Monday, November 7, 2011

Why the Politico has ZERO credibility… New SKANK Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred, Clinton Settles Paula Jones Lawsuit for $850,000 (Flashback), Standards don’t exist for Dems

New Woman SKANK Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred
A new woman alleging sexual harassment by presidential hopeful Herman Cain will break her silence at a news conference with her powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred Monday afternoon in New York City, is exclusively reporting.

The embattled GOP nominee has admitted that several women who worked at the National Restaurant Association during his tenure as president of the organization received settlements. Politico has reported that the settlements were given because of sexual harassment allegations.
The woman, who will be the first to go public on Monday, sought Cain's help with an employment issue and was allegedly sexually harassed by him. Allred and her client will discuss, in detail, what she alleges occurred with Cain.

The Tea Party darling had hoped the scandal would die down, but that's not happening. Once again, he clashed with reporters on Saturday night after a debate with Newt Gingrich. Cain refused to answer questions about the allegations, and said, "You see what I mean? I was gonna do something that my staff told me not to do and try to respond, okay? What I'm saying is this -- we are getting back on message, end of story. Back on message. Read all of the other accounts. Read all of the other accounts where everything has been answered in the story. We're getting back on message, okay?"

During Cain's employment at the National Restaurant Association, which was from 1996-1999, two women accused him of sexual harassment, and both received financial settlements, according to Politico, which first broke the story. The women aren't able to to discuss the matter publicly because of terms of the agreement.

This from Legal Insurrection - Why the Politico has ZERO credibility

Politico news stories about or mentioning “Herman Cain“: 138
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment“: 91
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment” not involving Herman Cain: 0
Politico news stories showing what Herman Cain actually did: 0
Politico news stories showing specifically what Herman Cain was accused of: 0
Percentage drop in Herman Cain favorability rating as reported by Politico: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Solyndra“: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Fast and Furious“: 3
Politico news stories about or mentioning “unemployment“: 17
Politico news stories about or mentioning “recession“: 14
  Clinton Settles Paula Jones Lawsuit for $850,000 (Flashback) 

Saturday, November 14, 1998; Page A1
President Clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones yesterday, agreeing to pay her $850,000 to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit that led to the worst political crisis of his career and only the third presidential impeachment inquiry in American history. After more than 4 1/2 years of scorched-earth legal warfare, Clinton and Jones brought a sudden end to the case with a four-page deal in which he acknowledged no wrongdoing and offered no apology. The agreement, which will be filed with a federal appeals court considering whether the lawsuit should go forward, requires the president to pay within 60 days.

Standards don’t exist for Dems - Boston Hearld By Holly Robichaud
What is all the fuss about Herman Cain, possibly having sexually harassed a couple of women? He is not a sitting president, just one of the many contenders in the GOP primary.
There isn’t even a blue dress. Didn’t the mainstream media and liberals enlighten us during President Bill Clinton’s era of indiscretions that this is private behavior and doesn’t affect governing abilities? Even the National Organization for Women buried their collective heads in the sand and never said boo about the $850,000 Paula Jones settlement. So haven’t we matured like the Europeans?
The problem is that Cain is a Republican. That’s why Politico has written 90 stories in one week about the pizza mogul. Twelve-plus stories per day seems excessive even for the left-leaning site, but it does prove the point that Republicans are held to a much higher ideal than Democrats by both the media and voters. In Massachusetts, it’s not so much a double standard. It’s that Democrats are held to virtually no standard at all.
Would Scott Brown have been elected U.S. senator if he had driven off a bridge and left a woman to die in the car? Most likely, he would be serving time instead of having a shrine built in his name. What if Brown’s wife had been convicted for aiding and abetting filing in false tax returns?
Unlike U.S. Rep. John Tierney (D-Salem), he would be facing a barrage of inquiries from the media on why he had no clue of what she was doing to earn her paycheck from the gambling ring. His ability to serve on a congressional oversight committee would be called into question.
Do you think there would be demands for Brown’s resignation if his partner was caught running a brothel in his basement like U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s was? Certainly, there would be a congressional investigation if Brown’s romantic interest was working at Fannie Mae while he chaired the committee overseeing the agency. What if Brown anchored a yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts’ taxes? Let’s face it, standards for being an elected GOP official are so elevated, Brown couldn’t even joke about Queen Elizabeth Warren keeping her clothes on without causing widespread media hysteria. Can you imagine if he suggested she should have posed in the buff? Brown would have faced a lynch mob from the media and women’s organizations. As we enter Week 2 of the Hermanator scandal, remember that by Democratic standards, it is not important. Voters should be more concerned about his 9-9-9 plan on taxation. Don’t stick a fork in Cain yet.

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