Thursday, October 20, 2011

Truck with Obama's teleprompter stolen

Truck with Obama's teleprompter stolen 

WASHINGTON: In a security breach, a truck containing US president Barack Obama's teleprompter and podium was stolen from a Virginia hotel parking and recovered later.
The truck was parked at the Virginia Center Commons Courtyard Marriott in Richmond on Monday ahead of a presidential event.
In addition to the teleprompter , $200,000 worth of audio equipment and presidential seals mounted on Obama's podium were inside the stolen vehicle.
The truck was recovered later on Monday at a Holiday Inn Express near the Richmond airport, NBC Television reported.
"A government vehicle was stolen and has been recovered . No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle," defence department spokesman George Little said.
"We take incidents such very seriously, and a formal investigation is continuing in coordination with relevant law enforcement agencies ," the defense department said in a statement.
Officials have not said if any other items were missing from the van.
Thieves steal truck with President's equipment 


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Older School said...

Damn! Just when I thought we had a little hope that he would shut the hell up. The thieves panicked and dumped it.. Oh well...