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“to dilute the black vote” - Obama: We’re better off with my policies than four years ago -The Economics of Polarization, or: Why the Tea Party Is Magnificently Right - A possible slogan for Obama’s re-election campaign, “GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead.” - Liberals Create Video In Which They Violently Murder "Republicans" - Halloween Joke? GOP Committee Sends Obama “Bullet Hole Zombie” Picture – Stuff that will never happened at a Tea Party event...

Ok sorry folks I’ve been super busy at work and when I say I’m busy at work that is saying something. The fall semester will be winding down and so will the workload and I’m going to take an extended break one I desperately need. So while I have a few moments let me share some stuff… This from Boortz… first read…
I happened to be listening to my friend Hannity yesterday when he put a caller named Renee on the air.   You could tell just from the sound of Renee’s voice that he wasn’t there to exchange pleasantries with Sean.  This man was mad … furious … and it only too seconds to find out why.  Herman Cain.  Over and over and over again Renee repeated the same line; the only line he had, really.   “Herman Cain is running as a Republican to dilute the black vote.”  That’s it.  That’s all he could say.  Hannity even put this guy on the air with another caller so they could debate each other.  Same thing:  “Herman Cain is there to dilute the black vote.”

Then it occurred to me.  A basic truth was being exposed here by the very angry Renee.  The very definition  of the “Black Vote” is a vote cast by a black person for a Democrat.  Cain, you see, may cause some black voters to abandon the essential uselessness that is Barack Obama for Herman Cain.  These voters are still black, and the votes they cast are still black votes, aren’t they?  The only difference is that the votes are being cast for a Republican.  I guess Renee is telling us that when a black voter votes for a Republican it doesn’t count as a “black vote!”  In mean, that’s the only way you could argue that Herman Cain is diluting the black vote, isn’t it?

As I have said … to no small amount of complaining … if you are black you are expected to vote for Democrats.  If you do not --- if, as has been said, you escape from the Democrat electoral plantation --- you have somehow abandoned your identity as a black American.  You can only cast a “black vote” if the vote is cast for a Democrat.  Dare to seek another candidate not perfectly aligned with the Democrat masters, and your vote just isn’t black any more.
This is what has always irritated the shit out of me and the reason why I never have nor will I ever totally identify myself purely by skin coloring. This “be a black Democrat or die” bullshit is so fucking annoying I can’t see straight. I totally understand that there are a fair number of white people, Asian people, Mexicans, Muslims whatever the hell group you want to identify who must live their entire lives being solely identifiable by their race, color, ethnic, group even religion and that is precisely why human beings are destined for extinction because humans are simply retarded just by varying degrees.

How we see the world and our entire focus seems to be solely based on how we are perceived by others, we all think to goddamn much about what others think about us to the point where some of us can’t admitting to liking a certain brand of music fearful that those within our chosen social set will not approve. We can’t date who we like based on race or religion, we must shop at a certain store eat certain foods, wear a certain brand of clothes oh and yes vote for a particular political party because Lord help us if deep down inside we know that a certain political party is made up of a bunch of whiny ass misfits and freaks not to mention a bunch of class envious racist fucks determined to take from others that which they are not willing to earn for themselves.

Black people like the ones described by Boortz should be ashamed of themselves I have said millions of times that black people have seemingly deteriorated intellectually so much that all of the mental branding and political brainwashing fostered by the ghettoization of countless black leaders have push far too many black folks to the point of no return. Common sense is a lost art and intellectual freedom has fallen by the waste side.

Instead of embracing the candidacy of Mr. Cain and taking a look at what he has to say black folks seemingly have been given their marching orders and have been told to reject the black candidate who actually has the intellect and leadership skills in favor for a proven loser and moron who has completely fucked up this country not to mention out children’s financial future. Even his own supporters are skeptical of his leadership, Obama is a fool and those who can’t see that frankly are either intellectually vacant, simply stupid or are in his pocket in some way shape or fashion.

Folks for me personally I stopped trying to “reach out” to black folks regarding being tuned in to something other than tard left wing Democrat politics because in the end we all deserve what we get for not stretching out the horizons of our minds just to simple consider something else besides the status quo. If you look in the mirror and say to yourself I don’t like the direction of my life then turn right around and continue the insanity and continue to do exactly what makes you unhappy, where success eludes you, where life seems to always throw you curveballs. This is the black community in a nutshell because they continue to elect the same ignorant ass Democrat bastards who are nothing more than a bunch of conniving crooks doing little or nothing to improve on the lives of black folks tossing out crumbs and government benefits like Halloween candy keeping their constituents dumb, clueless and hopeless… knowing the Achilles heel of the black community is undying and blind loyalty even to those who knowingly and gleefully screw them over.

Stuff I read...

Did I not say this man is a fool...
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The Occutards are getting their own coloring book.  I wonder if it will receive the same response as the tea party coloring book where the publisher received death threats over its publication.

Job creation, the Obama way: Go to a swing state, declare that you want to build a monument and then brag how that will create jobs.

French Newspaper Firebombed After Posting Mohammad Cartoon on Cover

Entrepreneurs may not be the silver bullet solution to economic recovery, but a full recovery, especially in employment, will not happen without entrepreneurs.

The fallout from Politico’s story on Herman Cain continues.  Apparently the story led to Herman’s biggest online fundraising day yet.

Toure on MSNBC is at it again, accusing Herman Cain of having "moments of minstrelsy" to appease white conservatives.

The Economics of Polarization, or: Why the Tea Party Is Magnificently Right

The only solution will be the kind pioneered by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one of the real heroes of our time: renegotiate the whole relationship between the government and the government unions. But that would mean the end of the Democratic Party as we know it. That’s why the upcoming presidential election will be the nastiest in living memory.
 Colorado voters reject raising taxes to support education

Obama and his eventual Republican opponent will square off for a trio of debates next October in Colorado, New York, and Florida.

David Axelrod has a possible slogan for Obama’s re-election campaign, “GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead.”

Liberals Create Video In Which They Violently Murder "Republicans"

 Halloween Joke? GOP Committee Sends Obama “Bullet Hole Zombie” Picture

 In case you forgot...

Stuff that will never happened at a Tea Party event.

Rape, Gropes, and Assaults, Mayor Bloomberg, Shut Down Zuccotti Park!

New Hampshire woman, Justina Jensen, tried to pimp out teen she met at Occupy protest

Man arrested for child sex assault at Occupy Dallas camp

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