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Shocking! 25 Percent Of African Americans Don’t Have Voting ID, Video Of Toddler Being Hit By Van And Ignored Sparks Outrage, Romney, Romneycare, *free* health care, and illegal immigrants

Shocking! 25 Percent Of African Americans Don’t Have Voting ID - Slate

An elderly black woman in Tennessee can’t vote because she can’t produce her marriage certificate. Threatening letters blanket black neighborhoods warning that creditors and police officers will check would-be voters at the polls, or that elections are taking place on the wrong day. Thirty-eight states have instituted new rules prohibiting same-day registration and early voting on Sundays. All of this is happening as part of an effort to eradicate a problem that is statistically rarer than heavy-metal bands with exploding drummers: vote fraud.
Many commentators have remarked on the unavoidable historical memories these images provoke: They are so clearly reminiscent of the Jim Crow era. So why shouldn’t the proponents of draconian new voting laws have to answer for their ugly history?

Proponents of reforming the voting process seem blind to the fact that all of these seemingly neutral reforms hit poor and minority voters out of all proportion. (The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that while about 12 per­cent of Amer­i­cans don’t have a government-issued photo ID, the figure for African-Americans is closer to 25 percent, and in some Southern states perhaps higher.) The reason minorities are so much harder hit by these seemingly benign laws has its roots in the tragic legacy of race in this country. They still work because that old black man, born into Jim Crow in 1940, may have had no birth certificate because he was not born in a hospital because of poverty or discrimination. Names may have been misspelled on African-American birth certificates because illiterate midwives sometimes gave erroneous names

NYPD cop Michael Daragjati taped making racial slurs about black man; accused of false arrest
A racial epithet-spewing NYPD cop was ordered held without bail Monday on charges of fabricating criminal charges against a black man on Staten Island.
"I fried another n-----," Officer Michael Daragjati crowed last April, according to a transcript of a phone conversation intercepted by the feds. "Another n----- fried, no big deal."
Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Paul Tuchman called Daragjati, who is white, "a blatant racist."
Besides violating the civil rights of the unnamed man, Daragjati also is charged with orchestrating the violent beatdown and extortion of another victim he suspected of stealing a snowplow from his off-duty contracting business.
The racially motivated false arrest came one one month after the FBI was investigating the snowplow scheme and monitoring the cop's private calls, according to the complaint unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court.


'South Park' creators Trey Parker, Matt Stone probed by Scientologists for bad-mouthing church - NY Daily News
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were probed by Scientologists itching for payback after the popular sitcom bad-mouthed the church, a former member said.
An internal church document suggests its members launched a probe into the comedy-writing duo's backgrounds in retaliation for an episode of the animated sitcom that mocked and embarrassed the religion.
Marty Rathbun, once a devoted Scientologist who left the flock in 2004, posted the document on his blog Sunday.
He claims to have more documentation that Parker and Stone were targeted by the church's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) following the airing of the episode "Trapped in the Closet."
Video Of Toddler Being Hit By Van And Ignored Sparks Outrage
BEIJING — A video showing a toddler being struck twice by vans and then ignored by passers-by is sparking outrage in China and prompting soul-searching over why people didn’t help the child. The 2-year-old girl, identified as Wang Yue, is in a coma in critical condition in the Guangzhou Military District General Hospital following Thursday’s accident, state media reported Tuesday. The Guangzhou Daily quoted the hospital’s head of neurosurgery as saying the girl is likely to remain in a vegetative state if she survives. A closed-circuit television video obtained by state media shows the toddler wandering along a narrow market street in the city of Foshan when she is struck by a van. As several people walk or cycle by, the child lies in a pool of blood and is then hit by another van. All told local media count 18 people passing by before a trash collector finally picks up the child and gives her to a woman identified as her mother.

Romney, Romneycare, *free* health care, and illegal immigrants - Red State

Reads via Boortz

Apparently Obama “absolutely” agrees with Joe Biden about his assertions that rapes will increase if we don’t pass the “jobs bill.”

The Economic Disappointment of Generation O.

It appears as though the Obama administration has been caught red-handed trying to cover up evidence in relation to the “green” loans programs that helped finance Solyndra.

By Halloween, US debt will surpass 100% of GDP for the first time since WWII.

Steve Wynn says that “we have an administration that is fanning the fires that this is somehow undeserved profligate millionaires. It is worse than hypocrisy.”

In their attempts to tie Mitt Romney to Wall Street, the Obama administration will have to explain how it has raised far more money from Wall Street than any of the GOP candidates, including Romney.

This entire recent "Class Warfare Tour" has been a bust.

Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he understood a president can't openly wallow in partisan mud and still be effective.

Former Obama administration economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said that if given a second chance he would not have backed the Cash for Clunkers program or the home buyer tax credit.

With a Thanksgiving deadline fast approaching, the supercommittee remains unable to break the impasse over taxes that has long blocked aggressive action to tame the national debt.

1/6th of Education Tax Credits are Fraudulent, Yet Another Reason to End Them

Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested For Dealing Heroin With 6 Year-Old in Tent - Human Events

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