Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Book on Obama: "This President is the most incompetent and ideologically rigid president in American history"

The Book on Obama - The American Spectator

By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

No reporter has better captured the smallness of this man's modest gifts than Ron Suskind.

WASHINGTON -- Supposedly this White House has just made a furious attempt to sink a book, Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President, by Ron Suskind, which came out September 20. Jay Carney, the White House spinmeister, spoke ill of it. Numerous former White House staffers spoke ill of it. Carney said, "one passage seems to be lifted almost entirely from Wikipedia." Why would a respected writer want to do that? I suspect that the White House is going to be as effective in sinking Suskind as it has been in keeping President Barack Obama's polling numbers lofty.

The book tells us what we Obama critics have all been saying since early on. This President is the most incompetent and ideologically rigid president in American history. For my part I began the refrain in July of 2009 with a comparison to Andrew Johnson, who at least had the excuse that he was drunk most of the time that he was in the White House. I continued it in August of 2010 when I complimented Jimmy Carter by saying he is no longer the worst president of modern times (a compliment that has as yet gone unacknowledged, I might add). And I have continued with monotonous regularity, hazarding the prospect of becoming a bore. Yet I suppose one is never a bore when one calls a Liberal hansdoodle a hansdoodle even when he sits in the White House and has been called all manner of genius by our Liberal elites. Remember when the "historian" Michael Beschloss said Obama's "IQ is off the charts"? There will come a day when Michael explains that he was saying Obama registered "off the charts" at the opposite end of genius.


Anonymous said...

The most divisive president in history? Really? What party first proposed the individual mandate? What party first proposed cap and trade? What party advocates tax cut ) about two thirds of the stimulus was tax cuts and tax relief). If he is diviseve, its only because the republicans are too petty to work with himn. This author needs a history lesson. What a disgusting racist asshole you are!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Anon, are you serious. The funny thing about your comment is that even people who liked Obama and voted for him and cried when he got elected don't believe you and know that Obama is full of shit and needs to be run out of Washington.

Either you are fucking Obama on the side, or you are being paid by him in some way shape or form.
The dude is a fucking disaster event the Democrats are considering asking him not to run. Do you know how screwed up a president you have to be for your own party to consider asking you to step aside. Catch a clue.