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Is Obama the Worst President Ever? Who is Worse, Obama or the Indianapolis Colts without Peyton Manning? - To Create Jobs, We Must Destroy Them First, E-Mails Suggest White House Weighed a 2nd Solyndra Loan Worth Almost Half a Billion Dollars - Using Obama’s Own Words to Condemn His Performance - Injustice? 96-Year-Old BLACK Woman Denied Voting ID, Nine American Cities Going Broke - Who is worse, Obama or Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in the 4th Quarter?

To Create Jobs, We Must Destroy Them First 

By John Tamny
"The proportion between the real recompence of labour in different countries, it must be remembered, is naturally regulated, not by their actual wealth or poverty, but by their advancing, stationary, or declining condition." Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, p. 218 With unemployment seemingly stuck in the 9% range, editorial pages are overrun these days with opinion pieces by well-meaning commentators eager to promote their ideas on how to "create jobs". Sadly, they're almost to an article a total waste of the reader's time. From the left we read that jobs will created if governments will just spend more. From the right, those blinded by the money illusion think more oil drilling is the source of full employment, and then the truly dense support tax deductions in return for companies adding employees. Both sides miss the big picture in leading off with the goal of "creating jobs." That's because successful companies that employ lots of individuals get that way by virtue of regularly destroying them. More to the point, economic plans designed to create jobs will always fail because jobs are a cost. As such, the paradoxical truth is that the fastest path to true job creation is one that seeks to reduce labor costs through job cuts. To understand why, we must remember that all jobs are a function of investment. Investment is first and foremost attracted to profits, so when philosopher kings talk up their plans for creating jobs, they're missing the essential point that investors seek commercial situations where companies can produce as much as possible with as little in the way of labor costs as possible.

NYT: E-Mails Suggest White House Weighed a 2nd Solyndra Loan Worth Almost Half a Billion Dollars 

WASHINGTON — Early last year, the Obama administration was so optimistic about the business prospects of Solyndra, the solar equipment manufacturer that declared bankruptcy last month after receiving a $528 million government loan, that officials entertained the possibility of giving the California company a second loan of almost half a billion dollars, according to internal e-mails.


by John Berlau
The White House has denied pressuring Ford to pull its ad that criticizes competitors that took and have yet to repay taxpayer dollars from the Troubled Asset Relief Program. However, the Obama administration can’t deny a new gift it showers on General Motors and Chrysler in its package of tax hikes to pay for its so-called American Jobs Act.
Using Obama’s Own Words to Condemn His Performance - Dan Mitchell/International Liberty

This video on the “Obama Presidency by the Numbers” is making the rounds on the Internet. Excellent job. Yes, some numbers were cherry picked, but Obama looks bad for the simple reason that his big-government policies have been a failure.


The Big Labor Stranglehold: Killing Jobs and Hurting America - Human Events

Union membership as a share of the labor force is at its lowest level in decades. Only 11.9% of all U.S. employees in 2010 belonged to a labor organization. Yet as the unfolding drama in Wisconsin this year has revealed, unions are far from irrelevant. Indeed, public-sector employees have emerged as one of the most powerful forces in the nation’s economic and political life, driving many states and localities to severe fiscal distress. Their close alliance with the Democratic Party has accelerated this trend.
Richest Members of Congress Revealed  

Obama: 'Darn Tooting,' 'No More Out-Of-Pocket Costs' For Contraception

Jobless claims rise above 400,000 again

Secret panel can put you on 'kill list'

Wall St protest expected to swell


Vice President Joe Biden "educates" the 5th graders at a Tampa Bay school that the horrible economy is President Bush's fault.

 And this:

Ok was scanning the left wing Negro sites for stuff and found this. Folks this is an example of how deceptive left wing Negros are and if you were like most ignorant ass Negros you would have gone to this particular website and assumed that the entirety of the fucking Republican Party barred this old lady from registering to vote.
Note the first title from the NewsOne Website

Injustice! 96-Year-Old Woman Denied Voting ID

Now note the first line in the NewsOne article.
A 96-year old Tennessee woman has become the latest example of the GOP’s fight to suppress voters from heading to the polls.

This is the first line in the source article:
Dorothy Cooper is 96 but she can remember only one election when she’s been eligible to vote but hasn’t.

The retired domestic worker was born in a small North Georgia town before women had the right to vote. She began casting ballots in her 20s after moving to Chattanooga for work. She missed voting for John F. Kennedy in 1960 because a move to Nashville prevented her from registering in time. So when she learned last month at a community meeting that under a new state law she’d need a photo ID to vote next year, she talked with a volunteer about how to get to a state Driver Service Center to get her free ID. But when she got there Monday with an envelope full of documents, a clerk denied her request.
That morning, Cooper slipped a rent receipt, a copy of her lease, her voter registration card and her birth certificate into a Manila envelope. Typewritten on the birth certificate was her maiden name, Dorothy Alexander. “But I didn’t have my marriage certificate,” Cooper said Tuesday afternoon, and that was the reason the clerk said she was denied a free voter ID at the Cherokee Boulevard Driver Service Center.
Of course we have to have a Democrat Negro comment from the source article:

State Rep. Tommie Brown, D-Chattanooga, said Tuesday that Cooper's case is an example of how the law "erects barriers" for the elderly and poor people -- a disproportionate number of whom are minorities.

I know I may be overreacting, but I get asked all the time about why black folks follow and keep electing liberal Democrat Negro politicians and how black folks get bamboozled into believing silly stupid shit. I know you people remember the rumor that went around the web that left the ignorant terrified: Termination of 1965 Voting Rights Act. Black folks believed this shit and furthermore were convinced by websites like these that the GOP was going to arrest Negros at the polls.

When you refuse to educate yourself, when you refuse to use common fucking sense in accessing issues before you, limit your information resources you fall for political intellectual scams.

Now when it comes to the voter ID issue, do right wing types want to keep legitimate, legal citizens from the polls? NO!
Liberals are the ones who need to be elected through deception and intimidation.

Liberals are the ones feeding homeless people hot dogs and driving them to polls having them vote for the Democrat of choice multiple times.

In this case it was a mix up that could have been handled differently let’s face it government workers sometimes are not the brightest nor are they beaming with customer service skills.

This is the climate we are in, this nation elected an idiot ass dude based on deception and complete and utter ignorance and liberals, particularly black liberal politicians are against the ropes so the race card gets played anywhere and everywhere.

This is not a major story people and not a single white blogger will bother to post but those on the right constantly are baffled by why black folks follow the Democrat plantation wagon.
Its little tiny innocuous stories like this that get circulated on black blogs and websites and no doubt will be published in Jet and Ebony or whatever black publication hell bent on re-electing Obama.

Then the misinformation gets circulated in barber and beauty shops. Misinforming black people is so fucking easy, you people have no idea and until the misinformation gap is eradicated liberal Democrats will always have the Negro trump card at their disposal no matter how much Democrat presidents or other elected officials fuck up.


Nine American Cities Going Broke - Fox Business


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