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Barack Obama’s 2008 Energy Plan - Obama Campaign’s Latest Creepy Email - ACORN V: The New Left’s Push to Take Over America - In case you missed it or ignored in 2008 ACORN: The Seedy Side of Obama’s Radical Past - The Community Organizer’s Collectivist Vision - Mike Flynn Obama Campaign Tries Intimidation to Boost Fundraising - Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign - I Hope like hell the GOP has a Brokered Convention

Barack Obama’s 2008 Energy Plan- Via American Freedom

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On page 6 you can see where he did not fulfill his “promise” on allowing the pipeline so as to create thousands of new jobs.
On page 2 it lists “Short Term Solutions”
Notice how it says “SWAP” light and heavy crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).  ”He supports releasing light oil from the SPR now and replacing it later with heavier crude more suited to our long-term needs.”
I guarantee you that he will tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve before the election in November to make it appear as though gas prices are going down.  He has no intention of EVER replacing our SPR with what he took out.  Since when does Obama know what is best for all of US?
 Obama, the politics of the SPR and energy (lack of) exploration! -

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 Obama Campaign’s Latest Creepy Email 02/25/12

Obama Campaign Tries Intimidation to Boost Fundraising - Big Government
 Despite the herculean efforts of the national media, President Obama’s reelection campaign continues to fall short of its groundbreaking “Hope and Change” campaign in 2008. In January, its fundraising haul actually fell below the level raised in January 2008, when Obama was a first-term Senator running against the Democrat establishment’s favorite candidate.  They’ve resorted to raffling off dinner with the President, but eventually had to cut the price of raffle tickets from $5 to $1. Now, it seems, the Obama campaign has decided to resort to SEIU-style intimidation to fill its campaign coffers.
  Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign

Oops! “Marxists/Socialists/Communists For Obama” On Campaign Website - Ironic Surrealism

 ACORN V: The New Left’s Push to Take Over America - Rogue Government 
 Everything we know about Obama’s connections to the left’s voter fraud army ACORN/Project Vote suggests we can expect the November 2012 elections to be the height of electoral chicanery.  The 1960s radicals who staff his administration will have no reservations about steering America hard left, even if that means driving the country into a ravine.
The hard left will have nothing to lose going for America’s throat, seeing that the administration has been largely unaccountable for its illegal and anti-constitutional actions the last three years. That the “Democrat” Party is now averse to ensuring free and fair elections only reveals what a corrupt, undemocratic, and power-lustful machine it has become.
and this... in case you missed it or ignored in 2008

ACORN IV: The Seedy Side of Obama’s Radical Past

The left-wing group formerly known as ACORN was an extremely corrupt cohort of community organizers who used Alinskyite“ends justify the means” tactics to game elections for radical politicians while undermining the capitalist economy. Despite the disinformation, Barack Obama was more than just a lawyer and grant distributor for ACORN, he was a field general who helped oversee the training of the outfit’s voter fraud army.

The Community Organizer’s Collectivist Vision - White House Dosser
I want you to take a look at something President Obama said during a fundraiser last week in SanFrancisco. It’s been gaining some notice as a vision for America that is not historically recognizable.
Because in the United States of America, we are greater together than we are on our own  (Applause). We’re better off when we keep that basic American promise that if you work hard, you can do well — you can raise a family, you can own a home, send your kids to college, put a little away for retirement — and that that promise is open to everybody.  If you’re born into tough circumstances, we’re going to give you ladders to climb up into that middle class.  And if you’re in that middle class, then we’re going to make sure that you’ve got the tools to, even in a changing world, have some security and some stability in your life.
That’s what we’re fighting for.  That’s the choice in this election.
Actually, this is not a vision for America. This is a vision for the Soviet Union.

 Morning Bell: Obama Doctrine Failure

Winter Gas Prices Reach All-Time High

Obamacare: Pay No Attention to Mandate Behind Curtain of Spin

Thousands More Oppose Obamacare Mandate’s Religious Liberty Violations

Obama Doctrine Leaves World Less Safe

Jesus this dude is a moron!
Santorum: Separation Of Church And State 'Makes Me Want To Throw Up' 

 This is why I Hope like hell the GOP has a Brokered Convention... but I understand the reality...
(link) The volatile Republican presidential contest has provoked feverish talk in the media and the blogosphere about a brokered or contested convention in late August, when 2,286 Republican delegates gather in Tampa, Fla. Here's how those scenarios would unfold. A brokered convention would see a new candidate—someone other than Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum—enter the remaining primaries or parachute in during the convention (if no existing candidate has secured a majority of delegates). In backroom deals, either based partly on the strength of his late primary performances or only on the discretion of party leaders, he would become the nominee. A contested convention, on the other hand, would see no dark horse enter but none of the existing candidates arrive in Tampa with a 1,144 majority of delegates. Lots of wheeling and dealing would ensue, and after several ballots a nominee would emerge from the four current candidates. Is either scenario likely? Let's put it this way: The odds are greater that there's life on Pluto than that the GOP has a brokered convention. And while there's a better chance of a contested convention, it's still highly unlikely.

This means that Hussein Obama will win in November

 I know this sounds crazy and it pisses me off to say but I will in no way vote for any of the candidates in the GOP field. There is no excuse for the GOP to field such a pathetic weak ass field of candidates particularly since anyone with a fucking brain knew idiot ass Obama was going to fuck shit up.
His background, his alliances and associations and what he himself has said publically… anyone with a fucking brain would know his presidency was going to be a disaster apparently except for the GOP!

 I wrote a piece the Sarah Palin could not be elected president basically because she chose to go Hollywood instead of becoming a serious political figure. Right now I am so angry at her for doing some of the stupid shit she did starting with leaving the governor’s post and then go on speaking tours charging shit loads of money for speeches. What happens in the next four years is squarely on the shoulders of the GOP. As I said before the day Obama won the election in 08 the GOP should have been cultivating the next candidate to run against him.
 The GOP’s lack of foresight, planning and execution is the reason Obama seemingly has a clear path to the White House again. We can blame liberals for their deception, we can blame the media for being biased, we can chastise the voting public for being ignorant, and we can even blame black folks for their inexplicable blind loyalty towards a man who has clearly screwed them over.
But make no mistake when Obama is declared the winner on election night in November it will be the GOP establishments’ epic failure that should be blamed for this moron getting four more years to further screw the country.

 Geller Exclusive in the Daily Caller: Hundreds of threats for assault victim in case dismissed by Quran-minded judge - Atlas Shrugs

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