question we all must ask ourselves is… Is Herman Cain good for the country, will his ideas and political philosophy be good for the nation? If Herman Cain was a bastard to women then this should have come out while he was CEO of a major corporation. But I seriously doubt that any man who would ever run for the presidency is free from fundamental flaws with their personality and is not guilty of eyeballing a few women in his lifetime. I’m sure at some point when a woman runs for president we just may hear about her infidelity at some point.

"let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

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Meet The Bunkers

Paul Ryan's Heritage Foundation Speech

We're here today to explore the American Idea, and I can't think of a better venue for this topic. The mission of the Heritage Foundation is to promote the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
These are the principles that define the American Idea. And this mission has never been timelier, because these principles are very much under threat from policies here in Washington.
The American Idea belongs to all of us – inherited from our nation's Founders, preserved by the countless sacrifices of our veterans, and advanced by visionary leaders, past and present.
What makes America exceptional – what gives life to the American Idea – is our dedication to the self-evident truth that we are all created equal, giving us equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And that means opportunity.
The perfection of our union, especially our commitment to equality of opportunity, has been a story of constant striving to live up to our Founding principles. This is what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said, "In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free – honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve."
This commitment to liberty and equality is something we take for granted during times of prosperity, when a growing economic pie gives all Americans the opportunity to pursue their dreams, to provide brighter futures for their kids, or maybe just to meet their families' needs.
These are tough times. We know all too well that too many Americans are hurting today. And these hardships have reopened our longstanding national debate over what it means to be an exceptional nation. Have those periods of unprecedented prosperity in America's past been the product of our Founding principles?
Or, as some would argue, have we made it this far only in spite of our outdated values? Are we still an exceptional nation? Should we even seek to be unique? Or should we become more like the rest of the world – more bureaucratic, less hopeful, and less free?
The American Idea is not tried in times of prosperity. Instead, it is tested when times are tough: when the pie is shrinking, when businesses are closing, and when workers are losing their jobs.
Those are the times when America's commitment to equality of opportunity is called into question. That's when the temptation to exploit fear and envy returns – when many in Washington use the politics of division to evade responsibility for their failures and to advance their own narrow political interests.
To my great disappointment, it appears that the politics of division are making a big comeback. Many Americans share my disappointment – especially those who were filled with great hope a few years ago, when then-Senator Obama announced his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois.
Do you remember what he said? He said that what's stopped us from meeting our nation's greatest challenges is "the failure of leadership, the smallness of our politics – the ease with which we're distracted by the petty and trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions, our preference for scoring cheap political points instead of rolling up our sleeves and building a working consensus to tackle big problems."
I couldn't agree more.
And yet, nearly three years into his presidency, look at where we are now:
Petty and trivial? Just last week, the President told a crowd in North Carolina that Republicans are in favor of "dirtier air, dirtier water, and less people with health insurance." Can you think of a pettier way to describe sincere disagreements between the two parties on regulation and health care?
Chronic avoidance of tough decisions? The President still has not put forward a credible plan to tackle the threat of ever-rising spending and debt, and it's been over 900 days since his party passed a budget in the Senate.
A preference for scoring cheap political points instead of consensus-building? This is the same President who is currently campaigning against a do-nothing Congress, when in fact, the House of Representatives has passed over a dozen bills to help get the economy moving and deal with the debt, only to see the President's party kill those bills in the do-nothing Senate.
Look, we put our cards on the table. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives advanced a far-reaching plan filled with common-sense reforms aimed at putting the budget on the path to balance and the economy on the path to prosperity.
But instead of working together where we agree, the President has opted for divisive rhetoric and the broken politics of the past. He is going from town to town, impugning the motives of Republicans, setting up straw men and scapegoats, and engaging in intellectually lazy arguments, as he tries to build support for punitive tax hikes on job creators.
The tax increases proposed by Senate Democrats and endorsed by the President – when combined with the new taxes in the health-care law, and the President's other tax preferences – would push the top federal tax rate to roughly 50 percent in just 14 months, while doing nothing to promote job creation.
This tax increase on so-called "millionaires and billionaires" would actually constitute a huge tax hike on the nation's most successful small businesses. According to the Tax Foundation, the surtax would hit roughly 35 percent of small-business income.
As P.J. O'Rourke put it, "The good news is that, according to the Obama administration, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that, according to the Obama administration, you're rich."
Actually, the news is even worse. As a practical matter, when you try to chase ever-higher spending with ever-higher tax increases, you eventually run into a brick wall of math.
The President has been talking a lot about math lately. He's been saying that "If we're not willing to ask those who've done extraordinarily well to help America close the deficit… the math says… we've got to put the entire burden on the middle class and the poor."
This is really a stunning assertion from the President. When you look at the actual math, you quickly realize that the way out of this mess is to combine economic growth with reasonable, responsible spending restraint. Yet neither of these things factors into the President's zero-sum logic.
According to the President's logic, we should give up on trying to reform our tax code to grow the economy and get more revenue that way. Instead, these goals are taking a backseat to the President's misguided understanding of fairness.
Remember that 2008 debate, when ABC's Charlie Gibson pointed out that raising the capital gains tax rate actually tends to drive revenues down?
Obama replied: "Well, Charlie, what I've said is that I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness." That's the kind of logic we are unfortunately seeing today.
Also according to the President's logic, spending restraint is incompatible with a strong, well-functioning safety net. The belief that recipients of government aid are better off the more we spend on them is remarkably persistent. No matter how many times this central tenet of liberalism gets debunked, like Brett Favre, it just keeps coming back.
The President has wrongly framed Republican efforts to get government spending under control as hard-hearted attacks on the poor. In reality, spending on programs for seniors and for lower-income families continues to grow every year under the House-passed budget – it just grows at a sustainable rate. We direct tax dollars where they're needed most, and stop spending money we don't have on boondoggles we don't need.
The President's political math is a muddled mix of false accusations and false choices. The actual math is apolitical, and it's clear: By the time my kids are my age, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projects that the size of government will be double what it is today.
Government health care programs alone will have grown to consume 45 percent of federal spending. The primary driver of this increase is runaway inflation in health care costs, which are rising at 2 to 3 times the rate of GDP.
It's impossible to keep funding health care expenditures at this rate. Even President Obama has said, "If you look at the numbers, Medicare in particular will run out of money, and we will not be able to sustain that program no matter how much taxes go up."
So the real debate is about how best to control these unsustainable costs. And if I could sum up that disagreement in a couple of sentences, I would say this: Our plan is to empower patients. Their plan is to empower bureaucrats.
The Republican plan gives individuals the power to put market pressure on providers and make them compete.
The President's plan is to give 15 unelected bureaucrats in Washington the power to cut Medicare in ways that, according to Medicare's own chief actuary, would simply drive providers out of business. This would result in harsh disruptions and denied care for seniors.
Pain like this simply can't be sustained. So when it comes to out-of-control spending on entitlements, the President's math simply doesn't add up.
And his math is no better on the tax side. Let's say we took all the income from those the President calls "rich" – those making $250,000 or more. A 100 percent tax rate on their total annual income would only fund the government for six months. Just six months!
What about some of the other tax hikes the President likes to talk about? Under the President's policies, deficits are set to rise by a whopping $9.5 trillion over the next 10 years.
Letting the top two tax rates expire would equal roughly 8 percent of that planned deficit increase.
Eliminating tax subsidies for oil and gas companies would only equal 0.5 percent of the President's planned deficits.
And what about corporate jet owners? That provision would reduce those deficits by just 0.03 percent.
Look, I'm all for closing tax loopholes – but you can't close our nation's deficits by chasing ever-higher spending with politically motivated tax hikes here and there. Instead, tax reform must broaden the base and lower rates.
This policy approach, which has attracted strong bipartisan support, would bolster our fiscal health by increasing competitiveness and encouraging more investment and job creation.
Lately, the President has been fond of taking Ronald Reagan quotes out of context, in an effort to persuade Republicans that Reagan would have agreed with the idea of using fear and envy to push a partisan agenda of permanently higher taxes.
Every time he does this, I can picture Reagan shaking his head: "There you go again."
Obama quotes Reagan as saying that bus drivers shouldn't pay a higher effective tax rate than millionaires. Well, that's a no-brainer. Nobody disagrees with that.
But it is simply disingenuous to use this quote as evidence that Reagan would have supported the tax increases that Obama wants Congress to pass.
Reagan was attempting to build support for the landmark 1986 tax reform, a revenue-neutral law that reformed the tax code by lowering tax rates while broadening the tax base.
Reagan's point – which President Obama clearly missed – was not that we should raise tax rates to chase out-of-control spending in Washington.
His point was that we should get rid of loopholes that are exploited by the few, so that we could lower everyone's tax rates and help the economy grow.
The House-passed budget includes this kind of tax reform, which many agree would provide an immediate boost to the economy. Our budget proposed getting rid of scores of loopholes, lowering the hurdles for job creation and economic growth, and making our tax code fair, simple, and competitive.
In his address to Congress last month, the President said he agrees in principle with this kind of reform, especially when it comes to the uncompetitive way we tax our businesses.
This made Republicans think, well, we might have an opportunity here for the kind of genuine consensus-building that the President talked about as a candidate.
Yet he chose not to pursue this kind of tax reform. Instead, he sent us a partisan bill filled with the same stimulus proposals that failed two years ago, only this time he also asked for permanent tax hikes to go with them.
He's also failed to work with us on another area where one would think we could find common ground: ending the lavish subsidies and government benefits that go to those who are already successful.
The House-passed budget was full of proposals to get rid of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.
Why are tax dollars being wasted on bankrupt, politically-connected solar energy firms?
Why is Washington wasting your money on entrenched agribusiness?
Why have we extended an endless supply of taxpayer credit to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, instead of demanding that their government guarantee be wound down and their taxpayer subsidies ended?
Rather than raising taxes and making it more difficult for Americans to become wealthy, let's lower the amount of government spending the wealthy now receive.
The President likes to use Warren Buffett and his secretary as an example of why we should raise taxes on the rich.
Well, Warren Buffett gets the same health and retirement benefits from the government as his secretary.
But our proposals to modestly income-adjust Social Security and Medicare benefits have been met with sheer demagoguery by leading members of the President's party.
The politics of division have always struck me as odd: the eagerness to take more, combined with the refusal to subsidize less.
Instead of working with us on these common-sense reforms, the President is barnstorming swing states, pushing a divisive message that pits one group of Americans against another on the basis of class.
This just won't work in America. Class is not a fixed designation in this country. We are an upwardly mobile society with a lot of movement between income groups.
The Treasury Department's latest study on income mobility in America found that during the ten-year period starting in 1996, roughly half of the taxpayers who started in the bottom 20 percent had moved up to a higher income group by 2005.
Meanwhile, half of all taxpayers ended up in a different income group at the end of ten years. Many moved up, and some moved down, but economic growth resulted in rising incomes for most people over this period.
Another recent survey of over 500 successful entrepreneurs found that 93 percent came from middle-class or lower-class backgrounds. The majority were the first in their families to launch a business.
Their stories are the American story: Millions of immigrants fled from the closed societies of the Old World to the security of equal rights in this land of upward mobility.
Telling Americans they are stuck in their current station in life, that they are victims of circumstances beyond their control, and that government's role is to help them cope with it – well, that's not who we are. That's not what we do.
Our Founding Fathers rejected this mentality. In societies marked by class structure, an elite class made up of rich and powerful patrons supplies the needs of a large client underclass that toils, but cannot own. The unfairness of closed societies is the kindling for class warfare, where the interests of "capital" and "labor" are perpetually in conflict. What one class wins, the other loses.
The legacy of this tradition can still be seen in Europe today: Top-heavy welfare states have replaced the traditional aristocracies, and masses of the long-term unemployed are locked into the new lower class.
The United States was destined to break out of this bleak history. Our future would not be staked on traditional class structures, but on civic solidarity. Gone would be the struggle of class against class.
Instead, Americans would work, compete, and co-operate in an open market, climb the ladder of opportunity, and keep the fruits of their efforts.
Self-government and the rule of law would secure our equal, God-given rights. Our political and economic systems – rooted in freedom and responsibility – would reward, and thus cultivate, traditional virtues.
Given that the President's policies have moved us closer to the European model, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that his class-based rhetoric has followed suit.
We shouldn't be surprised... but we have every right to be disappointed. Instead of appealing to the hope and optimism that were hallmarks of his first campaign, he has launched his second campaign by preying on the emotions of fear, envy, and resentment.
This has the potential to be just as damaging as his misguided policies. Sowing social unrest and class resentment makes America weaker, not stronger. Pitting one group against another only distracts us from the true sources of inequity in this country – corporate welfare that enriches the powerful, and empty promises that betray the powerless.
Ironically, equality of outcome is a form of inequality – one that is based on political influence and bureaucratic favoritism.
That's the real class warfare that threatens us: A class of bureaucrats and connected crony capitalists trying to rise above the rest of us, call the shots, rig the rules, and preserve their place atop society. And their gains will come at the expense of working Americans, entrepreneurs, and that small businesswoman who has the gall to take on the corporate chieftain.
It's disappointing that this President's actions have exacerbated this form of class warfare in so many ways:
While the EPA is busy punishing commercially competitive sources of energy, a class of bureaucrats at the Department of Energy has been acting like the world's worst venture capital fund, spending recklessly on politically favored alternatives.
While the unemployment rate remains stuck above 9 percent, a class of bureaucrats at the National Labor Relations Board is threatening hundreds of jobs by suing an American employer for politically motivated reasons.
And while millions of Americans are left wondering whether their employers will drop their health insurance because of the new health care law, a class of bureaucrats at HHS has handed out over 1,400 waivers to those firms and unions with the political connections to lobby for them.
These actions starkly highlight the difference between the two parties that lies at the heart of the matter: Whether we are a nation that still believes in equality of opportunity, or whether we are moving away from that, and towards an insistence on equality of outcome.
If you believe in the former, you follow the American Idea that justice is done when we level the playing field at the starting line, and rewards are proportionate to merit and effort.
If you believe in the latter kind of equality, you think most differences in wealth and rewards are matters of luck or exploitation, and that few really deserve what they have.
That's the moral basis of class warfare – a false morality that confuses fairness with redistribution, and promotes class envy instead of social mobility.
I'd like to introduce President Obama to the Ronald Reagan he isn't so eager to quote – the man who said, "Since when do we in America believe that our society is made up of two diametrically opposed classes – one rich, one poor – both in a permanent state of conflict and neither able to get ahead except at the expense of the other? Since when do we in America accept this alien and discredited theory of social and class warfare? Since when do we in America endorse the politics of envy and division?"
President Reagan was absolutely right. Instead of policies that make it harder for Americans to rise, let's lower the hurdles to upward mobility.
That's what the American Idea is all about. You know, in the midst of all the joys and sorrows of our everyday lives, I think we sometimes forget why America was considered such an exceptional nation at its Founding, and why it remains so.
To me, the results of the Founders' exceptional vision can be summed up in a single sentence: Throughout human history, the American Idea has done more to help the poor than any other economic system ever designed.
Americans, guided by our ideals, have sacrificed everything to combat tyranny and brutal dictators; we've expanded opportunity, opened markets, and inspired others to resist oppression; we've exported innovation and imagination; and we've welcomed immigrants seeking a fresh start.
Here in America – unlike most places on earth – all citizens have the right to rise.

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Some Pics to Share

The Incredible Shrinking Messiah - Bill Clinton’s Decade of Autofellatio - Obama wants to run against Romney so Obamacare will be off the table - Uncle Joe can’t stand the heat - The REAL Congressional Black Caucus

 The Incredible Shrinking Messiah - Taki's Magazine

by Kevin Jackson 
From Bono the rock star to Bozo the clown, Obama is polling lower than the teats on a pregnant weenie dog. Obama has been relegated to speaking at high schools and fire stations.
His recent bus tour arrived at the first stop in the formerly red-turned-blue state of North Carolina, where Obama was greeted by nearly 200 adoring fans. Michelle travels with a larger entourage than this.
Subtract the “undisclosed number” of Secret Service agents, plainclothes operatives, various man-servants, then add in local law enforcement, paid union members, and Central Casting extras, and you get about 12 people who actually caught Obama’s act at any given location on the tour. Why didn’t he just Skype the tour from his CrackBerry?

What happened to the sold-out venues, the fawning “Obama Girls,” and other regressive Utopians who felt that Obama would make heaven of Earth? The gilded crowd is vacationing in St. Mortiz, while others take “staycations” to dig their 2012 sub-Utopian rat holes.

Most conservatives knew that Obama’s fall was coming, and I feel a sense of déjà vu telling you what I reported a few months back, that Obama’s crowds have been shrinking like post-lactation breasts.


Bill Clinton’s Decade of Autofellatio - Taki's Magazine

by Jim Goad 
Saturday night I watched Bill Clinton give himself a blowjob for four hours, and it wasn’t pretty.
From roughly 10:13PM to 2:05AM Eastern Standard Time, I passively and resentfully endured a shamelessly self-congratulatory spectacle dubbed “A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation” livestreamed on my computer. By the end, I knew that if Bill Clinton truly understood anything about being charitable, this concert would not have lasted more than ten minutes.


Limbaugh: Obama wants to run against Romney so Obamacare will be off the table - Hot Air
Romney supporters often urge primary voters to see Mitt Romney through the general electability lens, to note his polish, single-mindedness and at-least-to-the-right-of-Obama policy positions. But, in the end, Romney might not even have the corner on electability, as Limbaugh reminded listeners recently.
In response to a caller’s question about why he felt the media was not really attacking Republican contender Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh said that he felt that the White House and its media allies want Obama to run against Romney, “the architect of Obamacare.”
“I think the White House wants to run against Romney. There is part of me that thinks that, then there’s another part of me that’s not sure about it,” Limbaugh said.
“But, I know that the White House is eager to run against Romney the way he’s running around defending Romneycare.”
To lose the issue of Obamacare in the general election would definitely be damaging. It’s what drew the Tea Party into politics in the first place — and it continues to be a drag on job creation at a time when jobs are the No. 1 issue on everyone’s minds. To be able to hammer home the many unintended — and often harmful — effects of the PPACA will presumably be an asset for the GOP nominee. But, of all the Republican candidates, Romney is the least likely to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the unpopularity of Obama’s signature health care legislation.


Uncle Joe can’t stand the heat - Michelle Malkin

Joe Biden: Beltway Bubble Boy
Last fall, before the midterm shellacking, Vice President Joe Biden admonished rank-and-file Democratic voters to “stop whining.” Uncle Tough Guy should practice what he screeches. The 2012 campaign has barely begun, but Biden’s thin skin makes a spring roll wrapper look impenetrable.

Biden’s office is now calling for an official investigation of a young editor who dared to question His Highness. Jason Mattera of the conservative-leaning Human Events magazine confronted the veep last week on his hysterical claims that rape and murder would increase if Congress didn’t ram through the half-trillion-dollar White House jobs bill. The testy exchange between the audacious journalist and the temper-challenged Beltway pol took place in a Senate hallway:
Mattera: Do you regret using a rape reference to describe Republican opposition to the president’s bill?

Biden: I didn’t use it. No, no, no, what I said, let’s get it straight, guys. Don’t screw around with me. Let’s get it straight. Listen to me. I said rape was up, three times, in Flint (Michigan). They’re the numbers, go look at the numbers. Murder’s up, rape is up, burglary’s up, that’s exactly what I said.

Mattera: And if Republicans don’t pass this bill, then rape will continue to rise?

Biden: Murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise.

Never mind that the statistics in Flint actually show no correlation between crime rates and the number of police officers in the city. It’s never about the facts. It’s about the shameless demonization of Biden’s and Obama’s political opponents — and those in the press who would dare question their doom-and-gloom narratives.

Why I Don't Believe The CBS/NYT Poll on Occupy Wall Street - American Spectator Blog

By Aaron Goldstein 
Yesterday, a CBS News/New York Times poll was released which showed that 43% of Americans agreed with the aims and objectives of Occupy Wall Street.


As soon as I saw the headline, I knew that there had to be an overrepresentation of Democrats and Democratic leaning voters in the survey and sure enough my hunch was correct. Of those surveyed, 35% identified themselves as Democats while only 25% identified themselves as Republicans. When asked about their voting behavior, 37% of respondents indicated they always or usually voted for Democrats as opposed to 27% of respondents who always or usually voted for Republicans.

It is also worth noting that in the 2008 election, Barack Obama defeated John McCain by a margin of just over 7% (52.9% to 45.7%) whereas in this poll the margin between Obama and McCain was nearly twice as much at 13% (40% to 27%).

Of course, there is a chunk of the American electorate which is broadly sympathetic to the Occupy movement. While many Americans do not hold the federal government in high esteem there's no way in hell that 43% of Americans think the federal government is no better than al Qaeda. If that were the case then God help us all.
The REAL Congressional Black Caucus 

Farrakhan: Nation of Islam mourns assassination of Muammar Gadhafi says "western powers will soon face severe consequences" - Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich - Libtard meltdown on Wall Street - Race and redistricting: Unholy alliance starting to fray - “the Republican party is like some of the banks down South. They refuse to give a black man credit.”

 Farrakhan: Nation of Islam mourns assassination of Muammar Gadhafi.
CHICAGO ( - In his first major national interview since the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat with prominent radio personality Cliff Kelley in studio at WVON 1690AM. Minister Farrakhan entered the studio with an extremely serious look on his face and was very focused as Mr. Kelley asked him the how he was feeling. “I feel like I have lost a very, very important member of my own family. I can't take the assassination of Muammar Gadhafi lightly, as I could not take the assassination of my brother, or my mother, or my wife or my children lightly. That's the kind of relationship that we had and that we have,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I come to say to the world that the Nation of Islam mourns the loss of a great brother leader, the Lion of the Desert, the Lion of Africa, and those who rejoice at his death, your laughter will turn to tears and your joy will turn to sorrow and great pain because of what the Western world and those collaborators will lose as a result of his betrayal and his ultimate assassination.”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan condemns killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi - Chicago Tribune
Controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan condemned the killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Tuesday, warning that America and other Western powers will soon face severe consequences for their support of the uprising that led to the dictator's death.

U.S. Policy, Gadhafi and Libya - Final Call - Louis Farrakhan
How dare you, America, act like you're against dictators? When did America not love dictators? American people, I'm talking to you! We have researched the record of all the coups that have taken place since the 1950s to 1984: Your government is not clean! These are gangsters--but they wear suits; and they rob weak nations, and bring down strong ones!
Oooo some of my racist readers will love this article…

Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich
( - The foundation of American White supremacy sits tenuously on a rickety base of lies and deceptions about how Whites gained their wealth and status. A century and a half after slavery the median wealth of White families is $100,000; for Black families, it's $5,000. The belief that Whites achieved this 20-1 wealth advantage by HARD WORK is an absurd and a historical fantasy. Nonetheless, the airwaves are filled with the self-righteous pronouncements of Caucasian commentators anxious to “advise” Blacks to “work hard” and to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” if they want to succeed in America. Not only do they seek to invent a fraudulent fairy tale that whitewashes a very bloody legacy, but they also aim to reaffirm the notion that “non-Whites” are naturally inferior and lazy and are thus responsible for having comparatively nothing. The truth is a whole lot nastier than that. The group that has always posed as the “best friends of Black people” is most fond of making this argument, yet the Jews are guilty of the worst abuses of the slavery and Jim Crow systems of White empowerment.

By Neal Boortz
By now you’ve seen the rant from Conan the Occupier in New York City. His name is Edward T. Hall III, and he’s a grad student at Columbia in NYC. If you have trouble understanding this useful idiot as he cries and screams, let me help you with a partial translation.

The theme: He doesn’t seem to like rich people. He’s referring to the people in the business high-rises surrounding Zuccotti Park …

“Fuck these people up there. Fuck these Assholes and their fucking yachts. They aren’t (unintelligible) and they are not in our fucking country. They are not American. Get them the fuck out of here. Get them the fuck out of here ‘cause this is ours. This is liberty plaza.”

Now bear in mind that through this entire rant this kid is crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Also bear in mind that this kid is a trust fund baby. He has wealthy parents and has neither had, nor will he have for some time to come the necessity of working to sustain himself. He’s a professional student … now with some actual teaching responsibilities at Columbia.

Miami Herald: Congressional Black Caucus targets state voter laws as hostile.


Race and redistricting: Unholy alliance starting to fray - The Washington Post
Since the 1990s, black Democrats and Republicans have been in an “unholy alliance” when it comes to redistricting. While it still holds in some cases, that alliance may be ending as ma­nipu­la­tion of majority-minority districts threatens Democrats chances of retaking the House majority. As African-Americans overwhelmingly vote Democratic, Republicans want to cram the Democratic vote into as few House districts as possible. There are two ways to dilute that influence in the redistricting wars: “cracking,” or spreading black voters out across multiple House districts, and “packing,” or putting as many black voters as possible into the fewest number of districts. Cracking the minority vote can easily run afoul of the Voting Rights Act’s 1982 amendment, which mandates that minority voters be able to choose their representatives. Packing, on the other hand, gives black politicians a better chance at getting elected, while diluting black voters’ influence on other districts. While egregious packing can be challenged in court, it is harder to fight. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Republicans developed an “unholy alliance” strategy to exploit this system.

Chicago Sun-Times: House Ethics Committee resumes probe of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

The top concern for small business owners is … complying with government regulations.

Bill Press says that “the Republican party is like some of the banks down South. They refuse to give a black man credit.”

Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn explains, "The policies of this administration have destroyed the living standard of the working class in America.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Generation 'Why?' - Alinsky to Obama to Occupiers - One day of teaching nets IL union lobbyists $100k-per-year state pensions - Only 1 Percent of Democrats Say Creating ‘Green Jobs’ is Answer to Unemployment -More than two-thirds of voters say the United States is declining - Can the youth vote be bought for a trillion dollars in the form of student loan forgiveness? - Idiot Negro Actor Orlando Jones: American Liberals Need to Kill Sarah Palin

Generation 'Why?'
Why is Generation Y blaming capitalism and not Obama government for its misery?
Young people are turning out in droves for Occupy Wall Street -- and its subsidiary protests in cities across the country -- because they're fed up with capitalism. Who they should be fed up with is President Obama.

Sixty-six percent of voters under age 30 supported Obama in the 2008 presidential election. In theory, those votes were based on Obama's promise to restore America to a prosperous nation, though celebrity appeal played a major role, too. Three years later, how's that working for recent college graduates in the Millennial generation?

Not well. First on the list of disappointments is the gulf between Obama's promises and his conduct in office. As a senator, our soon-to-be 44th president voted for the original corporate bailout bill. Then, as chief executive, he crafted and pushed through his own version of stimulus in 2009. It was a colossal failure. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the president has an affinity for picking winners and losers in the private sector.
Next is the hemorrhaging job market. The unemployment rate was 7.6 percent when Obama took office in January 2009. Now it's 9.1 percent. Employment statistics are far worse for Generation Y. Many college graduates can't -- or won't -- find a job.

Alinsky to Obama to Occupiers - The American Spectator

A president in his element.
Civil unrest is President Barack Obama's crutch, his comfort zone, and his trump card. That's why he has encouraged the "Occupy Wall Street" protest and its progeny across the country, despite significant political dangers to him for doing so. Closer looks at Obama's career roots and at the protesters' behaviors help explain both why the protests are worrisome developments and why the president actually likes them.
First, it helps to understand just how radical most of these protesters are -- and just how obscene. Clearly, they are mostly socialist or communist in orientation. And reports are rampant about the lewdness, vileness, and illegality that has marked the Wall Street "occupation" zone, including plenteous drugs, public nudity and sex, and defecation on police cars. A lot of this isn't free speech; it's open law-breaking.
Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas

Hope and change: More than two-thirds of voters say the United States is declining, and a clear majority think the next generation will be worse off than this one.

 If Barack Obama were a legal document, he'd be a sub-prime home loan.

 A group of tea-party activists in Texas will host a “modified Lincoln–Douglas debate” between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich next month.

Steven Spinner, a former Energy Department official with ties to the failed solar company Solyndra, continues to raise money for Obama and help organize events.

 Americans have a message for the Founding Fathers: Let's pick presidents by popular vote.  A new Gallup Poll shows a strong majority of Americans favor getting rid of the Electoral College.

If you think infrastructure projects will fix this economy, you may want to read this.

 Here’s something to consider … is ObamaCare meant to be fiscally irresponsible?

 Also on ObamaCare, is the individual mandate officially considered a tax?

 Rhode Island is looking more and more like Greece, and not in a good way …

 The chief executives at some of Illinois' largest companies think economic conditions are better in neighboring states.  Why?  Because Illinois raised income taxes by 67%!

Romney: It’s my successor’s fault if illegal immigrants benefited from Romneycare

Can the youth vote be bought for a trillion dollars in the form of student loan forgiveness?

One day of teaching nets IL union lobbyists $100k-per-year state pensions - Hot Air
Two lobbyists with no prior teaching experience were allowed to count their years as union employees toward a state teacher pension once they served a single day of subbing in 2007, a Tribune/WGN-TV investigation has found.
Steven Preckwinkle, the political director for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, and fellow union lobbyist David Piccioli were the only people who took advantage of a small window opened by lawmakers a few months earlier.
The legislation enabled union officials to get into the state teachers pension fund and count their previous years as union employees after quickly obtaining teaching certificates and working in a classroom. They just had to do it before the bill was signed into law.

 Gallup: Only 1 Percent of Democrats Say Creating ‘Green Jobs’ is Answer to Unemployment
( - Even among self-identified Democrats enthusiasm for the government to create “green jobs” is very hard to find these days, says a Gallup poll released Friday.
Creating “green jobs” has been a top item on President Barack Obama’s jobs-growth agenda.
Gallup asked more than 1,000 American adults this open-ended question: “In your opinion, what would be the best way to create more jobs in the United States?”

The most popular two answers among Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents were “create more infrastructure work” which was cited by 21 percent, and “keep manufacturing jobs here/stop spending overseas” which was cited by 18 percent.

The most popular two answers among Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents were “keep manufacturing jobs here/stop spending overseas,” which was cited by 21 percent, and “reduce gov’t regulation/involvement,” which was cited by 20 percent.
Idiot Negro...
 Actor Orlando Jones: American Liberals Need to Kill Sarah Palin

Obama Approval Rating Reaches New Low

  The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military


Dumbest Campaign Commercial Ever - Herman Cain video showing adviser Mark Block smoking draws buzz

Herman Cain video showing adviser Mark Block smoking draws buzz
Meet Mark Block, Herman Cain's top adviser and the newest YouTube star of the 2012 presidential campaign. Block is the star of the video below, which was posted to Cain's account, and shows the former Wisconsin political operative reflecting on the campaign and puffing on a cigarette. It ends with a shot of Cain giving a sidelong smile to the camera as the song "I Am America" plays. Continue Reading “We’ve run a campaign like nobody’s ever seen," Block says in the video. "But then, America’s never seen a candidate like Herman Cain.”
Wow before I can get settled I see the headlines about this retarded ad put out by the Cain Campaign. This idiot bastard touting Herman Cain talking about taking America back and ends the commercial puffing on a cigarette. This has got to be some kind of bad joke. What retarded bastard thought that by putting this cigarette puffing redneck on a campaign commercial was a god idea? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shocking! 25 Percent Of African Americans Don’t Have Voting ID, Video Of Toddler Being Hit By Van And Ignored Sparks Outrage, Romney, Romneycare, *free* health care, and illegal immigrants

Shocking! 25 Percent Of African Americans Don’t Have Voting ID - Slate

An elderly black woman in Tennessee can’t vote because she can’t produce her marriage certificate. Threatening letters blanket black neighborhoods warning that creditors and police officers will check would-be voters at the polls, or that elections are taking place on the wrong day. Thirty-eight states have instituted new rules prohibiting same-day registration and early voting on Sundays. All of this is happening as part of an effort to eradicate a problem that is statistically rarer than heavy-metal bands with exploding drummers: vote fraud.
Many commentators have remarked on the unavoidable historical memories these images provoke: They are so clearly reminiscent of the Jim Crow era. So why shouldn’t the proponents of draconian new voting laws have to answer for their ugly history?

Proponents of reforming the voting process seem blind to the fact that all of these seemingly neutral reforms hit poor and minority voters out of all proportion. (The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that while about 12 per­cent of Amer­i­cans don’t have a government-issued photo ID, the figure for African-Americans is closer to 25 percent, and in some Southern states perhaps higher.) The reason minorities are so much harder hit by these seemingly benign laws has its roots in the tragic legacy of race in this country. They still work because that old black man, born into Jim Crow in 1940, may have had no birth certificate because he was not born in a hospital because of poverty or discrimination. Names may have been misspelled on African-American birth certificates because illiterate midwives sometimes gave erroneous names

NYPD cop Michael Daragjati taped making racial slurs about black man; accused of false arrest
A racial epithet-spewing NYPD cop was ordered held without bail Monday on charges of fabricating criminal charges against a black man on Staten Island.
"I fried another n-----," Officer Michael Daragjati crowed last April, according to a transcript of a phone conversation intercepted by the feds. "Another n----- fried, no big deal."
Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Paul Tuchman called Daragjati, who is white, "a blatant racist."
Besides violating the civil rights of the unnamed man, Daragjati also is charged with orchestrating the violent beatdown and extortion of another victim he suspected of stealing a snowplow from his off-duty contracting business.
The racially motivated false arrest came one one month after the FBI was investigating the snowplow scheme and monitoring the cop's private calls, according to the complaint unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court.


'South Park' creators Trey Parker, Matt Stone probed by Scientologists for bad-mouthing church - NY Daily News
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were probed by Scientologists itching for payback after the popular sitcom bad-mouthed the church, a former member said.
An internal church document suggests its members launched a probe into the comedy-writing duo's backgrounds in retaliation for an episode of the animated sitcom that mocked and embarrassed the religion.
Marty Rathbun, once a devoted Scientologist who left the flock in 2004, posted the document on his blog Sunday.
He claims to have more documentation that Parker and Stone were targeted by the church's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) following the airing of the episode "Trapped in the Closet."
Video Of Toddler Being Hit By Van And Ignored Sparks Outrage
BEIJING — A video showing a toddler being struck twice by vans and then ignored by passers-by is sparking outrage in China and prompting soul-searching over why people didn’t help the child. The 2-year-old girl, identified as Wang Yue, is in a coma in critical condition in the Guangzhou Military District General Hospital following Thursday’s accident, state media reported Tuesday. The Guangzhou Daily quoted the hospital’s head of neurosurgery as saying the girl is likely to remain in a vegetative state if she survives. A closed-circuit television video obtained by state media shows the toddler wandering along a narrow market street in the city of Foshan when she is struck by a van. As several people walk or cycle by, the child lies in a pool of blood and is then hit by another van. All told local media count 18 people passing by before a trash collector finally picks up the child and gives her to a woman identified as her mother.

Romney, Romneycare, *free* health care, and illegal immigrants - Red State

Reads via Boortz

Apparently Obama “absolutely” agrees with Joe Biden about his assertions that rapes will increase if we don’t pass the “jobs bill.”

The Economic Disappointment of Generation O.

It appears as though the Obama administration has been caught red-handed trying to cover up evidence in relation to the “green” loans programs that helped finance Solyndra.

By Halloween, US debt will surpass 100% of GDP for the first time since WWII.

Steve Wynn says that “we have an administration that is fanning the fires that this is somehow undeserved profligate millionaires. It is worse than hypocrisy.”

In their attempts to tie Mitt Romney to Wall Street, the Obama administration will have to explain how it has raised far more money from Wall Street than any of the GOP candidates, including Romney.

This entire recent "Class Warfare Tour" has been a bust.

Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he understood a president can't openly wallow in partisan mud and still be effective.

Former Obama administration economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said that if given a second chance he would not have backed the Cash for Clunkers program or the home buyer tax credit.

With a Thanksgiving deadline fast approaching, the supercommittee remains unable to break the impasse over taxes that has long blocked aggressive action to tame the national debt.

1/6th of Education Tax Credits are Fraudulent, Yet Another Reason to End Them

Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested For Dealing Heroin With 6 Year-Old in Tent - Human Events

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farrakhan - "That's a murderer in the White House!" - Do You Remember? Qaddafi: "Barack Obama Is a Muslim" - Romancing the Dictators

Khadafy's Dead! Barry Did It! Media Celebrates! (Calypso Louie Fumes)

BEGIN TRANSCRIPT - Rush Limbaugh Show
RUSH:  Barry did it!  Barry did it again!  He killed another bad guy. Barry did it!  Now, Hillary is over there, and she might want to take credit for pulling the trigger, but Barry did it, folks.  Mubarak gone.  Ali Velshi or whatever of Tunisia gone, Bin Laden gone, Khadafy gone, Barry did it!  The Drive-Bys are having orgasms.  We've never had this competent a foreign policy president ever.  Why, this guy, Barry, has done what eight presidents starting with Nixon couldn't do.  Reagan tried it. Nixon tried it.  Every president since Nixon tried to get rid of Khadafy, but Barry did it.
The Drive-Bys are going batty here, folks, over military action.  Normally they don't like a victorious United States.  Well, they do when a Democrat president's behind it, but, boy, they're just so excited. Barry did it! Barry did it!  It's almost like Barry pulled the trigger.  But, ladies and gentlemen, I want to take you back to this year, May 28th in New York City at the Salem United Methodist Church.  'Cause when I heard today that Khadafy was taken out, I said, "You know, this is not gonna make Calypso Louie happy, and this is not gonna make Reverend Wright happy."  Reverend Wright and Calypso Louie, Minister Farrakhan, loved Khadafy. We know that Farrakhan went over there a number of times.  Didn't Reverend Wright go over there a number of times?  They were close, they were tight, they were bros.  And here is Calypso Louie May 28th of this year in New York City, the Salem United Methodist Church during an American clergy leadership conference event

FARRAKHAN:  America can sit down tyrants, but who will sit her down?  She puts her trust in her weapons of war.  She threatens the nations of the earth and has my brother calling for the assassination of brother Moammar Khadafy.  What has he done?  You've been deceived.  That's a murderer in the White House!  Who will say it?  I will!  Because I have a power behind me that is bringing America to judgment as we speak.  Don't be afraid!  I'm talking.

RUSH:  Does that not sound a lot like Wright, the cadence and the voice, timbre?  That was Farrakhan, but it sounded just like Reverend Wright.  "There's a murderer in the White House!"  We've also got another bite, I've got Cookie trying to track it down.  I just remembered it moments ago, but it's Farrakhan saying to Obama, "Who are you?  Who are you to say."  Listen to this bite again and listen to how much it sounds like Reverend Wright.

FARRAKHAN:  America can sit down tyrants, but who will sit her down?  She puts her trust in her weapons of war.  She threatens the nations of the earth and has my brother calling for the assassination of brother Moammar Khadafy.  What has he done?  You've been deceived.  That's a murderer in the White House!  Who will say it?  I will!  Because I have a power behind me that is bringing America to judgment as we speak.  Don't be afraid!  I'm talking.

VIDEO: Minister Farrakhan: 'That's a Murderer in the White House' - The Root

By: Nsenga Burton | Posted: June 15, 2011

 "We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart, and now he's an assassin. They turned him into them."

He also raises the issue of killing Saddam Hussein over weapons of mass destruction and knowingly sending young men to fight a war based on lies. "You talk about a man killing his own people. When you lie to the American people saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who come to serve their country, and send them to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, over lies, that's a murderer in the White House." Ouch.

Farrakhan is visibly angry at Obama's leadership of America's intervention in the crisis in Libya, particularly his focus on bringing down Muammar Qaddafi. He says that people do not know Qaddafi like he does, and he's a decent man.
 "Barack Obama Is a Muslim" - Qaddafi 
Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi proclaims Barack Obama suffers from an inferiority complex that might make him behave "whiter than white". He goes on to mention that Obama should be proud of his African, Muslim [sic] identity. The Libyan gives his take on the current elections campaign in the United States.


Romancing the Dictators - The Root

For years, a number of black leaders have paid homage to Muammar Qaddafi and other ruthless African heads of state. They should be ashamed.