Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Obama’s African American supporters shouldn’t play the race card" - Sorry that will NEVER happen...

Obama’s African American supporters shouldn’t play the race card - Washington Post

By Kathleen Parker
The call by some members of the black media for African Americans to support President Obama in racial solidarity is a terrible idea. Just as terrible as women supporting women only because of their sex, or any other group viewing the world solely through the narrow prism of their own experience.
If pursued and played by Obama, it would be the worst thing not only for his reelection campaign but also for the country. The man who was elected on a promise of unity — neither black nor white nor red nor blue — can’t now play the race card. Any of his supporters who play that hand will be doing a disservice to themselves and to the nation.

How did this come about?

As Obama’s approval has been slipping, some leaders in the African American media have begun calling on blacks to ignore their concerns and just vote black. Leading the pack is radio host Tom Joyner, who reaches an astonishing one in four black adults. Maybe we could just have Joyner and Rush Limbaugh wrestle each other’s ideas to the mat and skip these tedious debates, primaries and conventions.
Joyner is blunt with his 8 million listeners: “Stick together, black people.”
Folks this is so easy a caveman can understand it. The sycophants in the black media are paid to support Obama. Black people are clannish and because most are not politically astute nor in touch with most of the white established media they take their direction from their radio DJ’s, pastor or preacher, rap star, TV star, Black reporter or journalist many who have no incentive financial or otherwise to support anyone or anything that is not “black.” I have said over and over, no matter how fucked up things get in this country, no matter how many jobs are lost, no matter how many educational opportunities are lost, no matter how high the crime rate is as long as the government is open for business with gifts provided by the taxpayers black folks are going to support anything Democrat and black even if it is to their own detriment. Another thing to consider regarding supporting Obama it is an identity thing for black people. Obama’s failures are black America’s failures. Like Al Sharpton said in the article later unlike any other racial or ethnic group if a black person speaks out against a black politician he is risking his or her friendships, relationships, status in the community or his or her church not to mention if he or she owns a business being alienated by their customer base. Folks I know I am really hard on black folks but I do understand more than anything why black people no matter how screwed up Obama is will stay silent. You white people must imagine living in a world where you are basically not allowed to express your true opinions when it comes to politics. Think about a potential date or dinner engagement with a bunch of people or interacting with people at your church and you say to someone “you know that Obama guy really sucks ass,” that is a risk most black people are simply not willing to take and that will never EVER change. Being free to express your opinion on political matters is something most of you white people reading this take for granted.

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