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A disgrace to King's legacy? - Nutter Fumes After 3 Philadelphia Teens Killed In Apparent Reprisal Shooting - Black Teens Beat Up White Man Over N-Word Lecture - The Food Stamp Fallacy... Yes genius white people receive more welfare but c’mon…

Recycled rant, 6th year.


Now this topic is something I know some of you white people may have pondered at one time or another. Why are there so many streets named after the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr?
However the more important question is, why are these streets, named after such an icon in this countries history, tend to be the most fucked up streets in Anytown, USA?

As we are close to celebrating King's birthday, more than 650 streets in the United States bear the civil rights leader's name. No other American enjoys such a distinction.
Soon after King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Blacks began a campaign to get a holiday named in his honor and to get streets and buildings named for him.

In fact, a school in Arequipa, Peru, has been named for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and so has a library in Lusaka, Zambia. City governments and other organizations are still considering ways to memorialize King by using his name.
However, few address the ugly side of the King-name phenomenon and are generally ignored.

Chris Rock tells a joke that goes something like this: When a white friend told Chris Rock that he was on a street called Martin Luther King and asked what he should do, Chris Rock answered, "Run!" At another time and on a more serious note, Rock said: "I don't care where you live in America, if you're on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there's some violence going on."

Trust me folks, particularly you white people out there. I am not aware of any such MLK Boulevard where I would be comfortable walking at night, hell DURING THE DAY!
But in the zeal to honor King, folks forget to ask a few fundamental questions. Do most of the streets, boulevards and avenues named for King actually disgrace his great legacy?

I am from Oakland California. I remember reading some time ago about the street that was San Pablo Boulevard was being renamed MLK.
The street I remember was the center of prostitution, drugs, gang violence. I would be willing to bet that it is still a corridor of broad dilapidation, abandoned structures, vacant lots with junked vehicles and trash and debris, black-on-black beat downs, public drinking, ect. And yes even worse, perhaps, most of the viable businesses on this stretch of MLK are owned by people other than blacks a glaring testament to black powerlessness.

The reasons for this state of affairs are many and complex. From the beginning, streets named for King (at least significant segments of them) were in poor black neighborhoods. From the beginning, these streets were themselves symbols of segregation and decay. From the beginning, streets named for King were a "black thing." Black folks happily settled for streets in these places because this was all they were going to get from whites who were under fire from fellow whites to resist change.

Martin Luther King III, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization his father co-founded: uttered the following typical (anti-whitey rant)
"Most of the streets are still located in areas where they have been neglected. Their (white leaders') intentions were honorable, but, unfortunately, what they didn't do in most cases was to create the kind of street or area that would be an appropriate tribute."
On the surface, King's words are correct. But he fails to see the real source of the "neglect." The fault does not lie with white people. It lies with black people.
Martin Luther King Jr. was born and reared on a clean, quiet, middle-class street in Atlanta, that he grew up with strict conservative values, values such as serving your community, protecting and respecting your neighbors, hard work, thrift, sobriety, and cleanliness.
You won’t find that on any MLK Boulevard.
We should resolve to transform all King roadways into clean, well-lighted places that will attract businesses of all stripes, that will entice residents and tourists alike to spend time and money.
Simply naming a street after someone is not a tribute to King's legacy. It is an outrage. It disgraces the memory of one of the greatest figures of the last century.
Neither is it symbolic of a transformation of racial solidarity in our society.

Remember James Byrd, Jasper, Texas, where you can find the MLK street that James Byrd was walking on in 1998 when he accepted a ride from a group of white men who murdered him and dragged his body three miles with a pick-up truck.
Many of these street tributes are phony attempts to appease ignorant black folks into thinking that all is well and that whitey cares.
Here in Lawrence I wonder if changing our beloved main downtown Street, “Massachusetts” to Martin Luther King Street would go over with the liberals here?
Sounds like a letter to the editor. “To the Residents of Lawrence, its time we name some streets after black folks and not these damm states.”
Negro have not learned...

Nutter Fumes After 3 Philadelphia Teens Killed In Apparent Reprisal Shooting 
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Following a shooting Tuesday night in the Juniata section of the city that left three teens dead (see related story), Mayor Michael Nutter had strong words for the shooter, calling him “a dog.”
The outraged mayor also had strong words for the parents of Philadelphia’s youth, telling them “not to act like idiots and a–holes.”
While Nutter says he is gratified about the quick arrest in the multiple shooting, he is fuming that the victims were out on Tuesday night apparently looking for trouble. And he blames their parents.
“Seven young people, somewhere between 14 and 16 years old, on a Tuesday night, a school night, are out in a car going to somewhere to have a fight with some other teenager. That is completely insane, it is irresponsible. Parents have to know where their children are and what they are doing,” the mayor said.
“Their little butts should have either been in bed, getting ready for bed, or doing some homework,” Nutter added. “Not out in a car, not in some other neighborhood, and not up to this kind of nonsense. I’m not your mom and I’m not your dad. We cannot completely legislate, or by policy, make people responsible for their children.”

Black Teens Beat Up White Man Over N-Word Lecture
An Iraq War veteran was beaten up by a group of young black teenagers after he admonished them for saying the n-word and the b-word on public transportation.
Jim Hardie of Lacey, Wash., who has been riding the same bus for two years to go out looking for a job, decided to voice his feelings on a group of teens' use of the n-word.
"Given the nature of what we've gone through with the word 'n---er,' it's not appropriate to loosely throw that word around or refer to white women as white bitches, and I'd appreciate if they stopped that," said Hardie in the video.

The Food Stamp Fallacy - The Root

When will Republicans be honest about who really gets the most out of welfare programs? 
The leaders of today's Republican Party are expert storytellers. When it comes to manipulating racial stereotypes for political gain, they are akin to animation artists of the 1920s: coloring the lines in black and white.
Last Thursday Newt Gingrich told a crowd of senior citizens in New Hampshire, "The African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps." Rick Santorum was even more egregious, claiming he doesn't "want to make black people's lives better by giving them other people's money" (although he later claimed that he never intentionally said "black").
Gingrich's latest offense comes only weeks after he received widespread criticism for saying that poor children should work as janitors and clean toilets. He specifically made a point of addressing "inner city" youths -- which has become conservative code for black and brown people everywhere, from the South to the coasts, the suburbs to the metropolises, regardless of where they actually live.
For some odd reason, this is acceptable rhetoric among the conservative political class. It is especially troubling because every reliable statistic shows that white Americans are the overwhelming beneficiaries of welfare in this country and make up the largest number of those in poverty by a wide and substantial margin. The Republicans' well-rehearsed lies on the subject have been so effective that people of every hue have come to believe them, feeding widespread ignorance about the true face of poverty and the ever-growing gap between America's rich and poor.
Perhaps it's time for a lesson in mathematics and history.
Swipe Yo EBT

Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!

Welfare checks late

American Welfare Chaos: Riots Over Free ObamaHouses


Just a conservative girl said...

The MLK street in the town near where I grew up is a nice neighborhood. It didn't start out that way, but it was fixed up about 15 years ago.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Must be a rare case. Here in the Kansas City area the black leadership wanted to rename a major street through a crime ridden neighborhood because they thought it would reduce crime… that actually thought that by naming the street after MLK that crime would magically cease because black folks are enamored with MLK.