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The 10 Terrible Provisions of Obamacare You May Not Have Heard Of - OBAMA: 'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof - Obama administration: Guns can cross international borders, but oil can’t - Sandra Fluke v. Joe the Plumber - Government Pays Subsidized Wind Farms Not to Generate Energy - The Party Of Hate

The 10 Terrible Provisions of Obamacare You May Not Have Heard Of - Heritage foundation

It increases taxes on families earning over $250,000. In 2013, the employee portion of the Medicare payroll tax will increase from 1.45 percent to 2.35 percent for families earning $250,000 or more and individuals earning $200,000 or more. The income threshold is not indexed for inflation, so more and more middle-income families will be hit by the tax hike as time goes on.
It adds a new tax to investment income. The increased payroll tax rate is also applied to high-earners’ investment income for the first time beginning in 2013. It will hit capital gains, dividends, rents, and royalties, discouraging investment and harming economic growth.
It puts new limitations on those with HSAs and FSAs. Starting in 2012, Obamacare restricts the products that consumers may purchase with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA)—such as over-the-counter medications—and increases the penalty for such non-qualified uses of HSAs. It also limits the amount taxpayers may deposit into an FSA to $2,500 a year in 2013. 

It adds a new tax on those who purchase medical devices. In 2013, a 2.3 percent excise tax will be applied to medical devices, causing a $28.5 billion tax hike on medical device manufacturers. The industry will pay for this tax by reducing jobs and passing additional costs on to consumers.

Obama administration: Guns can cross international borders, but oil can’t - Daily Caller 
In January, President Obama nixed the Keystone XL pipeline, which “would have carried as much as 830,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta, Canada, and the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota and Montana along a 1,661-mile path to Texas refineries.” Since that time, the price of gasoline has approached $5 a gallon in many parts of the country, yet Obama has criticized Republicans for trying to make the price of gas into an election-year issue. As a matter of fact, on the same day that per-gallon prices for gasoline in Florida approached $6, Obama ridiculed conservative calls for more domestic oil production as a simplistic “bumper sticker plan” for cheaper gas prices.

Report: More Than Half of Obama’s Top Donors Given Plum Jobs In His Administration…- Weasel Zippers

Old Reading... Obama fraud - Lots of links in case some of you clueless people ignored in 2008...

Thursday, April 21, 2011
 Integrity and Attribution: Obama's Foreign Contribution and Campaign Finance Fraud, The Timeline, The Facts, The Work - Atlas Shrugs

Senate Democrats have introduced legislation that would authorize another $15 billion in spending to redevelop foreclosed properties across the country.

The rise in oil prices is not due to the laws of supply and demand regarding oil.  It is the result of the continued fall of the dollar.

 OBAMA: 'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof  - Big Hollywood
At the link above is footage of Barack Obama praising and hugging Professor Derrick Bell. It was spliced and diced by the media to avoid showing just how close Obama was to Bell. More than that, a close associate of the Obama campaign, Harvard Law School’s Professor Charles Ogletree, admitted on our exclusive tape,
“We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don’t care if they find it now.”
Well, we found it. And it is damaging, because Barack Obama was as close or closer to Derrick Bell than he ever was to Jeremiah Wright. Obama didn’t merely sit in the pews – or not -- for Derrick Bell. He didn’t just hang out with Derrick Bell for prayers.
He said: “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”

Revealed: The Radical Racial Ideas of the Prof. Obama Raves About in New Harvard Video

A Few Fun Facts About Professor Derrick Bell Jr. - PJ Media 
This obituary, written upon his death, had some interesting points to make:
Bell was credited with developing “critical race theory,” which suggested that the U.S. legal system was inherently biased against African Americans and other minorities because it was built on an ingrained white point of view. He argued in his many books and lectures that the life experiences of black people and other minorities should be considered in hiring decisions and in applying the law.
Bell maintained that the standards for promotion and tenure at law schools – and Harvard, in particular – were inherently discriminatory and excluded a broad group of minorities. By hiring only graduates of top-tier law schools who had clerked at the Supreme Court, he argued, academia was populated by a uniform group of standard-issue professors, most of them white men.
And why are we not surprised that he was a Farrakhan supporter?
Some scholars, both black and white, challenged Bell’s ideas, as well as his strong support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Nonetheless, Bell remained one of the country’s most outspoken public intellectuals until his death.
Author James Traub voiced this opinion in his  1993 piece on the professor:
That’s Derek Bell’s bottom line: if it comforts whites, it’s bad; if it comforts blacks–i.e., Farrakhan–it’s good. Bell, along with Farrakhan and so many others, offers victimization as a consolation.
Yes, I imagine there will be so much more to learn about the good professor.
Derrick Bell's Sci-Fi Film Portrays Reagan As Alien Slave Trader 

Andrea Mitchell Runs Defense for Obama, Derrick Bell 


From Instapundit: 

JOHN HINDERAKER: The Party Of Hate. 

 “Barack Obama has been a terrible president in many ways, but perhaps his most poisonous legacy is his cynical fomenting of partisan hate to advance his own political interests. After three years, we have learned that ‘hope’ is not the word that we should associate with the Obama presidency.”


Sandra Fluke v. Joe the Plumber - National Review
 You may recall that when Joe Wurzelbacher was approached by Barack Obama entirely accidentally, he became something of a political celebrity for having a philosophical disagreement with the president over spreading the wealth around and all that. Before long, the mainstream press went to battle stations to discredit the man. He didn’t even have a plumber’s license! (didn’t need one in Ohio). He had financial problems! He was a fraud! An astroturf plant! Blah blah blah. The Democrats, likewise, were unrestrained in their efforts to ridicule the man.

Meanwhile, here’s Sandra Fluke a 30-year-old law student and committed political operative and activist. And yet the mainstream press can’t muster the slightest skepticism about her efforts.
Even Jake Tapper, easily among the fairest of MSM reporters, treats Fluke with kid gloves as if she’s simply a victim of history...

 Figures. Democrat Congresswomen Refuse to Condemn Bill Maher’s Hateful Misogynist Attacks on Palin (Video) - Gateway Pundit

 Government Pays Subsidized Wind Farms Not to Generate Energy - Moonbattery

How Many Senate Staffers Does It Take To Hold A Sign For Barbara Boxer?

 Matt Drudge Intentionally Ignored Negative Stories to Help Elect Barack Obama
Conservative filmmaker John Ziegler makes the case that Matt Drudge intentionally killed negative Obama stories in 2008 to help Obama win the presidency. He documents that Drudge blocked Andrew Breitbart from placing stories on news site and says that Breitbart confided that Drudge was "in the tank" for Barack Obama's candidacy.

 It should be illegal for stupid people to have kids...

 Parents Didn’t Realize They Left 3-Year-Old At Chuck E. Cheese’s Until Watching News  

Dad Regrets Aiming Laser At High School Goalie, Will Face Charges
WINTHROP (CBS) – The father accused of pointing a laser into the eyes of a high school hockey goalie will face criminal charges.
According to Winthrop Police, 42-year-old Joseph Cordes will be charged with disturbing the peace.
Last Wednesday, Cordes, the father of a Winthrop girls hockey player, was caught pointing the laser at the Medway-Ashland goalie. Winthrop Assistant Superintendent Lisa Howard went into the stands and ordered him out of the arena.
“I wish I could undo it,” Cordes tells WBZ-TV. “I feel like a complete jerk. It was very stupid, completely immature for a 42-year-old man to be doing that.”
Winthrop went on to win the game 3-1.
Cordes was barred from all events involving Winthrop High School.
“My daughter, the humiliation I put her through is sickening to tell you the truth,” says Cordes.
2 children found living in abandoned bus in Texas; parents imprisoned for embezzlement

SPLENDORA, Texas — Two children who were found living in a stench-filled abandoned school bus near Houston, its windows blocked and the lot around it covered in trash, are in the custody of Texas child welfare workers, officials said Thursday.
A postal worker discovered the children, ages 11 and 5, at the bus in Splendora about 10 a.m. Wednesday, officials said. Their parents are believed to be in prison for embezzling money from Hurricane Ike victims in 2008. The children are not enrolled at local schools.

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