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Farrakhan: Nation of Islam mourns assassination of Muammar Gadhafi says "western powers will soon face severe consequences" - Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich - Libtard meltdown on Wall Street - Race and redistricting: Unholy alliance starting to fray - “the Republican party is like some of the banks down South. They refuse to give a black man credit.”

 Farrakhan: Nation of Islam mourns assassination of Muammar Gadhafi.
CHICAGO ( - In his first major national interview since the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat with prominent radio personality Cliff Kelley in studio at WVON 1690AM. Minister Farrakhan entered the studio with an extremely serious look on his face and was very focused as Mr. Kelley asked him the how he was feeling. “I feel like I have lost a very, very important member of my own family. I can't take the assassination of Muammar Gadhafi lightly, as I could not take the assassination of my brother, or my mother, or my wife or my children lightly. That's the kind of relationship that we had and that we have,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I come to say to the world that the Nation of Islam mourns the loss of a great brother leader, the Lion of the Desert, the Lion of Africa, and those who rejoice at his death, your laughter will turn to tears and your joy will turn to sorrow and great pain because of what the Western world and those collaborators will lose as a result of his betrayal and his ultimate assassination.”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan condemns killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi - Chicago Tribune
Controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan condemned the killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Tuesday, warning that America and other Western powers will soon face severe consequences for their support of the uprising that led to the dictator's death.

U.S. Policy, Gadhafi and Libya - Final Call - Louis Farrakhan
How dare you, America, act like you're against dictators? When did America not love dictators? American people, I'm talking to you! We have researched the record of all the coups that have taken place since the 1950s to 1984: Your government is not clean! These are gangsters--but they wear suits; and they rob weak nations, and bring down strong ones!
Oooo some of my racist readers will love this article…

Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich
( - The foundation of American White supremacy sits tenuously on a rickety base of lies and deceptions about how Whites gained their wealth and status. A century and a half after slavery the median wealth of White families is $100,000; for Black families, it's $5,000. The belief that Whites achieved this 20-1 wealth advantage by HARD WORK is an absurd and a historical fantasy. Nonetheless, the airwaves are filled with the self-righteous pronouncements of Caucasian commentators anxious to “advise” Blacks to “work hard” and to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” if they want to succeed in America. Not only do they seek to invent a fraudulent fairy tale that whitewashes a very bloody legacy, but they also aim to reaffirm the notion that “non-Whites” are naturally inferior and lazy and are thus responsible for having comparatively nothing. The truth is a whole lot nastier than that. The group that has always posed as the “best friends of Black people” is most fond of making this argument, yet the Jews are guilty of the worst abuses of the slavery and Jim Crow systems of White empowerment.

By Neal Boortz
By now you’ve seen the rant from Conan the Occupier in New York City. His name is Edward T. Hall III, and he’s a grad student at Columbia in NYC. If you have trouble understanding this useful idiot as he cries and screams, let me help you with a partial translation.

The theme: He doesn’t seem to like rich people. He’s referring to the people in the business high-rises surrounding Zuccotti Park …

“Fuck these people up there. Fuck these Assholes and their fucking yachts. They aren’t (unintelligible) and they are not in our fucking country. They are not American. Get them the fuck out of here. Get them the fuck out of here ‘cause this is ours. This is liberty plaza.”

Now bear in mind that through this entire rant this kid is crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Also bear in mind that this kid is a trust fund baby. He has wealthy parents and has neither had, nor will he have for some time to come the necessity of working to sustain himself. He’s a professional student … now with some actual teaching responsibilities at Columbia.

Miami Herald: Congressional Black Caucus targets state voter laws as hostile.


Race and redistricting: Unholy alliance starting to fray - The Washington Post
Since the 1990s, black Democrats and Republicans have been in an “unholy alliance” when it comes to redistricting. While it still holds in some cases, that alliance may be ending as ma­nipu­la­tion of majority-minority districts threatens Democrats chances of retaking the House majority. As African-Americans overwhelmingly vote Democratic, Republicans want to cram the Democratic vote into as few House districts as possible. There are two ways to dilute that influence in the redistricting wars: “cracking,” or spreading black voters out across multiple House districts, and “packing,” or putting as many black voters as possible into the fewest number of districts. Cracking the minority vote can easily run afoul of the Voting Rights Act’s 1982 amendment, which mandates that minority voters be able to choose their representatives. Packing, on the other hand, gives black politicians a better chance at getting elected, while diluting black voters’ influence on other districts. While egregious packing can be challenged in court, it is harder to fight. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Republicans developed an “unholy alliance” strategy to exploit this system.

Chicago Sun-Times: House Ethics Committee resumes probe of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

The top concern for small business owners is … complying with government regulations.

Bill Press says that “the Republican party is like some of the banks down South. They refuse to give a black man credit.”

Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn explains, "The policies of this administration have destroyed the living standard of the working class in America.


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they also aim to reaffirm the notion that “non-Whites” are naturally inferior and lazy

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