Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let me tell you why Sharon Bialek is a lying skank.

(MUNDELEIN, Ill.) (WLS) -- Sharon Bialek, who lives in suburban Mundelein, said Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain reached under her skirt 14 years ago when she asked him about a job.
In this Intelligence Report: Who is Sharon Bialek? The Chicago-area woman has an extensive corporate and personal history in the area going back to the early 1990s. It was her hope for a new job that Bialek says brought her to Herman Cain that day in 1997.
Bialek's resume and a trail of public records indicates that changing jobs has been a regular occurrence for the Chicagoan. She has worked for at least nine different employers over the past 17 years and appears to have struggled financially.
The public record on Bialek begins in 1991 when she filed personal bankruptcy for the first time while living in Des Plaines. Between 1993 and 1996 Bialek worked for four different companies in promotion and marketing positions.
In 1996, and part of 1997, Bialek was at the National Restaurant Association. After being let go from that job in mid-1997, she says that she went to Washington, D.C., to meet with Cain, president of the association, because she needed a job. In 1999, Bialek's son Nicholas was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive. In 2001 came Bialek's second personal bankruptcy, filed after sizable legal bills. That year she was hired by WGN radio where she worked until 2004 when she took a marketing job and then a job at WCKG radio.
Along the way, according to her attorney, Bialek also held positions with Revlon and Easter Seals. Bialek currently lives in Mundelein with fiance Mark Harwood. "She's of the same political persuasion as Herman Cain," Harwood said. "There was no money on the table to go and have an interview. This is truly about an American girl who's got a big heart and wants to do the right thing."
Folks let me tell you something you won’t hear anywhere else, I promise because my politically correct give-a-shit meter is almost always at zero! No white woman particularly a half way decent white women would ever EVER go to a black dude to get help finding a job. She may go to him to see if dude can hook her up wit some crack… She may go to him to see if he has a good source for weed… She may hang wit him to share a 40. And yes she may hook up wit him to get her freak on… BUT TO ASK HIM FOR HELP TO FIND A FUCKING JOB THAT IS THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD OF. No Black man no matter how wealthy or connected will ever have the juice to help some white woman get a job when it is far easier for a white woman to find a job on her own without the black dudes help. Any random white dude would be more of a help to her than Cain would be. C’mon people this is common fucking sense. When I was out of work, for almost a calendar year my wife who was white and very well connected made contacts with a number of people and upon the initial contact every was enthusiastic and anxious to meet me mainly because they liked her and trusted her judgment. When they found out I was a nigga you should have seen the look on some of these potential interviewers faces. On the phone they were enthusiastic because I did not speak ebonics and when they saw my resume all were impressed ON THE PHONE again till they found out I was a nigga. Point being when it is all said and done many white people will distance themselves from black folks whenever they can especially when it comes to hiring and if a black man came calling making a hiring recommendation on the behalf of a white woman what is the first thing they will be thinking… c’mon I’ll give you a moment… Unless you are someone like Oprah having a black dude be your job recommendation reference source would not be beneficial. The only reasonable scenario is Herman and the skank were fucking and she wanted or asked for money and he said fuck off. All these years later she is still an unemployable broke ass bitch but now she has the juice to fuck Cain over by coming up with this bogus “grabbed my genitals” shit. If Cain did that she would have gone straight to the police and had his black ass arrested. Life is not that complicated people.

Racist Explanation For Why Bialek Is Not Believable (Warning - offensive language) - John Russell, Newsvine

Folks someone just sent me this link someone commenting on my post: If someone can help me figure out what the hell this dude is talking about please feel free to translate.
“There is little in this article I feel comfortable quoting, but it is an example of the insane hatred that can corrupt our society on a daily basis, about virtually any story in the daily news.”
People what hatred? Yes hatred of how lies and misinformation is almost celebrated and revered by the leftist media and a glaring example of how the left wing media is absolutely full of the most blatant form of hypocrisy. If a left wing Democrat were accused by some skank of sexual misconduct over a decade ago the left wing media would completely ignore.

When the John Edwards scandal broke if became known some time later that Newsweek sat on the story although they had enough factual information to break the story. But John Edwards was beloved by the left wing of the Democratic Party and they did not want to hurt Edward’s wife whom we all know had cancer at the time.

What the hell is this dude talking about?

Don’t get mad at me for pointing out the truth and what is glaringly obvious this dude faults me and not the media for running with a story that has little factual basis. Cain obvious has taken a hit in the polls but it is not because people think his policies suck but because either a GOP rival or the DNC has done their job with their high tech lynching via skank eruptions.

Dude focus your wrath at the real problem, a corrupt biased media!

Oh and also note the title people, how much you wanna bet dude thinks I’m WHITE!


Kevin Jackson said...

This CRACKED me the flunk UP! And it's so true. I may synthesize it a bit (ok remove all the whereto and wherefores and such) and get it more traction. Great stuff!

Just a conservative girl said...

One of the people that helped the most with my career was a black man. And I am lilly white.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

JACG – Just to be clear I’m not saying black people can’t be helpful. Let me just say this I did not say in the post, I’ve personally secured jobs for a number of white people through my personal connections. In fact my replacement at a job I had over 15 years ago is still at that job. Several people with my help found new careers as a result of jobs I helped them secure. From an individual with no political clout, or financial resources I helped people not only find jobs but introduced them to new careers… ALL WHITE but none of them women.

This is not about whether or not black people can on occasion be useful if they are in the right situation and circumstance this is about this skank alleging she specifically went to Cain for help finding a job, I assure you that never happened. If anything happened to the two of them it was consensual or they were fucking and she wanted more and he either told her to back off or to fuck off… period!

If Cain were that influential he would have GOT her a damn job, not “help” her find one.
That does not even sound remotely logical. She is a scamming skank ass hoe and now even her old broke ass boyfriend is trying to get in on it.

This is such crap and proof that Cain seems to be a real threat to someone.