Monday, November 28, 2011

Brownback... YOU SUCK! - Anti-Brownback tweet goes viral

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A Twitter controversy is making an internet star out of Kansas high school student Emma Sullivan, after Gov. Sam Brownback’s office reported a disparaging tweet she made to her school’s principal, who then demanded she write an apology note.
The 18-year-old’s Twitter following has exploded overnight - as of Monday morning she had over 6,000 followers (@emmakate988), nearly double the number of Brownback. (@govsambrownback).
On Twitter, Sullivan’s have been supporters continually tweeting messages under her original hashtag, “#heblowsalot.”
“Hey, Sam #Brownback, since you’re listening: we all side with Emma. #heblowsalot” wrote Twitter user Sarah Strom Monday morning.
“The real question is: When will Governor Sam Brownback apologize for interfering with this young woman’s free speech? #heblowsalot,” added Twitter user Pete Nicely.
Last week, Sullivan was in the audience for a speech Brownback was giving when she wrote a Twitter post that would frustrate the governor’s office and land her in hot water.
Among more pedestrian tweets about Justin Bieber, the Twilight movie series, and pictures of her friends, she tweeted, “Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.”
Brownback’s office spotted her Twitter post as part of routine media monitoring and contacted the Youth in Government program that Sullivan was taking part in. As a result, Sullivan was scolded by her principal and asked to submit an apology letter, something she has refused to do. In fact, she said she has no regrets about the post. “I would do it again,” she told the AP.
Liberal blogs reacted in outrage to the news that the governor had targeted a high school student, and challenged her principal’s decision to request an apology.
“It’s troubling that Brownback’s staff is so thin skinned that they felt the need to call down the government’s wrath on a high school student who had the audacity to criticize the governor. If nothing else, one would think a state governor’s office has better things to do than troll the internet looking for young dissenting voices they can intimidate,” wrote Ian Millhiser at the progressive ThinkProgress blog.
“This Kansas principal could have been a hero among educators, administrators, students, and free speech advocates across America… Instead, Krawitz [the principal] is the new poster boy for craven apparatchiks everywhere who bow to the whims of unelected authority-worshipping courtiers, when they should instead educate their student charges about their civil rights versus the state’s heavy-handed reach,” added Teddy Partridge on a Reader Diary at the liberal FireDogLake.
Others wrote that the incident taught high-school students the right lesson.
“I would say that the students in question definitely have been ‘taught’ something about government. They’ve been taught exactly what most of the rest of us got ‘taught’ at around the same age: Government is filled with pissy little people who have nothing better to do than use whatever tiny scrap of power they have to make the lives of those around them miserable,” wrote a blogger at the Daily Kos.
In fact, some bloggers tried to flip the situation around and suggested that the student ask the governor for an apology letter.
“How about she just demands a letter of apology from Governor Brownback to frame for her children?” wrote Karoli at the Crooks and Liars blog.
The very reason why so many young people think conservatives are stick up the ass arrogant bastards.

This hits home with me because I was involved with an issues with Brownback many years ago where I was quoted as calling him a “fucking coward” and a “hypocrite.”

I have always found Brownback to be an unprincipled pompous jackass for a number of reasons… this was a man who had a mural of himself in his Washington office.    

This is a public relations disaster for Brownback and more proof just how out of touch people like him in the political arena are.


Older School said...

This just astounds me how these political hacks think that they're so full of themselves that they have the right to step all over a person's constitutional right to free speech. A Senator from Tennessee did the same thing over candy that was poking fun of Obama. He had the audacity to use the excuse that it wasn't related to academics.
The majority of these politicians are attorneys. WTF? Did they not teach constitutional law in that school they went to?
It's true, this guy is a hypocrite. Why would some moronic assistant even be looking for such negative statements in the first place? He's a public official. Negative remarks go with the territory.
I say kudos to that young lady for standing up for herself with some dignity and class. Thumbs down for that principal who found it necessary to throw the student to the wolves.

Mississippi Madman said...

Stand FIRM! this good is probably anti gun too. Screw them YOU ARE THE BEST FOR SPEAKING YOUR MIND AND NOT TRYING TO BE PC! Bless you!