Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why I Hate Politics and why I hate and will never trust the media… ridiculous double standard - Remember the John Edwards Love Child Scandal? Edwards Scandal Library compare to what Cain is going through...

Folks I’ve been really busy today so I’m really behind on the news stuff. My boss came in a told me about how more Herman Cain shit is hitting the proverbial fan.

I’m not here trying to protect Mr. Cain from what may be some wrongdoings I don’t know and frankly don’t care not even a little bit.

As I said the other day ALL MEN ARE PIGS period but by the same token not all women are virtuous, pure and innocent.

Women are far more prone to cheat today than ever before, in fact women are increasingly engaging in adulterous affairs and are rapidly catching up to men in that department.
Go to any bar or club and you will no doubt see the best and brightest of the female variety skanking it up.
Women on the job are increasingly more unstable, engaging in what would be sexually inappropriate behavior on the job… and folks if you think I’m full of shit scroll down and watch the Swipt Yo EBT video I can’t tell you how many women I have come across who are shallow, selfish and skankafied and it is getting worse because since daddy ain’t home any unsuitable substitute will do.

What is my point, point is if Herman Cain engaged in any seemingly fucked up behavior why bring it up now and ask why are these hoes speaking up about it now, probable because they are broke ass skank fucks who need a few dead presidents to help  kill the presidential aspirations of right wing nigga.

I am so sick of this crap and yes I am defending the notion of a high tech lynching. These women were likely white therefore it is easy to find enough punk ass people willing to do and say whatever to fuck over a nigga as long as his politics are acceptable… oh hell let’s just say as long as he is a Democrat.  

When John Edwards was fucking around on his wife the left wing media did not say shit in fact flat out ignored the story. If it were not for the efforts of DBKP – Death By 1000 Papercuts and the persistence of right wing bloggers that story would have been buried.
Folks this is bullshit and regardless of whether or not you support Cain or not  American’s should not continue to tolerate this double standard.     

What John Edwards Scandal? - Gawker - July 24, 2008

If you want an efficient, capsule summary of why you haven't read anything in newspapers or seen anything on major network news about how John Edwards ran from National Enquirer reporters in a hotel parking garage, about how he hid in a bathroom for 15 minutes, and about how he was holed up overnight with his alleged mistress and love child — an awesome, amazing story — parse these three revealing sentences from Washington Post "gossip" columnist Roxanne Roberts, in response to one of many persistent questions about the scandal in an online chat yesterday:
The Enquirer is not going to sell papers with nuance or sensitivity. I need more reporting from a credible source before I'm prepared to pass judgment. I'm not sure Edwards is a real candidate for the VP job, but if so will have to address this one way or another.
It's important to keep in mind, when reading this odd answer, that traditional news media used to have something of a lock on the dissemination of information, and allowed themselves to be convinced that they had a bizarre duty to filter even accurate information of interest to their audiences, and to do so in the service of reinforcing various social institutions and norms, even though their jobs, their Constitutionally-protected jobs, were to do just the opposite, to disseminate information and challenge long-cherished moral codes.
This self-shackling, this corruption of a trade, has become fundamental to American news media, and in the quote above we see Roberts concisely showcasing her own deep-seated instincts.

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Anonymous said...

How about slick willie? and best of all John Corzine the former democratic senator and governor? He is the head of MF global-- going bankrupt and co-mingling the funds of the firm and clients. How about some headlines in the MSM about this thief>?