Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SHOCKING! Companies blame unemployment on skills gap - CT Mayor Asks State to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote - Voters Are Smart, Fear Government Most - Gingrich aide is out after blasting Mormonism - What Mormons Really Believe - Video: Romney in 2002: “My views are progressive” - Ron Paul's Earmarks

Companies blame unemployment on skills gap...

Lack of qualified workers, not demand, cited...

The Growing Evidence that College Preferences Harm Minority Students
CT Mayor Asks State to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote...

Holder Ignores Voter Intimidation But Will Go After Voter ID Requirements - Flopping Aces

Our Attorney General, the same one who wouldn’t prosecute OBVIOUS voter intimidation, now leads the “it’s racism!” charge this election season with a speech signaling his department will be wasting resources by looking into State Voter ID laws.  

Taxpayers Get the Bill for Occupations: $22.2M (Updated 12/13) - Gateway Pundit

BREAKING: Voters Are Smart, Fear Government Most - Gateway Pundit
The [Gallup] poll finds that 64 percent of adults believe government is the largest threat to the country, far more than those who fear business or organized labor.
It’s not just Republicans (82 percent) and independents (64 percent) who feel that way. Now, 48 percent of Democrats also fear government most, up from 32 percent when Obama took office.

Gingrich aide is out after blasting Mormonism
The new political director for Newt Gingrich’s Iowa campaign “agreed to step away” from the job after it came to light that he had said some evangelicals believe God would reject Mitt Romney because of his Mormonism.
Craig Bergman during a focus group last Wednesday with the Iowa Republican and McClatchy newspapers said he thought Romney’s religion eventually would cost him votes.

“A lot of the evangelicals believe God would give us four more years of Obama just for the opportunity to expose the cult of Mormon,” Bergman said during the focus group, according to The Iowa Republican. “There’s a thousand pastors ready to do that.”

In a statement Tuesday evening, the Gingrich campaign said Bergman had “agreed to step away from his role with Newt 2012.”

“He made a comment to a focus group prior to becoming an employee that is inconsistent with Newt 2012’s pledge to run a positive and solutions-orientated campaign,” spokesman R.C. Hammond said in the statement.
In October, a Texas minister ignited a firestorm for attacking Romney’s religion by calling it a “cult.” Robert Jeffress, a senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, was introducing rival candidate Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit when he made his comment.

Perry’s campaign eventually disavowed Jeffress’ statement.

What Mormons Really Believe

Romney in 2002: “My views are progressive”

Ron Paul's Earmarks - Ricochet
One of the odd things I hear about from time to time from many of my libertarian colleagues and friends is their perception that Texas Republican Ron Paul is a rare model of purity in a political pigsty.
I have many issues of agreement with Paul, particularly on health policy, and I've defended him publicly in the past on many of his calls for government reform. But this perception of Paul as a principled crusader who serves only the Constitution is at odds with his wholehearted embrace of typical pork-barrel politics - a difference which is all the more stark in the wake of House Republicans' voluntary ban on earmarks last year. The record on this is available to the public, but it attracts scant attention.
Paul made over $157 million in earmark requests for FY 2011, one of only four House Republicans to request any earmarks. Additionally, he made over $398 million in earmark requests for FY 2010, again one of the leading Republican House members.

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