Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul still relevant? Really!? Seriously!? WTF!

The Paul Pot and the Paulestinians - By Daniel Green
If there was a time for Ron Paul it would be now, in an election against a Democratic administration that has dramatically extended Federal power and created its own mini-tyranny. The problem is that Paul is just as unqualified and broken as Obama. Both men are products of rigid ideology who insist that applying it will fix all problems. They are both surrounded by cults of personality that elevate ordinary mediocre men into the avatars of hope and change.

No sooner does Ron Paul mumble a sentence in a debate then his followers plaster a dozen clips of it on YouTube under titles asserting that he "0WNED" Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or the solar system. The sad truth is that Ron Paul has never won a debate or made an articulate argument for anything. He's a shambling ideologue who has shot up only because every other Republican candidate except Huntsman and Santorum have had their moment in the sun. Paul isn't anyone's first choice, he's the fifth choice who isn't likely to win Iowa, let alone the nomination.

Paul's supporters have bought his son a senate seat and given papa a proper sendoff as the bugbear of the Republican Party. The level of devotion is completely detached from any actual accomplishment in the field of politics. But the same was true of Obama.

Ok I’ve been out on the road vacationing and spending time with family and friends and have not checked out hardly any news since I left almost tow weeks ago.
But while browsing I came across this article on Ron Paul and frankly this guy says what I think but does it better .

Folks I blog quite a bit and comb through many blogs on a normal day. I pay attention to the political process. I have the great fortune to work for and meet many of who are regarded the best and brightest on the political arena in this country from both sides of the political aisle.

Those of you who have been paying me attention for some time know what I think of Ron Paul. Let me tell you what virtually every professional political pundit, political insider, political analysis hell even many of the professors who have Political Science backgrounds say or better yet think about Ron Paul.


No they did not say it quite like that, but that is the gist. Why the drama from yours truly?

This continues to frustrate me and irritate the shit out of me that Ron Paul maintains his relevancy every damn election cycle.
The man is a fucking quack so why the hell do people keep falling for the Barney Fife political routine?
This is a complete and utter joke that he is ahead of any of the Republican challengers.

I saw the Drudge Headline IA: Romney 25% Paul 22% Santorum 16% Gingrich 14%

I don’t like Romney, Gingrich is to toxic and that unfortunately makes Ron Paul inexplicable relevant.

Ok whatever if America can elect a blithering idiot like Obama, shit why the fuck not Ron Paul.  

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