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Romney vs Obama: This is one of the most screwed up election scenarios imaginable... What a shock a Mormon supporting a Mormon - - Five Ways Conservatives Will Have to Sell Their Souls if Romney Wins - Nancy Pelosi: GOP knows Mitt Romney can’t win - Romney Is Racist For Giving Needy Black Woman Cash - Wasserman Schultz: "Natural Home" For Minorities Is Democratic Party - Gingrich Draws Cheers for Explaining Why Obama Is a ‘Food Stamp President

Via Boortz: Perhaps you’ve seen it.  Just one of dozens of news magazines covers to come featuring Barack Obama on the cover.  This one, though, has a caption.  It says “Why are Obama’s Critics so Dumb?”   The accompany article is by Obama sycophant Andrew Sullivan, and it signals the beginning of an age-old Democrat theme in presidential elections:  Conservatives are stupid, liberals are smart.  Gerald Ford; clumsy and dumb.  Ronald Reagan: dumb.  George H.W. Bush, affable, but dumb.  George W. Bush, dumb.  Now if you are a critic of Barack Obama, you’re just dumb.  What a surprise.
Look … there are going to be three constant themes during the campaign
  1. Republicans and conservatives are ignorant.
  2. Republicans and conservatives are racists.
  3. Republicans are only for the rich.
Liberal rag Newsweek has a cover story entitled "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?”

You know who is really dumb, those of you who thought that Obama was going to be a smart competent president.
This self-imposed dictator wannebe jackass woefully screwed up so much shit and the majority of us namely many of his ardent supporters are suffering as a result.
What is almost as worse for me is now we are being set-up to have Romney that fake ass bastard to run against Obama knowing there is no way in hell he will win a national election. My oft repeated rant, the more Americans find out what exactly Mormonism is the less likely they are to vote for one.
This is one of the most screwed up election scenarios imaginable.

Jon Huntsman made it official Monday – dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Mitt Romney.
What a shock a Mormon supporting a Mormon. 

Five Ways Conservatives Will Have to Sell Their Souls if Romney Wins - Right Wing News/Townhall 
If you were trying to come up with the atrocious candidate imaginable to go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama in 2012, you couldn't do much worse than Mitt Romney. He was an unpopular, moderate Governor who has lost 2 out of the 3 major elections he's run in and whose signature issue, Romneycare, was an enormous failure. Moreover, he's so uninspiring that he makes Bob Dole look like Ronald Reagan and that's before you consider that his incessant flip-flopping that makes it impossible to really know where he stands on any issue.
Romney's candidacy also runs counter to almost every political trend in the book right now. He's the antithesis of everything the Tea Party stands for. A moderate, establishment endorsed, principle free, Rockefeller Republican. On the other hand, he's like a bad guy straight out of central casting for the Occupy Wall Street crowd. A conscience free 1 percenter who makes $10,000 bets and lectures the public about how corporations are people while hordes of poor and middle class Americans that he fired trail in his wake telling tales of woe about how Romney made their lives into a living hell.
At one time, I thought both Gingrich and Perry were more electable than Romney. I have, however, reassessed and now believe Gingrich, Perry, Santorum, and even Huntsman, who just left the race, are ALL more electable than Mitt. It's also worth noting that all of those candidates, including Huntsman, are more conservative than Romney. It's mind boggling to consider the fact that if Romney wins, the conservative base will have chosen the guy behind Romneycare over the man behind the Contract with America, America's premier social conservative, and the best job creating governor in America, all of whom would also be more electable.
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A New Low… Dem Clyburn: Romney Reminiscent Of Racists Who Kept Rosa Parks In Back Of Bus - Gateway Pundit

Yes of course Democrats using the race card, this is not new but just watch people  for the most part black folks don’t know a Mormon, never heard of Mormonism and for the most part would not give a shit about a Mormon but when Obama media machine starts sending out information releases to every black church in this country although Romney himself may not have committed any racial faux pas… well maybe except for this one:
Mass. Gov. Romney Apologizes for 'Tar Baby' Comment
BOSTON — Gov. Mitt Romney has apologized for referring to the troubled Big Dig construction project as a "tar baby" during a fundraiser with Iowa Republicans, saying he didn't know anyone would be offended by the term some consider a racial epithet.

In a speech Saturday, Romney, a Republican considering a run for president in 2008, acknowledged he took a big political risk in taking control of the project after a fatal tunnel ceiling collapse, but said inaction would have been even worse. "The best thing politically would be to stay as far away from that tar baby as I can," he told a crowd of about 100 supporters in Ames, Iowa. Black leaders were outraged at his use of the term, which dates to the 19th century Uncle Remus stories, referring to a doll made of tar that traps Br'er Rabbit. It has come to be known as a way of describing a sticky mess, and has been used as a derogatory term for a black person. "Tar baby is a totally inappropriate phrase in the 21st century," said Larry Jones, a black Republican and civil rights activist. "He thinks he's presidential timber," Jones said. "But all he's shown us is arrogance."
MSNBC: Romney Is Racist For Giving Needy Black Woman Cash


 MSNBC contributor Joy Ann Reid: "I think it just reinforces -- the audience for this is not African-Americans. They're like 2% of the Republican voters [in South Carolina]. The audience, this is conservative, white voters in South Carolina who are predisposed to say 'dependent black person.' That's the meme we believe in. It just makes me cringe as well."
Nancy Pelosi: GOP knows Mitt Romney can’t win 


Wasserman Schultz: "Natural Home" For Minorities Is Democratic Party
DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) appeared on the season premiere of HBO's "Real Time" with host Bill Maher this Friday. In the Overtime portion of the show, which is broadcasted and available only on the internet, Wasserman Schultz got into race politics, claiming the Democratic Party is the "natural home" for minorities. Wasserman Schultz says minorities feel "comfortable" because the Democratic Party stands up for "the issues that matter to those communities and Republicans shun them."

Gingrich Draws Cheers for Explaining Why Obama Is a ‘Food Stamp President’: ‘And If That Makes Liberals Unhappy...

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