Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey Negro Obama Fans: How much does dude have to screw you before you say enough is enough!?

Are black folks retarded, I mean seriously! Yes those of you who accidentally found yourself here in case you are wondering I indeed am of the Negro persuasion.
I listened to a couple of black radio stations this morning and I heard these radio personalities singing the praises of Obama and hoping the mindless Negro minions grant a brotha 4 more years to pimp his liberalism.
This fits into the quote I also read this morning where the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said “blacks won’t “march on the White House” over the high unemployment rate in the black community because Barack Obama is black.

Folks forgive me, I’m not shocked by this I only feel the need to rant because maybe an entire race of people need to engage in to political mental health screening.
Barack Obama has failed black Americans more than any other demographic as he is personally responsible for unemployment soaring to what some deem as depression-era levels. Unemployment among the black community has rocketed to 16 per cent during Obama's term but Negros obviously don’t give a fuck so why should I?

You can talk to Negros until you are blue in the face screaming from the tops of ghetto high-rises trying to educate people that unemployment levels for Negros are the same as the depression era in 129 and up from 12.7 per cent when Obama was inaugurated and Negros joyfully wept  in January 2009.
Thanks to Obama Negro joblessness stands at 16.2 percent. For black males, unemployment is 17.5 per cent while black teenagers have a 41 per cent unemployment rate up from 36.3 percent when Obama was elected.
Negros could not have done worse if George Wallace or David Duke themselves were blocking the doors to the employment offices across the nation. However you black folks watching your brothas and sistas struggle in the hoods across America are perfectly willing to grant Obama 4 more years to fuck you over while no doubt many of you have his mug hanging over your fireplaces.

You know one signature event told me just how little Obama gave a fuck about the well-being of black folks. Think about that time period when BP was dumping oil into the gulf.  Obama sat on his ass and did nothing as thousands of black folks in the gulf region were adversely affected. The devastation that took place caused the economic well-being of the various fishers (many who were black) in the gulf were no less grave than what happened during Katrina, the loss of income is the loss of income.  The oil spill was a major disaster that devastated the lives of black folks and Obama did not do jack. Shit Kanye produced a video of outrage calling Bush’s character into question flat out calling him racist, but calling Obama “racist” for essentially doing the same “ignore the plight of blacks or the poor”  that would be crazy right?

Now don’t get me wrong I understand more than most that a president is a president to all American citizens, but as we all know America is only as strong as its weakest citizens whether they be white, black, yellow or brown.
Even I must admit, even though I have never said it out loud or written it here, I did at least think he would attempt to be a beacon for positive change within the black community, throw a few bones out there to provide that hope that could change the mental direction of millions of black folks, especially black youth.
However he has not even pretended to give a shit about black folks. Except for giving some of his homies cushy appointments in his cabinet, had barbecues for his rich rapper, sports and Hollywood homies on the WhiteHouse lawn and gave seed money to members of the black press and bloggers so they could write nice stuff about him allowing these fawning sellout Negros oval office access.
I still talk to blacks who still do not know (thanks to the media) that Obama even ignored the plight of his own brother:
"there is something very disquieting about a man who has risen from humble origins and achieved enormous financial and social success, ignoring the plight of his kin. Obama cannot pretend he was unable to help his half brother. Not only had he seen him recently, he has all the resources of a United States senator at his disposal. He could have easily found George and, with a modest investment from his considerable salary, not to mention the millions he made capitalizing on his African roots, helped him escape his circumstances." (source)
Dude could give a shit about his own brother, think he is in tuned with anyone unless it helps his political stock?
Instead of confronting real the issues Negros face black websites and blogs roll out the same anti-Republican, anti-conservative diatribes flat out ignoring Obama’s remarkable incompetence. Hell if someone threw me a few dead presidents I could find something nice to say about the man.
Theses news websites or blog sources won’t talk about out of wedlock births, crime in the hood, sinking opportunities for black men and the lack of basic services in so many black neighborhoods like parks for kids to play in, police walking the beat, regular garbage pick-up and building code enforcement knowing that not seriously addressing helps create a cycle of violence, blight and neglect that continue to haunt those affected. All made worse during Obama reign as supreme leader, I do recall black folks saying he was here to save them and that has not happened unless I’m missing something.  
Why should you care? Well, when a person is out of work regardless of color we all pay for it. When a person is not educated or undereducated we all pay for it. When a child is hungry and steals to satisfy their hunger we all suffer. When a woman settles for some loser unemployed dude and the result is another unwanted child we all raise and pay for that child.
When people look around and see their world crashing around them, believe me eventually they will attempt to cash your world, and Obama knows this all too well.

Ok Black America sit on your hands and do nothing, blame Congress that is easy, blame Republicans that is also easy, blame sell-out Uncle Tom’s like me feel free to ignore reality. But go home to your neighborhoods and look around, walk around your neighborhoods if you are able and ask yourself why does shit look like this, why are so many that look like me still unemployed, unable to find jobs and take advantage of opportunities. Where has this president failed me? Well take the Keystone project
 Keystone a $7 billion private sector project that would have given us energy and given us jobs lots of them, but Obama said fuck that I would rather help out Warren Buffet, and appease idiot environmentalists.

I know if you are black or an Obama fan or both you won’t read or care so screw it.

So Obama screws you out of jobs and makes your energy/gas prices higher oh so I don’t know maybe when you brothas and sistas can’t go out to the clubs and down some Hennessy and meet up with your jump-offs maybe you might start paying attention.  

Folks you want to know how insidious this president is aside from the obvious (I read some parts of his SOTU speech, dude makes Bill Clinton’s lies seem saintly) remember when Obama was running for office in 2008 you almost never saw darkies in camera shots or in his campaign commercials because he wanted to make whitey comfortable to assure them that white people would not be rounded up and taken into custody and sold as slaves as many black people thought (folks I’m not joking). He will have darkies flanking him and in camera shots all the time in this campaign. He needs black folks in a big way and although he has totally fucked black folks he desperately needs them to keep on message. Obama: “I know you are hurting and times are tough, but I need fo mo years to hook my peeps up, I’m axin fo yo suppot”        


Anonymous said...

If you hate being called an Uncle Tom, then stop being an Uncle Tom, you scumbag racist!Look at all these disgusting racist comments on here
Time for a GOP-KKK, membership drive!

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I know I don’t get many comments and although I would love for people to comment more however if you don’t agree with me or think I’m wrong, off base or just fucking insane… which is likely, I have been known to have some mental faux pas then write a coherent, passionate, intelligent response. Please feel free to articulate why you think Obama is not as big an asshole as I know him to be.

You have a great day.

Peace, Gaius

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more people from our black community joining up and creating a forum for calling Obama out on his lack of leadership/incompetence. (Check out Barbara from Harlem). Maybe with more voices, the discussion would get louder and get more attention.
The thing that always cracks me up is the "blacks need to vote for the black guy" mentality. Really? And the media wouldn't be all up in arms if whites were pushing an agenda of "whites gotta vote for the white guy"? So if color shouldn't matter why aren't we marching on Washington? Why aren't the Jesse's and Al's of the world calling Obama out?
As for the first commenter, just another example of not really being able to debate with facts or face the truth so they just resort to name calling, taunts and threats.This is what happens every time we try to have an open discussion and ask people to actually show a good example of an improvement Obama has made in this country.

Anonymous said...

sorry dude, youre a bit of a douche...

Just a conservative girl said...

This is very powerful.

Although, he hasn't done a whole heck of lot for white people or any other color for that matter, either.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't helped anyone except the unions leaders and his green energy campaign bundlers. He is a joke and doesn't care about ANYONE. He doesn't take any responsibility for anything he does. It is the constant blame game. When he isn't blaming someone for his failures, he is just lying. The only thing he has said that is truthful is that he wants to fundementally transform America.

Also, don't forget his lovely remarks about taking off the bedroom slippers and quit complaining. Are you serious??? No one has a problem with that?? Good grief.

Good blog Gaius and thanks for the chuckles. I fear though that people, of all colors, do not want to admit that they were wrong about Obama. I honestly think if there was Obama on video killing someone they would still support him and make up some excuse for the video. You know, something along the lines of Fox News doctoring the video or something. It is quite sad.


Anonymous said...

Lol. Obama is for Obama. Everyone else get to the back of the bus.