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Idiot Penn State Fans Praying in front of Paterno’s Home - Money in College Sports Leads to 'Moral Derangement' - Culinary Racism, Proof that liberals really don’t give a shit about the environment! - The Most Divisive President Ever in the History of the U.S. …

Advertisers bail on Penn State college football TV ads - Christian Science Monitor

Penn State scandal: At least six TV advertisers, including, pulled their ads from Penn State football games. 

Beyond the profound embarrassment and ethical questions surrounding the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State, the controversy is also hurting the University's bottom line.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that no less than six advertisers have pulled their commercials from upcoming Penn State football broadcasts on ESPN.
"I have multiple advertisers pulling ads from the ESPN broadcast," one media buyer told the Journal. "I am advising my clients to move out of games for the short term," another buyer added.
The Journal's report followed an announcement on Friday that would pull its commercials from the school's upcoming games.
Penn State operated the third most profitable football program in the U.S. last season, pulling in income of $50 million off revenue of $70 million.
That's all in peril because of a long-brewing sex scandal in which Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at the school, is accused of molesting eight boys.
The school's legendary head coach, Joe Paterno, was fired last week after a 46-year-career in which he amassed the most wins in college football history. Paterno passed along a reported incident of Sandusky's misconduct to the school's athletic director nine years ago, but is under fire for not reporting the crime to the authorities and for not taking more decisive action to stop the abuse.

George Will: Money in College Sports Leads to 'Moral Derangement'

Judge Who Freed Sandusky on Bail Volunteered at His Charity...

Let me give a quick two cents on this. Folks I can’t begin to tell you just how little I give a shit about this story and I believed that ESPN really dropped the ball by ramming this story down the collective throats of the entire country. I have scanned through some websites and read some commentary and I just love how people really got into so much micro analysis when this story came down to two choices. A few sexually molested children OR a multimillion or mega million dollar college football program and the beloved Jo-Pa chose the latter. Barry Switzer nailed it when he said that all those mutherfuckers in the program knew that bastard was molesting children but they kept it silent. Just like Catholics continue to ignore priests screwing around with young boys it is almost always about the “greater good” and that greater good always comes down to money. What set me off was when I watched ESPN on Saturday before the game and saw the scene in the pic above some dudes kneeling and praying in front of Paterno’s home. You know folks I think a lot of you who read my blog know I am not racist by any stretch; I’m an equal opportunity offender simply giving my opinion. But I have this dear friend and we were talking and she is always talking about how stupid white people can be sometimes. Now the idiot students (mostly white in case you racists are ignoring) rioting after the old bastard got fired was outrageous and frankly if you are a fan of or an alumni of Penn State you should be embarrassed. But these mutherfuckers praying outside this dude home was equally as puzzling and all I could do is shake my head in disbelief. In case you morons did not know JOE PATERNO IS JUST A FUCKING FOOTBALL COACH. I have repeated over and over that our society is in free-fall. The intellectual and moral decay permeating our society is overwhelming. Football fans putting a football coach over the safety and security of our children is bad enough but are our lives so tarnished and meaningless that we will slap religious significance on a dude simply because he was a decent football coach and he was able to do it for a long time, this is who we chose to worship? Look all of the outrage on the opposite side of the ledger is just as hypocritical. Parents abuse, starve, drown and “make disappear” children and babies all the time. Some parents will starve or deny medications for religious reasons and other will do the same thing because getting their next drink or crack fix is more important than a child. All over this country right fucking now… adults in positions of authority are taking advantage of, molesting, screwing and deceiving children right in front of our noses and frankly most of you are either clueless about what is going on or you just don’t give a fuck. But folks it is incidents like this that really has me in kind of a cruise control mode for the rest of my time on this earth however long that is. I’ve become a lot less religious, and become less hopeful for the state and survival of mankind. I follow things as a hobby simply to populate the madness here and hopefully one day down the road if our civilization survives some dude will read my raw, simplistic, vitriolic but sincere rants and get a better sense of what many of us in the silent majority really feel about what is going on around us. Folks I don’t mean to be a doomsayer but if we all are going to be honest about ourselves and the world around us how else do you explain the shit storm we are experiencing in today’s modern society. I simply call it like I see it. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about the future of our society for my grandchildren’s sake. ******

 Culinary Racism

Trying to explain the "Obama Fried Chicken" incident and others like it.

President Obama has found himself embroiled in one fried-chicken row after another. First there was the “Obama Fried Chicken” incident of 2009, in which a Bangladeshi immigrant who claimed to be naïve to the racist stereotype of African-Americans’ consumption of fried chicken decided to rebrand his poultry restaurant in homage to our nation’s commander in chief. He couldn’t have asked for a more effective advertising campaign, once the media caught wind of this fowl scandal. Even the Rev. Al Sharpton got involved in the street protests outside the Brooklyn eatery, pressuring for a return to the restaurant's original name, Royal Fried Chicken. The owner refused to budge, and Obama Fried Chicken is still serving (apparently mediocre) hot wings and biscuits in Remsen Village today.

Then, this year, Kentucky Fried Chicken, that fulsome, ubiquitous goliath of fast-food chains, took considerable heat when its Chinese subsidiary aired a television commercial in Hong Kong featuring an Obama look-alike. The ad showed the Obama doppelgänger campaigning that “change is good” for the KFC menu. (He then gets inexplicably flattened on the podium by a gigantic fish sandwich.) In the face of racism allegations, the company yanked the ad and said that it wasn’t meant to offend anyone.

Portland Needs 70 DUMP TRUCKS to Clean Up Filth After Occupy Goons Removed From Parks - Gateway Pundit

Obama Gives Half a $Billion to a Campaign Donor for Dubious Drug - Moonbattery

The Most Divisive President Ever in the History of the U.S. …- Flopping Aces

"No one has done more in last several decades with his inflammatory community organizer rhetoric to divide this country than Barack Obama."

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