Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hey Obama voters... still happy he won?


You people who lost your jobs since Obama’s reincarnation still celebrating? 

To see companies that announced layoffs since the election, visit the Daily Job Cuts page. Please be sure to tell Obama Thank You.

  Obama in Burma: ‘I cannot just impose my will on Congress, even though sometimes I wish I could’

Peace People



Thursday, November 1, 2012

If America Elects Moron Obama to a Second Term America will be Endorsing Failure

Folks I'm going to kinda go into hibernation until the election results are in. Setting the Chris Christie clown show aside (he is suppose to look presidential every damn day people) I hope that on November 6 America wakes up. Also I hope white people wake the hell up and understand the consequences of electing this crazy man (Obama) to a second term.

When I started my research on Obama early in the 2008 campaign I simply could not see or understand what people saw in him, still don’t. 
I swear I don't, there is nothing charismatic, or charming or real about him. 

I hear some of my friends still gush over him as if they have been asleep the last four years and I want to just shake them into reality.

While I don’t like Obama in any way shape or form I do admire the brilliance and execution it took to get him elected.

The same fascination I felt long after processing the horror of 9/11.

The people who helped purchase the presidency for Obama (make no mistake foreign money purchased his victory in 2008), in order for it to work they had to understand basic psychology and apply it in small doses.
Unfortunately America is full of basket cases.
Humanity is increasingly becoming weak, dependent, and illogical. The lack of the necessary family structure that is slowly eroding the fabric of this country specifically and the world in general cause more and more of us to seek a “daddy” figure, government.
You ever seen a kid still gush after his or her father even though the bastard may be an abusive, alcoholic drug induced psychopath.  

The same skepticism I felt as a young kid in various black churches where the charismatic pastor would scream and shout and psychologically bully his congregation into compliance and into their pockets works even in politics.

Can we be as simple and stupid as to pass numerous tasteless yard signs and have that affect our voting choices?

Can we be driving behind the moron in the fast lane going ever so slowly with the political bumper sticker and say to ourselves “yes I’m with you bud.”

We elected a man that simply mastered the teleprompter and also mastered the Sunday sermon cadence while delivering his ever vacant oratory. We elected a man simply because of style and little or no substance.

He speaks so well but is exceptionally ill equipped to run this nation yet despite his colossal incompetence he can actually win a second term.

Folks let me be blunt here, if Obama wins on Tuesday it will certainly confirm what I have always feared and that is America is indeed on the slide towards its demise because if someone as screwed up and corrupt and incompetent as Obama can win two terms despite his stupidity then we effectively have open the flood gates to have any well connected money rich moron run this country.

I’m not here touting the political savvy and intellect of Romney this is standing up and deciding that we want to have someone as president that proudly represents our country.
That won’t blame us first for the ills of the world, that won’t embarrass us lowering his head to bow some Saudi jackass, and who won’t put his hand on his crotch while the national anthem plays and would not be married to some irritating wretch of a woman who has always shown and voiced contempt for this nation.   

Reading Obama’s followers commentary is an exercise in intellectual vacancy because none seem to have the intellectual ammunition to explain why this moron should have a second term.
Any sane engaged voter should distinctively know that attacking Romney is not an agenda, attacking America is not an agenda, bowing to dictators is not an agenda, pissing away billions of tax dollars on green energy schemes is not an agenda, watching American’s die and passing the blame onto a private citizen is not an agenda, sharing wealth is not an agenda.

The only thing that keeps Obama relevant is money, endless flows of money and influence. This is how you can explain why the media flat won’t do their job and will protect Obama to the point of completely ignoring any incompetence which is why I completely stopped watching the news.

Only people completely devoid of realistic and logical thinking could support this man, unless he is completely filling their pockets and there are still those white people still so caught up in history that they think that supporting a black man somehow absolves them of any racial guilt or they simply think that still supporting Obama is somehow cool.

I find this more than amusing because the neo-Nazi types who always crow about the racial and intellectual superiority of white folks, well Obama election victory in 2008 and if he manages to win again in 2012 will certainly disprove all that.

Obama even had the audacity as to campaign and help raise money for a former Klan member Robert Byrd and I still talk to black and white folks who either did not know this and more can’t believe he actually did it, they think I’m making it up, amazing! 

It is one thing to be able to study hard and be a good test taker and receive multiple degrees and maybe be able to achieve some measure of success but those who are completely unable to process or understand Obama’s lack of ability and lack of basic common sense yet still gleefully support him gives you pause.  

If Obama wins on Tuesday what does that say about us, this country, and our future?
I don’t want to wake up on Wednesday pondering this question.

People this election should not even be close, frankly if Romney does not win by a landslide it will make me wonder, but at least this nightmare will be over.

People if you associate with those who still are on the fence, talk to them, educate them, don’t take this election casually; it is going to take all of us, every last one of us to take this man down. We simply can’t allow him to continue to screw this nation over and to take this nation down a path which we could possible never recover from.

Monday, October 29, 2012

“Reprehensible:” Is how I could describe those who could STILL support this coward ass president… Obama

This is a piece by Neal Boortz and as each day passes and each day the media and Obama’s supporters pretend that the death of Americans due to terrorism does not matter, it makes me ill. Read the rest link at bottom.
 This morning my sense of absolute disgust is in full bloom … disgust at this hopeless failure of a man currently occupying the White House, and disgust at the bulk of the Washington and New York press corps (Press corpse to Obama) protecting him and working to boost his reelection chances.
If you haven’t been paying attention to the Benghazi story, it’s probably a waste of time for me to try to catch you up here … and if you’ve been watching the broadcast networks, CBS, NBC and ABC or CNN … then it can’t be said that you’ve been paying attention.  These so-called news outlets have only been covering enough of this story to avoid being viewed as completely worthless and biased.
There are some stories linked below that you can read to catch you up to speed.  You can also try to find a rerun of that special they had on Fox News Channel over the weekend which detailed this situation very nicely.  It is no wonder that proggies and the Obama myrmidons absolutely HATE Fox News Channel.
Let me just to put what I believe the truth is here … you may believe otherwise, and if you’ve spent the time I have following this story your version may be as valid as mine.  You just read and compare
We’ll handle this in bullet points:
  • Obama incessantly spikes the “I got bin Laden” ball at the Democrat convention.
  • A number two Al Qaeda operative gets nailed by a drone.
  • Al Qaeda decides to teach Obama and America a lesson, and plans a terrorist attack to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the Islamic attack on America.
  • Monday evening, 9/11/12, Ansar Al Sharia attacks our consulate in Benghazi.  Some say they are trying to kill our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, others say they were trying to capture him so that they could then negotiate a trade for the Blind Sheik. 
  • The White House is notified of the attack within two hours.  There are reports that the entire attack was being watched live in the White House situation room.
  • Obama says that he ordered the Defense Department and the CIA to do everything possible to save the lives of our people in that consulate.  We don’t find out about this alleged order until three weeks after the attack.  Personally, I don’t believe the order was ever given.
  • If the order was actually given Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ignored it when he ordered American troops to “stand down.”  Americans were dying on the ground, but Panetta didn’t have enough information to send in the troops.
  • Two Navy Seals apparently disobeyed orders and went to the rescue of the Americans in the consulate.  They both died.  While there they were “painting” a mortar position being used by Islamists to attack the consulate with a laser, and calling for that position to be taken out.  Our military didn’t act.
  • Obama had outsourced the security for the consulate to a group called The 17th of February Martyr’s Brigade, an offshoot of Ansar Al Sharia, the very group that was attacking the consulate.
  • There were drones circling over the attack as it was going on.  We can’t learn whether or not these drones were armed.
  • There were AC130U gunships available that could have been on the scene in under an hour.  They were not used.
  • The morning after the attack Obama speaks to the press and blames the attack on the video.  He claims that he referred to the attack as a terrorist attack at that time.  The transcript shows that he did not.
  • As soon as Obama makes his statement to the media blaming the attack on the video he heads to the second floor of the White House to pack for his trip to Las Vegas for a fund raiser.
  • For the next two weeks the Obama junta relentlessly pushes the idea that this attack was a spontaneous attack because of an amateur video about Islam.  He continues with this line even while the interim president of Libya is telling the world that it was planned by an offshoot of Al Qaeda .. nothing spontaneous about it.
  • Obama sends his UN Ambassador Susan Rice out to push this completely made-up “video” scenario, knowing it was false.
  • Obama even goes before the General Assembly of the United Nations and shares his “it was the video” story with the world.  At that time he absolutely knew it was a planned attack from Ansar Al Sharia.
  • Three weeks after the attack we see the emails that made a lie out of virtually everything Obama had been saying about the attack  
  • In the meantime the dominant elements of the ObamaMedia are dutifully conveying the “it was the video” line so as not to harm the reelection chances of the president they promoted with no vetting in 2008.
I strongly feel that Obama made a cold and calculated decision while the consulate was still on fire that he had to do everything he could to keep the American voters from realizing that this was a pre-planned and organized Al Qaeda attack on the anniversary of 9/11.  If the American people understood this it would destroy his “I got bin Laden and Al Qaeda is on the run” story.


and this:

BEYOND IMPEACHMENT: Obama Treasonous over Benghazi, Roger L. Simon writes. “If the worst aspects of Benghazi are conclusively proven to be true, Benedict Arnold may prove to be a piker in comparison.”

Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama Supporters: The Clear Devolving or Degenerating of the Human Mind.

I understand that ranting rarely changes individual minds. No matter how passionate I may be about an issue once someone has created their own narrative for why they like something or support something that becomes hard wired.

If it were possible to truly change someone’s perspective on something in an instant then frankly we would all be totally screwed. More of us would be engrossed in cults or cultish behaviors, easily prone to fads, able to fool easily; someone could read one thing and form instant opinions on that subject. Just a glancing view at something could hook you, the cliché “don’t judge a book by its’ cover” would be meaningless, right?
We would hear hollow declarations like “Hope” and we would become enthralled.  

Folks I am seriously confused. I have done more reading of Obama fans, potential Obama voters, lifelong Democrats in discussion forums; website comments section etc and I truly don’t understand how anyone could possible or logically steadfast support Obama.
I can see you saying I’m not sure about that Romney guy, he look creepy; I don’t like his stance on “whatever.” But to actually try and defend Obama, especially if you don’t have any financial or personal connection to the dude is puzzling to say the least.
Black folks silly infatuation with him I kind of get, black folks have been kicked around so mentally some will find any thread of self-esteem even if it is in the wrong place or invested in the wrong person. I don’t get star struck ever, frankly the only person if I could sit and talk to for an extended period of time would be Thomas Sowell.

I’m kind of fascinated by the Obama worship. The willingness of people to put his bumper sticker on their nice new car or Facebook “I like Obama” pages, people actually bragging that they are going to support him, again despite his obvious incompetence is amusing to say the least.
Folks I’m fascinated by this from a human perspective. Not comparing Obama to Hitler but I understood Hitler’s popularity he was an infectious dude, but Obama hardly not even a little bit.

Now as for Romney, if you read my old comments on Romney it is clear I was not a big fan of his and frankly I thought the GOP made a horrendous mistake for not grooming a better candidate long ago. I will admit that I have some reservations about Romney but the one thing I don’t doubt is he will “try” to do what is best for America as a whole and will not make the presidency about himself or his legacy as Obama has tried to do.

Obama is one of the most intellectually dishonest politicians I have ever witnessed. He is as arrogant a man in the White House as I can imagine. I’ve said a million times I truly don’t understand the attraction or the infatuation and most who say they support him know so little about him.
The other things I keep reading are apparently that white people are still being bullied by the thought of not supporting him even though he has been a complete failure.
I don’t get it, if you worked for or with someone as incompetent, silly, clearly unqualified who screwed up day by day and would or could lie as easily and effortlessly as Obama does the average person would not have anything to do with such an individual.

Folks I’m a lone rogue blogger taking my free time to share my opinion. I don’t have a dog in the race in so much that regardless of who wins my life won’t change very much if at all. Will still be broke, kind of a recluse, living as simplistic a life as I can have at this point in my life, but if Obama wins a second term many people who are a hell of a lot worse off than me will be screwed and many of these people are his fans and fawning followers.
This almost reminds me of a woman in an abusive marriage, she stays because she has nowhere to go, she has been brainwashed to think that her current existence is the only existence.
I have actually had conversations with people, who believe that their monetary existence hedges on whether or not Obama continues as president totally oblivious of the fact that no matter what he can only serve one more term anyway.

All of the material I have just below I kept on top because if people found me somehow I wanted to make it very simple for the seemingly logical, open minded individual to understand that what we have in this piece of crap president is unprecedented and I am serious when I say if Obama were white, there is no way he would have been allowed near the White House.

I felt kind of bad recently when talking to a little kid and he said something positive about Obama and in one way I was actually pleased that he even gave a crap about that, but on the other hand I feel so bad in light of his presidency are those young black kids who looked up to him in many ways or the old school black folks who did feel some sense of accomplishment or unity because of his presidency.

My brother who I love dearly was a big supporter of Obama’s. In fact he still has the Time Magazine cover proudly displayed in his home and my brother is very particular about what goes up on his wall.

We were conversing and I showed him much of the material on my blog, after explaining in great detail many aspects about Obama he never even though about exploring and the look on his face was kind of like a kid discovering a dark secret about one of his parents.

However keep in mind my brother rarely gives his opinion on something and is far from the star struck type but you could see the wheels turning. Did I change his mind in any meaningful way, no, but he did listen to me because I was his little brother and he loves me.
He also was thinking about our brother who passed away and he was as big an Obama hater as I am. My oldest brother and I were in lock step in the red flags that surfaced when Obama started his climb and we both were a little more than embarrassed how black people blindly followed him.

It is funny how much we have devolved; take me for instance my first red flag regarding Romney was him being a Mormon. I will be honest for the longest time that was my biggest issue because of something I experienced as a kid involving Mormons. Something so innocuous (maybe not so much) as someone religion would cloud my thinking about someone when in fact I know far more Catholics who are equally as abhorrent and offensive or as racist as any Mormon.

Why am I voting for Romney, because he is not Obama, far from it, in fact Obama clearly does not like him and frankly that is a selling point for me.

While Romney will do some things that will make us conservative types cringe from time to time I believe he will basically do what is right in the end but one thing I know he won’t do is bow to some idiot bastard dictator. Only a fool bows to those who are not their equal.

I don’t understand the support for Obama because at the core he is not someone who represents America proudly. He is an unabashed embarrassment and anyone foolish enough to get on a forum and proudly outline what they perceive are his accomplishments simply are not rational.

I get left wing bloggers support of him, many have access to him, his top staff and or the White House which they will never get under a Republican president not to mention the money that flows in to left wing blogs and news organizations from Obama’s money machine. Without that support there is no way this election would even be close.

The funny thing is if Romney wins we on the right, those that truly give a shit about the country at large, will hold up a microscope on Romney’s administration and scrutinize it as much as we did Obama’s. That is what we do, that is the difference between individuals who put the person or “a” person over the “Office of the presidency.”

Again if you found your way to this blog somehow and are reading this and you are confident enough in your support and potential vote for Obama, feel free however in doing so how will you ever reconcile his colossal failures with your own values.

When your kids fail do you provide options or solutions or do you come up with excuses?

Are you the type of parent when you kids screws up do you blame the teacher?

When you kid screws up do you blame video games or society at large?

After you vote for Obama how do you feel? Don’t say good because that is bullshit.
To many of you Obama is like the crazy uncle who screws shit up but you love him anyway because he after all is family.
Black people cling to this ridiculous notion that Obama’s dark skin makes him one of “us” His presidency has been a painful lesion for many and the fact that so many are clinging on to the bandwagon frankly to me is a sad play on the society in which we live.

Obama; so many lies, so many broken promises, and so many red flags that if people paid attention we could have avoided him in the first place.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Questions: Who sets the rules for the black social imperative? Why do all blacks seem to think alike? Why is the black mindset being driven in the suicidal direction?

I received the following comment and wanted to respond with a full fledged post because I think it is worth the time to do so because frankly while many of you who come here from time to time and hopefully the people who thought that I disappeared permanently will find me again need to understand that my lack of hope did not just seep its way into my consciousness when Obama became president this has been festering for quite some time.
If you been reading my rants before ignore, nothing new here.

This is some of the commentary from my anonymous friend:  
Anonymous said...

    Gaius, I read what you posted, thought about it, came back to re-read it, thought some more and came back again and again.

  ME  "No black person in this country benefits by speaking out against Obama, or writing something negative about him."

    When you are ostracized by your family, friends, coworkers, etc for holding beliefs counter to what they hold and they refuse to listen to you you do have choices.

    Remain silent around them. Safe but hard to do.

    Speak out at every chance. Ostracized and cut off from any safety net.

    Feel out personal opinions to find those willing to at least listen. Time consuming and dangerous. But, also the most rewarding.

   ME:  "This is the one thing many of you white people don’t understand regarding why blacks vote Democrat in such large numbers because it is a social imperative to do so."

    Who sets the rules for the black social imperative? Find out who they are and what motivates them to insist on blacks voting democrat.
First of all I don’t know how many of you who read me also read other black conservative columnists, bloggers, and journalists or listen to black conservatives on talk radio.
Not that any of us are special by any stretch of the imagination and not to questions anyone personal political motives and what I mean by that is there are some black folks that play the “I’m a black conservative” card because it is a novelty to them or it is either profitable or it gets them some attention.

My friend Kevin Jackson I remember the first time I had a conversation with him it was as if we were separated at birth in how our minds processed today’s political climate. Now I am not saying that we agree on everything he is not as hopeless as I am but we are on the same boat philosophically in many respects.
I have also had the opportunity to meet and chat with JosephPhillips and Mychal Massie and I know they have strong conservative political convictions although Joseph is a little more low key and measured than myself, Kevin or Mychal his convictions are strong.

As for who “Who sets the rules for the black social imperative” all black people are responsible. Going back to the days of the civil rights movement when Martin Luther King became the leader of the movement and other emerged as leaders in their own right people like Malcolm X for example.
Black people always had this obsessive need to anoint someone as the “leader” as if they needed one. This is why people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were able to get rich by simply having a big mouth. In the black community unfortunately the one who has the biggest mouth gets the most attention.

Not speaking for any other black person and certainly not speaking for any other self-proclaimed conservative I have always believed that black folks "need" to have a “leader” was their biggest downfall.
White people don't have a self-proclaimed leader. White people who tend to be followers end up in cults or religions like Scientology. Hispanics don't all follow this "return the Southwest US back to Mexico" bullshit.
Not even the majority of Muslims are American hating, World Trade Center smashing zealots. The
reason these groups don't have this collective thought process is because they tend to at least entertain 
the thought that other ideas are feasible that maybe everything they may have been taught is not quite what it seems. They will read alternate sources of information, view and process alternate political views and thinking. Black people won't do this for the most part. In private they may question some of the rhetoric but show a collective mindset to whitey.         

During the civil rights era speaking with a collective and coordinated voice was important because that was important in not only getting out the word but to show a measure of force behind the words and rhetoric necessary to change the hearts and minds of white America. Also behind that collective voice meant a show of financial strength as well. This is why you still have today the “buy black” argument.
Black people in general and so called black leaders have co-opted the good intentions of promoting civil rights into this one mind, one thought for the Democrat Party and the liberalism you have today.

Keep in mind although I am conservative I would never advocate that folks buy hook line and sinker what I said or what any other conservative was selling. Being Republican or Conservative does not mean I am right or have all the answers but I am informed enough, educated enough and enlightened enough that the alternate that is Democratic induced liberalism is complete and utter poison to America and society in general at least as it is being promoted by this current administration.
I don't want nor would I ever advocate that everyone be conservative. Our life experiences plays a role in dictating where we get our political ideology. We all don't walk in the same shoes in other words so there is no logical explanation or rationale that all black people would think, process and vote alike. 
I’ve never given a damn who someone votes for or even why as long as you clearly know why? I’ve said often that I have spoken to far too many black folks including friends and family and will ask why do you support a given candidate and I always get the obligatory “Republicans are evil” or some DNC talking point.
I read so many black websites and listen to black celebrities or pundits and the arguments are never cohesive or intellectually sound it’s all rhetoric how some say it, “fire and brimstone.”

For me ever since I was old enough to understand the society in which I lived and understood how our government worked and politics in general I would hear black people say this whitey was evil bullshit and it never made sense to me. While I did encounter the stupid racist white person from time to time, far more were good decent people then they were evil and I never asked for their political credentials.

Fast forward to today’s conversations when it comes to politics and it is not only whitey is evil, Republicans are evil nonsense. No reasonable person would or could even believe this crap. If that were the case Obama would have lost by a landslide because if race trumps politics as black people say then whitey would have played the race card but they didn’t they voted for Obama hoping that somehow this would heal the racial wounds we suffer today. Who care what he stood for or who he was or where he came from.
 White people basically put our country and its future and its money at risk all to make some racial statement. I’ve said before I expect black people to vote on feelings or something as ridiculous as skin color but not white people.

Again to your question on who  sets the social imperative well black people have been trained to think on a collective basis otherwise you would not get the same rhetoric from every black person who supports Obama or who automatically votes Democrat.
In is not in our nature for all of us to think the same to have the same thoughts and values and mindset. Not when it comes to deciding on what car to buy, or what eat, or what to wear or with whom to vote for, that never made sense to me and as I have said before one of the best gifts my late father gave me is telling me that just because someone shares my skin pigmentation does not make them my brother or sister or that they will always have my best interests at heart.

The thing about who sets the social imperative depends on who you talk to. Every black preacher, radio DJ, journalists again anyone with a big enough mouth and enough of a personality will gladly take the lead on that social imperative not in the best interest of black folks in general but for their own benefit.  

ME: "...Blacks are already fearful of the government and if they think that saying the wrong thing could get them kicked out of government housing or that they may lose that EBT card you think a black person is going to say that they are going to vote for Romney?"

    Why are blacks fearful of their government? Rumors and propaganda? If so who puts those rumors into place?

Again anyone with a big enough mouth or microphone not to mention just about every black celebrity, professional athlete. Being an uninformed mouthpiece unfortunately is the standard in the black community. It is not the goal to educate and inform.
I mentioned in another post that I had a dear friend basically say that although they may not like what is going on with Obama that they had to vote for him because they heard that if Romney got elected that he and the Republicans were going to eliminate student loans for poor people. This is not only unbelievably erroneous but so ridiculous on its face that I would never think anyone reasonably intelligent person could believe that.
This person is not dumb or stupid in fact much smarter and hard working than I could ever hope to be, but that is what they believe.
I understand that when we have busy lives and other fish to fry as we go about our busy day we get bits and pieces of information from our friends and family and if we tend to communicate with uninformed people that is what we ourselves become... uninformed.        

I hear and read all kinds of ridiculous stuff on black radio stations and black blogs but the thing is only back people listen to those stations and read those blogs.
Black people will only pay attention to what another black person says or does and most black people get their 411 from whatever church they go to. So unless they are willing to explore other informational resources or open themselves to the possibility that what they hear from these sources are crap they will never change their thinking. 

ME:    "Black people and in particular black children are murdered all over this country, black unemployment is at a record high for black people, the black family is all but disintegrated, 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers, almost 70 percent are dropping out of high school none of these fact will ever get a headline but the fact that these same black folks won’t support a GOP candidate is news worthy?"

    Very easy to ask pointed questions that mean little. Very hard to ask questions whose very answers require a close look at yourself. Bill Cosby spoke about some of these issues and I commend him for his strength in speaking out. Black families are disintegrating. Why? I can remember when black families stood together. Now? Not so much. I remember when blacks valued an education so much that they risked their life to go to a good school. Today? Not so much.

    This situation has to be driven from somewhere. Why is it being driven in the suicidal direction it find itself in today and who is driving it?

I’m not sure if I have the answer, I honestly have little hope take me for example. I’ve been blogging since 2005 and with a few exceptions any black person who has ever come to any of my previous blogs or this one see me as some evil scientist Uncle Tom sellout.
After all these years and with all the evidence at their disposal Democrats have completely failed blacks at every turn, yet as you say blacks still philosophically head towards the mental cliff or suicidal direction as you say.

I’m here to say that will never change and I say that because the days you spoke of when the black family was whole and supportive of one another, where freedom of thought and expression was celebrated, when black businesses thrived, when education was encouraged, when freedom and righteousness was championed that no longer exists.

The black family has eroded, education is non-existent and Obama has driven a stake in the American mindset and promoted division and I dare say anarchy.
You can’t change the mindset of folks if they are uneducated and unwilling to look beyond their own narrow world view.

Again I don’t care who you vote for, or where your political affiliations lie, the only thing I care about is that you are informed and open to the possibility that you don’t have all the answers and are willing to explore thinking that just might be outside of your current realm of thinking.

Black people think the way they do not out of logic but simply because they are black. There is no hope of that changing in my lifetime. It is a bleak outlook I know and exactly why I don’t blog because I’m trying to change anyone mind or outlook. I honestly blog because all of this crap on the internet both the good and the bad is forever.
I want some smart dude in the future and hopefully that is some black individual who helped prove me wrong and helped changed the mindset that black people had to think with one mindset to read my diatribes to understand that not all of us were part of that 95 percent that voted Democrat on cue, who blindly followed the silly rhetoric spewed by so-called black elite, sycophant journalists, bloggers, rappers and preachers.

These blog posts to me these days are my electronic versions of a message in a bottle.

I don’t know what else to do these days but vent on occasion and hopefully some young inquiring blogger will read this and inquire and question maybe disagree but that would be OK. You can’t change anyone’s mind unless you change their heart.
I don’t agree with most black people on the surface but I’m not here to label those with whom I disagree with as evil or stupid. No other racial or ethnic group thinks with one mind and one voice unless you are a communist.
If we are to take “free at last” seriously does that also include freedom of thought?

Sorry this may be slightly disjointed, I have been writing throughout this busy day at work.
I wish more people would be willing to share their thoughts on this. All I can do is put it out there.

Peace, Gaius

Thursday, September 13, 2012

For Blacks Voting for Obama is a Social Imperative - 0% Of Blacks Support Romney... Does It Matter?

Folks keep in mind some of this is a week or two old, that’s what happens when you basically go into complete news/political blackout. Frankly and I don’t mean to sound anti-American or anything I am far more concerned about how the 49ers are going to do this season not to mention how my San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s will do down the stretch.

While I have decided to pay cursory attention to the political scene I will remain cautious regarding the outcome. It is precisely because of stories like the subject matter below that really has me wanting to go to some cave somewhere and hide.

Folks those of you who have been reading this blog know I’m black in addition many of you know that I was not a fan at all of Mitt Romney. I in fact said that he would be a horrible choice for president and I also said that I did not think that a good number of Christian folks would support a Mormon for president.

However, Obama is a horrible president and nothing any liberal political commentator can say can eradicate that glowing fact.
Obama has completely screwed black folks, all of his hope and change bullshit did nothing to inspire the black community out of the cesspool of crime, drugs and lack of education.
I keep reading and hearing black folks still desperately trying to carry the torch for this fool and all I can do these days is laugh. I would be sad except for the fact that I simply have developed an emotional scab when it comes to trying to explain and figure out folks who share my skin pigmentation.

If zero percent black people support Romney, so fucking what? If black people want to remain slaves to the government, broke, un or undereducated then let them. People have the right to be wrong or stupid.

Romney is no savior; he is not the most engaging person. He is flat in many ways lackluster, boring. I honestly don’t know what he stands for or where his passion lies and he is Mormon.
He has a shitty campaign crew because if you can’t inspire greater poll numbers while running against this idiot president you have a major PR problem. Conservatives are unsure of him, independents are still undecided about him and he is a Mormon.
However I do know one thing, he is not Obama. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that all you have to do to turn the country around is THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT OBAMA IS DOING.

If black people are not ashamed of their EBT status then fuck em, let them vote for Obama and if dude wins just imagine what kind of train wreck the black community will dissolve into, not that it already isn’t.

The thing people forget about the media is they need a good story and a good narrative to sell papers, to sell ad space and to sell commercials.
It would be easy for the media to say “Obama has been a disaster as president; anyone else is a more preferable choice for the country.” If this were the case none of us would be paying attention to politics because there would be no buildup we would all know who would win in November.
The media and its willing participants go to school to get that worthless degrees in journalism for one reason and one reason only; they want to make a difference.
Every person in the media has this obsessive need to want to change the world.
It isn’t about truth, it isn’t about what is good for the country or society, and some people in the media want to tweak society for their own amusement.
Take the “hot mic moment.” captured yesterday, these people are about the game of reporting not for the sake of informing the public.  

I will tell you as a person who is privy to some interesting conversations with some of the most prominent journalists in the country few are nearly as vitriolic, or as partisan as they appear on TV or in print.
It is their job to “make a difference” one way or another.
Also with white journalists coming to the aid of a black guy makes them appear cool and hip. When Obama is shown the door these journalists who were favorable to him will still get to hang out with the first black president, appear at cocktail parties, and hang out with him in the luxury suites at Cowboy stadium or somewhere else.
Any meaningful journalist, news anchor, talk show host whoever those people helping him will be rewarded for a lifetime with his company.

As for the black journalists it is obvious why they are helping him perpetrate the biggest fraud on black folks ever. They get to hang with the king, they get to play in the white house press room for a term or two.
In addition many of you either has forgotten or did not know that Obama gave millions of taxpayer dollars to black journalists to support their (his) efforts. So take any news article or editorial written by a black journalist in support of Obama with a grain of salt.  
The few black journalists that have been outspoken about Obama in particular his relations with blacks (PBS Host Questions Obama‘s’Genuine Love for Black People’)
Tavis Smiley has been vilified in the black community.

No black person in this country benefits by speaking out against Obama, or writing something negative about him.

I’ve said this before black people who stand up against Obama is risking everything from
social status in their communities and or church, if they own a business losing customers forever, isolation from their families and friends.

This is the one thing many of you white people don’t understand regarding why blacks vote Democrat in such large numbers because it is a social imperative to do so.

Those of you who are white can afford to put up lawn signs, speak openly about your voting preferences at dinner parties or Facebook statuses.
Black people who speak out against Obama in a social setting can kill a relationship. As for poll numbers seriously… a white pollster comes up to a black person… oh wait a black pollster comes up to a black person in a black neighborhood and ask who are you voting for?  Blacks are already fearful of the government and if they think that saying the wrong thing could get them kicked out of government housing or that they may lose that EBT card you think a black person is going to say that they are going to vote for Romney?       

I find it more than a little amusing that so many of these white news outlets and blogs are making such a big deal out of this zero percent support headline.
Black people on a national scale have little or no clout in determining who the next president is. Black people don’t have the collective media or financial means to affect the outcome of the election. All of this hand wringing is symbolic and a little bit insidious on the part of white liberals. Basically they are saying “if the least of our brethren (black people) can’t support Romney, then how can we?”

Black people and in particular black children are murdered all over this country, black unemployment is at a record high for black people, the black family is all but disintegrated, 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers, almost 70 percent are dropping out of high school none of these fact will ever get a headline but the fact that these same black folks won’t support a GOP candidate is news worthy?

 Survey: One-Third Of Americans In ‘Lower Classes’ Since Obama Took Office
Folks I am so fortunate to be on the down turn of my life cycle because this country is getting more fucked up each and every day.


 The Unreported Racism Of The 2012 Election: 0% Of African-Americans Support Romney
"The results of an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll came out recently and got very little play in the media. The poll’s results were race-related and quite startling. While the media has jumped on anything involving race quite readily during the Obama presidency – and even before – apparently this survey didn’t produce the type of front page race-talk the media likes to report on.

According to the NBC and Wall Street Journal’s poll conducted in August of 2012, 0% – that’s “zero percent”, not a typo – of African-Americans support the GOP presidential candidate-to-be Mitt Romney in the presidential election of 2012.

The media keeps suggesting that the racism regarding candidates has to do with whites not wanting to vote for a black man, even though Barack Obama won a presidential election with a great amount of white support – obviously – or he wouldn’t have won an election in the country where the vast majority of people are white."

"why is the support for Obama among African-Americans is so strong. Black persons’ economics have reportedly worsened during the Obama administration over the past four years. The extremely poor unemployment rate among African-Americans has worsened during Obama’s term, as it is now estimated to be up to approximately 15%. The Obama economy has caused people’s need for federal assistance, such as food stamps, to increase to 50% of all Americans – with a great deal, but not a majority, of those in need being black persons. The housing situation in America which has had an extremely negative impact on minorities in this country is reportedly worse than it was in the mid-1930s during the Great Depression. Crime and murders in the big cities are still atrocious, quite often in the minority areas of those cities, such as in Obama’s own hometown of Chicago.

With all this factual data – not propaganda – created during President Obama’s term, it is incomprehensible to think that 94% of African-Americans are still supporting Obama and 0% is supporting Romney – unless one thinks like a racist and only vote for one’s own race."

By Scott Paulson
The Plus in Romney's 0 Percent Black Vote Support - Earl Ofari Hutchenson
Another insidious GOP ploy with its eye on black voters is to bankroll and promote a handful of visible and vocal black conservatives to recite all the stock criticisms of Obama, civil rights leaders, and Democrats. This creates the deliberate and false impression that a substantial number of blacks don't support the Democratic Party despite the polls. Davis, for instance, plays that role well. In highly touted interviews and appearances, Davis pounds on the tired theme that the Democratic Party has betrayed blacks and that it practices a modern version of plantationism; that is perennially taking the black vote for granted, while offering no tangible programs for the black poor. His tout of Romney and Ryan's emphasis on private sector growth, school choice, and further shredding welfare, is supposedly the path to economic well-being and uplift for blacks. This line will be repeated incessantly by black GOP pitchmen and women in the run up to November 6.

The GOP's aim is not to add a digit or two to the goose egg that polls show Romney will get from black voters. It's to sow seeds of doubt, confusion, and even some hostility toward Obama among just enough blacks to keep them from the polls in the must win battle ground states, present the façade of a color blind party, and sprinkle it all with racially loaded code terms to further inflame conservative white voters. This is the plus GOP banks on among blacks despite Romney's 0 percent black voter support.
  Zero—Literally Zero!—Percent of Black Voters Support Mitt Romney 
After Romney suffered sustained booing at an address to the NAACP in July, the organization’s chair, Roslyn Brock, released the following apologia: “This morning Governor Romney laid out his policy agenda for this nation. Unfortunately, much of his agenda is at odds with what the NAACP stands for—whether the issue is equal access to affordable health care, reforming our education system or the path forward on marriage equality.”

Empirical research conducted on the “Blacks/Afro-Americans for Mitt Romney” Facebook page confirms Romney’s unpopularity within the black community. Many members of the group appear to be white; still more appear to have joined the group with the intention of arguing how disingenuous most of the posted pro-Romney arguments were.
  We Are ‘Not Zero Percent’: Young Black Romney-Supporters Prove NBC-WSJ Poll Wrong

 Romney On NAACP Booing: If They Want More Free Stuff From The Government Vote Obama

  Mitt Romney’s Lack of Blacks
There still are no pictures of Blacks anywhere to be found on Romney’s campaign website.  There is a full section targeting the Hispanic vote, even a section in Spanish; but nothing targeting the Black community.  Enough said!

This is what happens when you have no capable Blacks around to advice and work on a campaign.  If Baca is in charge of coalitions, then why has he not reached out to experienced operatives like Shannon Reeves, Allegra McCullough, David Byrd, Aaron Manaigo, Francis Johnson, Ada Fisher or James House?  Why has he not reached out to the National Association of Black Accountants, the National Association of Black MBAs, or the National Association of Black Engineers, to name a few?

I know the leaders of most these groups and know for a fact certain that they would be fertile ground for an intelligent message put forward from the Romney campaign.  The few Blacks Romney may have around him are all functional people—meaning they follow orders; they don’t give the orders!  That is what I mean when I talk about being in a position of power—can they authorize an expenditure of money, can they get an event on Romney’s schedule, or can they get a private meeting on Romney’s calendar?

I would much rather the Romney campaign simply tell the Black community straight-up that they have no interest in our vote because their actions speak so loud that I can’t hear a damn thing they are saying!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kraft CEO say YO Swipe That EPT! - How murder of U.S. ambassador to Libya plunges Obama's re-election campaign into crisis - New York Times Buries Attacks - Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like - Palin: “You Either Get Free Stuff Or Freedom” - Thanks Obama...fourth straight trillion-dollar deficit - DNC likes Russian Ships Better! - Fact: Not screwing someone as screwed up as you curbs poverty!

 How murder of U.S. ambassador to Libya plunges Obama's re-election campaign into crisis   - Times UK
The Obama administration is engulfed in a full-blown foreign policy crisis just two months before the presidential election with the two campaigns trading angry accusations over events in Libya, Egypt and Israel. Footage of the body of Christopher Stevens, United States ambassador to Libya, slung over the back of a protester, was reminiscent of the 1993 'Black Hawk Down' incident in Somalia in 1993 when militia fighters lynched American aircrew in the streets of Mogadishu. President Barack Obama's staff will also be mindful that a shadow was cast over Jimmy Carter's presidency by the Iranian hostage crisis after the US embassy in Tehran was stormed by Islamist extremists following the Iranian revolution.
New York Times Buries Attacks; Joins Obama in Capitulating to Mob, Attacking Romney  - Breitbart
The New York Times' coverage of the radical Islamist attacks on 9/11 on the U.S. embassy in Cairo and the U.S. consulate in Benghazi begins--like the Obama administration--with acknowledging "anger" over an anti-Islamic film, not with the attacks themselves--and criticizes Republican Mitt Romney's statement on Obama's apology.
Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like - Dick Morris
The Obama Administration’s Justice Department announced, on August 22nd, that it was joining a lawsuit by a former Gallup employee and whistleblower against the Gallup Corporation for allegedly overcharging the government on polling work.

The announcement comes on the heels of a confrontation between Gallup staffers and Obama strategist David Axelrod in which he accused the company of using out of date sampling methods which, he said, generated polling data negative to the president.

The whistleblower’s lawsuit has been kicking around since 2009, but the Justice Department joined the suit only after the run-in between Axelrod and Gallup in April of this year.

In a scene right out of a typical authoritarian regime, Fox News reports that “employees at the venerable Gallup polling firm suggested they felt threatened by Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod when he questioned the methodology of a mid-April poll showing Mitt Romney leading the president – according to internal emails published Thursday.”

That poll that sent Axelrod ballistic showed Romney leading Obama 48-43 percent.
 Poll: More Trust Obama than Romney on Jobs
 Slightly more Americans trust Barack Obama than Mitt Romney on the issue of job creation, a new poll from Rasmussen shows. Forty-seven percent of those polled said they trust Obama more on job creation, compared to 45 percent who say they trust Romney more.                That can't be comforting news to the Romney campaign, which has made job creation and Obama's bad record on the economy the central focus of the Massachusetts Republican's run for the White House. Consider a recent Romney advertisement airing in Florida, a critical swing-state. The ad hammers President Obama for Florida's 8.6 percent unemployment and reminds viewers that foreclosures in the Sunshine State are at record highs.

Flashback: Which presidential polls were most accurate?

RUSH: All of this inevitability of Barack Obama is manufactured.  It started in The Politico, with two guys named John Harris and Jim VandeHei.  They're the ones who got this whole ballgame running on, "Obama's inevitable.  Obama got the great bounce."  And, folks, it's all phony.  There's nothing to it.  Even the CNN poll that's out that's got Obama up six.  It's a joke of a poll.  The Democrat sample in this poll is absolutely unbelievably high.  

Media Blackout: GAO Says Obama’s Welfare Waivers Illegal - Wizbang

-By Warner Todd Huston
On Sept. 4, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) made a startling assertion saying that Obama circumvented the law when he summarily waived the work requirements in the welfare law. Perhaps not as shocking, to date, few news outlets seem interested in the story.
In its Sept. 4 letter, the GAO found that Health and Human Services (HHS) should have formally submitted a letter of its intent to make the changes to Congress and the Comptroller General before any waivers can be legally issued.
The letter also said that the GAO had not determined if HHS had the legal right to even make such waivers available. The GAO is basically saying that the Obama administration is breaking the law with its waivers.
But, according to a review of the shocking news of the GAO’s determination, neither CNN, nor CBS, nor ABC have bothered to report the story.

Palin: “You Either Get Free Stuff Or Freedom” 
(CNS News) “We’re not explaining to the rest of America, who thinks that they’re going to get a bunch of free stuff from Obama, that you have a choice. You either get free stuff or you get freedom. You cannot have both, and you need to make a choice.
“And if we could explain and get that message through to people that there is no such thing as a free lunch — and that we are an insolvent nation when you consider us being $16 trillion in debt, we’re broke. We can’t keep continuing down this path.”

  Are we really better off than four years ago? - Human Events 
As Michael Kinsley wrote in 1984, “a gaffe occurs not when a politician lies, but when he tells the truth.”
According to that definition, one prominent speaker at the Democratic National Convention, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, recently committed a gaffe when asked, “Can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago?”

“No,” admitted O’Malley, “but that’s not the question …”

By the next day, O’Malley had gotten on message, saying “We are clearly better off as a country …”
The same message has been repeated by a number of DNC spokespeople: We are better off today than we were four years ago.


According to registered voters, O’Malley got it right the first time. Asked in a recent Gallup poll, “Would you say you and your family are better off than four years ago, or not?” a majority (55 percent) answered, “No, not better off.” Just 42 percent disagreed.
 With three weeks still to go in the fiscal year, the federal government already has notched its fourth straight trillion-dollar deficit.
 Kraft CEO Is Against Cuts to Food Stamps - Big Government 
Cuts to the $75 billion food stamp program would hurt the bottom line of Kraft, so the company's incoming CEO is opposing any future cutbacks. Tony Vernon is the incoming CEO of Kraft, the third largest food conglomerate in the world. He describes SNAP users are "a big part of our audience." Indeed, Kraft estimates that one-sixth of the companies revenues come from people using food stamps. Cutting in to the program would also cut in to Kraft's bottom line.
Family Fact of the Week: Marriage Is the Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty

I have a better idea… if you are about to fuck someone and it dawns on you that the world would be much better off without another one of “them” then don’t fuck em. Catch a clue people, life is not that damn hard. 


 Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets - Navy Times