Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey Folks this is the Aunt of YOUR President: “If I come … as an immigrant … you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”

If I come … as an immigrant … you have the obligation to make me a citizen.

This from Moonbattery:
Apparently the audacity of arrogance runs in the family. Better put in a mouthguard before pushing play, or you may grind your teeth down watching this story about Obama’s insouciant illegal alien welfare parasite aunt, Zeituni Onyango:

I’m gonna keep saying this till this bastard is not president anymore, I swear those of you responsible for electing this man should not be allowed to vote for an election cycle. We are all so screwed, the economy is screwed, the housing market is screwed everything is screwed. Racism is at an all-time high, consumer confidence is floundering and here you have this this idiot ass woman aunt of the president of the United States bitching that we have an obligation to make her a citizen? Is this bitch crazy? I don’t get why do you people tolerate this shit and you know Obama does not give a shit he is laughing at all of us. Dude is pissing on this country in more ways than one and America is allowing it. Like R. Kelly giving that golden shower to that teen back in the day, we all are allowing Obama AND HIS FAMILY to do the same thing to us.


Anonymous said...

If she believes God is responsible, we cannot judge, but we can arrange a meeting. What a POS !

Anonymous said...

WWhile not a fan of his, is he responsible for what his crazy relatives say or do? Are you saying you should be judged by what your blood relatives say or do?

Anonymous said...

If she is illegal, why isn't she deported?

BunBun4life said...

All those shitass black muslims feel the same sense of entitlement. How the fuck did she get disability from TAXPAYING AMERICANS when she never did a damn thing for this country.

Burn in hell MUDSLIME!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

AMEN :-)