Monday, November 7, 2011

Fourth Skank Accuses Cain of Sexual Harassment - A Republican skank eruption or a Democrat skank eruption... bad for politics.

After being introduced by Allred at a packed press conference, Bialek described her job as a manager with the NRA’s educational foundation, which provided help for high school students interested in restaurant careers.

She met Cain at the trade group’s annual convention in Chicago, and chatted with him over the course of dinners and a luncheon, where he was seated next to her. Bialek, a college graduate and today a single mother of a 13 year-old son, said that when she later lost her job at the foundation, she called Cain to see if he could help her find another position with the NRA or with another employer.

She set up a meeting with him in Washington, where the trade group is headquartered. On the evening she arrived, she had drinks and dinner with Cain, who also told her in the course of the evening that he had taken the liberty of upgrading her room at a Hilton hotel to a suite. After dinner, Cain offered to show Bialek the NRA’s headquarters, but on the way there, he pulled the car over and parked, she said. “He reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals,” Bialek said, her voice breaking with emotion. “He also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. I was very, very surprised and very shocked. I said, ‘What are you doing? You know I have a boyfriend. This isn’t what I came here for.’” She said that Cain responded, “You want a job, right?” Bialek said she asked him to stop, and Cain complied. She then asked to be driven back to her hotel, and she said Cain promptly complied with that request as well.

Bialek said she didn’t file a complaint against Cain at the time because she was no longer employed at the NRA. But she said she felt compelled to speak publicly “on behalf of all women who are sexually harassed in the workforce but do not come out because of retaliation or public humiliation.” “I really didn’t want to be here today and wouldn’t have been here if it had not been for the three other women who have alleged sexual harassment against Mr. Cain,” she said, adding that she wanted Cain to “come clean.” “Just admit what you did,” Bialek said. “Admit you were inappropriate to people. And then move forward.” Politico first reported last week that the NRA had settled sexual harassment claims against Cain by two women in the 1990s. A third woman told the Associated Press last week that she considered filing a similar complaint. Cain has said the sexual harassment allegations are false. He and his surrogates have characterized them as “baseless,” and have blamed the liberal media for drumming up negative stories about him and his Republican rivals for conducting a “smear” campaign.
Ok maybe because I’m in one of those moods but this shit is starting to get on my nerves. Let me first say this, I’m not in Cain’s camp not by any stretch of the imagination. My favorite candidate is not running and I’m not a fan of any of the GOP candidates. Forget about whether or not Cain messed around inappropriately with some bimbo or a chorus of bimbos. I don’t give a shit I really don’t but what I am increasingly becoming irritated with is skank eruptions, and folks I don’t give a damn if it is a Republican skank eruption or a Democrat skank eruption.

As I ranted about a few days ago some women still (when convenient) portray themselves as these weak helpless souls describing how the big bad man “pushed my head down there” seriously… when having your mug pushed down there is common practice for many of you!

If Cain did what this woman suggested then he should have his ass in jail and the fact that she supposedly had a boyfriend at the time and did not tell him does not make sense. If my wife or girlfriend told me some mutherfucker at work “tried to put his hand on her genitals” or “tried to push her head down there” he would be dead before sunset.
You could tell this lady at the press conference was full of shit almost laughing during her statement. Folks this is a joke and every women should start to take pause when some woman decides to come out and proclaim herself a victim years after the fact just to derail someone political ambitions.

Now if some politician does something stupid like Tweet pictures of his dick to some skank or post nude photos of his bathroom mirror shots then there is no accounting for common sense so idiots like that need to be crucified and driven out of office or out of any position of authority or responsibility. But ladies seriously if you are currently being sexually harassed or have been in the past then come clean, tell someone when there is nothing on the line for anyone and maybe you might draw sympathy and earn a little respect and we can eradicate the boorish sexually harassing fucks from the workplaces across America. But don’t come out of the woodwork after the DNC or RNC decides that paying you is the right course of action to derail a political candidate.

I already hate the double standard presented by the media when it comes to covering this crap. It is perfectly ok for a Democrat to run his hands up the dress of some bimbo or leave a stain… but Lord help a Republican simply accused of doing the same thing.

I can’t help thinking how screwed up our society has become that we would actually grant a national news conference to a bimbo skank lying bitch for an incident where there are no witnesses only her allegations. Let’s get real if Cain were the womanizing skank chasing type then why only at this Restaurant Association? A child molester is a child molester all the time not part time. A cheater is a cheater all the time not part time. A rapist is a rapist all the time not part time. An alcoholic is an alcoholic all the time not part time. Dude would have been doing this most of his adult life and would have shown tendencies for years.

I look at myself, I just turned 48 and I am basically the same dude I have always been the good the bad and everything in between. I have some major character flaws but sure as hell nothing that most human beings don’t exhibit. I hear some of the things women accuse men of doing from time to time and it just sounds so foreign to me it is inconceivable to me that someone would try some of this crazy shit risking their careers and family for some skank fuck.

I’ve worked in three environments where women were the majority including my current place of employment, been the only male in one. I’ve had three female bosses and I have never worked with a single woman who if I had tried to do something inappropriate or said something inappropriate I would have gotten back just as much either physically or verbally.
I don’t know what it is like to work around weak, clueless, helpless stupid women, never married one nor dated one so the concept is foreign to me.
Sexual scandals like these will never go away because we all are flawed fucked up souls but playing the victim card for money and fame has gone too far and the fact that the media is trying so hard to keep this story alive only tells me that Herman Cain’s popularity is scaring the crap out of his GOP rivals and the Democrat Party.

If Cain was (a nobody) with any political traction nobody would be giving a shit about what happened to some bimbo skank bitch over a decade ago. Ask yourself if Al Sharpton was running for president and was accused of sexual harassment by LaQuitta Hennessy Jenkins would the leftist white media give a shit?

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