Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cain's skank accuser Sharon Bialek says her son encouraged her "to tell on him" lying ass silly bastard!

Washington (CNN) -- The only woman so far to come forward and publicly accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment did so in part with her 13-year-old son's encouragement, she said Tuesday on CNN.
"He said, 'Mom, I think you need to do the right thing. I think you need to tell on him," Sharon Bialek said on CNN's "American Morning." "That confirmed it for me. If my son is saying it, I want to be the role model for him and other kids growing up."

Bialek's fiance, Mark Harwood, backed her up in an interview with CNN affiliate WGN-TV.
"This isn't for fun. You don't go on a political stage and make these kinds of press conferences unless you really stand by your convictions," he said. "There was no money motive to this. She's got the same political interests as Herman Cain in terms of party, so it wasn't like there was opposing political gain here at all."
REALLY, SERIOUSLY!? What?... I'm supposed to believe that your 13 year old son encouraged you to come forward? So you told him that this bad black man pushed your mug down into his crotch and said “bitch if you don’t suck it you won’t get a job!?”

The big bad nigger took advantage of me and all I wanted was a job… the bitch had 9 different jobs in 17 years what the hell, she was fucking somebody in order to be able to get all of those jobs! How the hell does she keep getting hired and booted?

This is why you have some of us black folks get a little pissy when it comes to getting work. You have this idiot skank white woman who seemingly can get hired at will although she is a loser fuck because you have white people doing the hiring who would rather hire a jacked up white woman rather than a person of color.

Thank God I’ve been lucky I work for the one white man who hired solely based on qualifications and did not give a shit at all about what color I was. Ok so now this skank because she got rejected by a black dude comes back 14 years later claims sexual misconduct and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and now she is a fucking media star!?

Hey skank if you did tell your son this shit then frankly that is child abuse and also folks you know this is a lie because the bitch lost the custody case upon her divorce so she was an unfit skank!

Folks again this is not about me being a fan of Herman Cain, I’m tired of this shit and people should be more outraged that this bitch along with her skank lawyer is now commandeering the media and the left wing media is making a star out of a lying bastard.

Jesus sometimes I wish I had my own national radio show. I would make, Rush, Boortz or even Savage seem tame by comparison because nobody is saying what really needs to be said about skanks like this who come out of the woodworks to fuck up someone’s political career for money and also the media malpractice on this issue is just reprehensible.

Ok… backing away from the computer before my head explodes.

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maggi from sweden said...

It feels safe have you to tell the truth, allways. Please start that radio show. All the best from me.