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Romney shows he’s out of touch, Romney's "Weirdness" - Romney: A horrible choice for GOP but has nobody else to turn to...

Romney shows he’s out of touch - Chicago Sun Times

By Laura Washington
If this were a Karaoke contest, it would already be over. In the latest twist to the wildly improbable 2012 presidential campaign, the front-runners were stumping to the sound of music.
At a fund-raiser at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre, President Barack Obama, channeling his inner Al Green, crooned “Let’s Stay Together.” Last week, Mitt Romney, Obama’s leading Republican foe, paused on the campaign trail to belt out a round of “America the Beautiful.” I asked my Facebook friends for their vote. Obama won in a landslide. Sandy Smith wrote: “The first thing I thought was, Romney sang because Obama sang. My vote is for Obama!!!! We got a hunk of a hottie for president!!!” Well, I wouldn’t go as far as “hottie.” But let’s just say that Romney’s creaky, off-key attempt reminds me of a much bigger problem for the GOP.
When it comes to the haves vs. the have-nots, Mitt Romney is tone-deaf. We all know that Romney is among that lucky 1 percent. Fair-minded Americans don’t begrudge his wealth and success. We would all like to walk in his penny loafers. Problem is, Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he can’t seem to keep his foot out of it. That flaw has become a major flashpoint in the presidential sweepstakes. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it,” Romney said Wednesday morning in an interview with CNN. “I’m not concerned about the very rich. They’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.” By the end of the day, the Democratic National Committee was blasting the comment in an Internet ad. Romney later acknowledged that he “misspoke,” and was focusing his message on help for the middle class. Even GOP stalwarts were flummoxed. A Wall Street Journal editorial scolded Romney for his “artlessness” but pleaded that he “is better than he sounds.” Conservative radio mouth Rush Limbaugh said that while Romney’s words were “understandable” in the proper context, “he comes across as the prototypical rich Republican.” Actually, Romney comes across like a guy who has a tin ear when it comes to America’s economic divide. It was Romney who said that his $360,000 in speaking fees was not a lot of dough. He’s the guy who tried to make a $10,000 bet at a presidential debate. He says “corporations are people.” And he likes “being able to fire people who provide services to me.” And this is a man reputed to be a highly scripted campaigner who exercises iron discipline and eschews all risk. If the economy continues to improve, that fat-cat image will be the least of his problems.


Mitt Romney’s Problem Is That He’s ‘A Weirdo From Boston’ - Mediaite
“I think Mitt Romney’s problem,” Ratigan said, “is more that he’s just kind of a weirdo from Boston. It’s less that he’s rich or poor; it’s more that he’s just kind of a strange guy that doesn’t relate to people that well. If he was poor, he wouldn’t relate to people that well, if he’s rich, he doesn’t relate to people that well. He’s just kind of a strange dude. Romney also wants to be included, Ratigan added, among the “super elite” and the cool kids.


February 6, 2012

So ‘weird’: Mitt, Mormonism and the media
Mitt Romney is “weird.” At least he is sometimes to some in the Obama campaign. He’s “slick,” with an “innate phoniness” and “personal awkwardness.” Oh, and just coincidentally, Romney’s a Mormon.
Back in August, as Politico reported, a “senior Obama adviser” and “about a dozen” other surrogates suddenly carpet-bombed Romney with “weird.” They weren’t worried about Romney in the general election: he’s kind of weird and the public won’t be comfortable with him.

Politico noted that “none of the Obama advisers interviewed made any suggestion that Romney’s personal qualities would be connected to his minority Mormon faith but the step from casting Romney as a bit off to raising questions about religion may not be a large step for some of the incumbent’s supporters.”
Just a couple of days later, Obama honcho David Axelrod’s mustache twitched indignantly that “weird” was off-limits, and using the word against Romney was a fire-able offense. Of course, even the liberal Huffington Post observed the “weird” punishment “won’t apply to the numerous aforementioned advisers who have now very firmly planted the idea that Mitt Romney is ‘weird’ in the public’s consciousness.”


Mitt Romney, weird? Perish the thought 

by Alan Wirzbicki  August 11, 2011
Politico caused an uproar on the campaign trail this week with a report that the Obama campaign was gearing up for a negative onslaught against Mitt Romney if he's the Republican nominee, targeting what Democratic advisers termed his "innate phoniness" and "weirdness factor."
Some of Romney's defenders discern a disturbing code at work, accusing Democrats of using weird as a code word for "Mormon." Yet, Mormon or not, the former Massachusetts governor sometimes really is, well, weird, as Globe columnist Scot Lehigh pointed out in a 2007 column.
FOR THE LAST few mornings, I've lingered over the breakfast table, reading all about Mitt Romney, from his Michigan boyhood to his boffo business career to his determined days as chief of the 2002 Winter Olympics. And what do I come away thinking? One: Poor Seamus Romney.
And: Does a vacuum periodically settle in between the ears of the Mighty Mighty Mittster, rather like one of those low-pressure areas that sometimes stalls for days on end over New England?
Seamus was the Romneys' former mutt — ah, actually, make that a distinguished canine gentleman of Irish extraction — who, we learned on Wednesday, found himself ignominiously placed in a carrier atop the family station wagon back in 1983 as the Romneys embarked on a 12-hour drive to a vacation home Mitt's parents had on Lake Huron.
Now, Mitt had apparently rigged up some sort of windshield for the carrier. And the trip was made during the summer, so I suppose it's not exactly the equivalent of the long frosty December ride in an open carriage that supposedly nosed Beethoven toward his final decline.
Still, the treatment of loyal old Seamus struck me as a rum thing indeed, as Bertie Wooster might say.
It seems to have struck Seamus even more viscerally, at least from what one infers from our account of his not-so-excellent adventure. At some point, the unfortunate fellow evidently developed gastrointestinal distress, which made itself manifest in a plume of brown liquid leaching down over the back window.
And who, really, can blame Seamus, riding up there alone and forgotten, eyeing each approaching overpass and anxiously wondering if Mitt had calculated the clearances correctly, while the rest of the Romneys were safely ensconced in the vehicle below, no doubt whiling away the hours with joyous renditions of "This land is your land, this land is my land"?
I'm not a dog owner, so I can't say with certainty what the right answer would have been here, but somehow I suspect that if the question of what to do with Seamus was presented as a Harvard Business School case study, the remedy Mitt arrived at would not be widely seized upon as the most intelligent choice.
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Romney's in the doghouse with some voters
By Scot Lehigh June 29, 2007

 August 9, 2011

Mormonism and Mitt Romney’s “Weirdness” 
Thanks to the current spate of awful economic news, we pretty much know what kind of re-election campaign Barack Obama is going to wage: A relentlessly negative one, which, like George W. Bush’s re-election campaign against John Kerry, will focus almost exclusively on making the challenger seem unacceptable rather than defending the sitting president’s accomplishments. Thanks to Ben Smith at Politico, we also know roughly how the White House plans to “destroy Mitt Romney,” if he turns out to be that challenger: By “attacking him as inauthentic, unprincipled and, in a word used repeatedly by Obama’s advisers in about a dozen interviews, ‘weird.’”
Weird how, you ask? Here’s Smith:
The character attacks on Romney will focus on what critics view as a makeover, both personal (skinny jeans) and political (abortion) … Democrats also plan to amplify what Obama strategists described as the “weirdness” quotient, the sum of awkward public encounters and famous off-kilter anecdotes, first among them the tale of Romney having strapped his dog to the roof of his car.
None of the Obama advisers interviewed made any suggestion that Romney’s personal qualities would be connected to his minority Mormon faith, but the step from casting Romney as a bit off to raising questions about religion may not be a large step for some of the incumbent’s supporters.
Indeed. The crucial thing to understand here is that Romney’s Latter Day Saint affiliation isn’t just a potential liability among evangelical voters in Republican primaries. It’s a potential general election liability as well. In a recent Gallup poll, 18 percent of Republicans described themselves as unwilling to vote for a Mormon candidate — but that number actually climbed to 19 percent among Independents, and 27 percent among Democrats.
Ok forgive me folks because I have been laid out for more than a week recovering so my rant tank is kinda low and I have to build it up again. I try not to be so seemingly hard on Romney but I can’t help it this is the state of the Republican Party and why this is so exceedingly hard for me to deal with the fact that the GOP can’t find a legit candidate to run for president.

If you want to hire dude to run a business or even a Fortune 500 company fine because I nor his employees don’t have to deal with the reality of his “weirdness” or his “Mormonism” because nobody would give a shit the only thing anyone who worked for him would care about is rather or not the paychecks were coming in. The reality of politics is we care about every damn thing, should we give a damn if he is a Mormon maybe not.  However this is a land of differing cultures, ideologies and faiths and like it or not some rate higher on the sociological totem pole than others and when it is down to deciding on electing some “weird” Mormon dude who thinks that we all can be gods and wear funny underwear let’s face it some will cringe at the notion.

Now I had a friend tell me while he is no Romney fan and thinks that Mormonism is nothing more than a mind altering cult it is no weirder than Christian’s belief that some dude rose from the dead, watches over all our daily activities and that we either ascend up to heaven above the clouds or eternally burn in a perpetual torture chamber looked upon by some dude with horns growing out of his head.

During a political campaign anything and everything goes and I said time and time again that by the time Obama’s media machine get through slamming Romney’s Mormonism and his “weirdness” down our collective throats no matter how much we dislike Obama the least it will do is keep many from the polls on election day.

I’ve read analysis from so many pundits and heard the wisdom from political insiders I know and all assume that Romney is the right man to take down Obama and that is simply a pipe dream. People just imagine as we get closer to Election Day and imagine in churches all over America as they break down Mormonism and discover all of the “weirdness” this particular religion entails.
Imagine in black churches all over the country as fired up pastors stomp around the pulpits stirring up congregations urging them to support Obama and keep that white devil cultists out of the White House.
As the article above states “18 percent of Republicans described themselves as unwilling to vote for a Mormon candidate.” That is a pretty significant figure and I’m inclined to think that number is higher, how do you combat overcoming a voters particular faith and trying to convince them to vote for someone when their religious affiliation differs significantly than their own?

The fact that the top political strategist on the GOP side refuse to acknowledge this is a little alarming and shows how completely out of touch the GOP is in general. Folks look I’m not bashing Romney just for the hell of it, let get real - dude is weird and woefully out of touch and the Democrats will exploit this and Romney will only add to the legitimacy of this argument the next time dude tried to sing at a campaign event. He has the personality of a garden gnome and is about as trustworthy as a used car salesman and changes his mind on an issue after each bowel movement.

Although he will have the money to buy the nomination and the political backing of many who will make his ascension to GOP nominee status easier make no mistake he is a horrible choice but seemingly the only choice for a political party that can’t get out of its own way and seemingly incapable of cultivating new “electable” political talent. This is not only bad for the party but the country as well because of this incompetence we will be stuck with Obama for four more years!


Anonymous said...

Romney is strange and I think when stories like "the dog and the car" story, start coming out, he will only look stranger

But I'll vote for him anyway, just because he's better than Obama.

It pisses me off that Allen West did not decide to run. He's smart, knows about world affairs, he knows his way around politics, he doesn't take people's crap, he seems honest and I think he would appeal to both whites and blacks.

It's too late for him for President, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for VP.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I honestly don’t know if I will vote for him (Romney), I don’t know if I can because frankly everything I process about the man seems to me to be more Democrat than Republican, more liberal than conservative. I think he would make a better Democrat than Republican and I simply don’t trust him and I don’t get a good vibe when I see him in an interview, or on the campaign stump. He looks completely uncomfortable, out of place as if he just landed on planet earth yesterday. To me he is a little robotic as if he is trying to figure the rest of us out. Maybe this is completely unfair because the same rap was given to Bob Dole but as people got to know him when he got out of politics you saw an entire different person.
Not trying to bash his Mormonism but maybe that has something to do with it, I mean his lack of personality and charisma.