Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diagramming President Obama's Oil Lies - Pundits gasp as economy dents Obama's poll numbers - Chicago Bear’s Coach Lovie Smith’s Racist Appeal to African-Americans to Support Obama (Video) - Why Black People Should (or Should Not) Vote for Obama in 2012 - The Obama Economy: Blacks, Hispanics Hardest Hit - Soledad O'Brien's distortion of Critical Race Theory - Sowell: Bell Went ‘Incoherent’ To Avoid Obscurity - A look at how Saul Alinksy taught Obama everything he needs to know

Diagramming President Obama's Oil Lies - Doug Ross
  When he was running for the Oval Office four years ago amid $4-a-gallon gasoline prices, then-Sen. Barack Obama dismissed the idea of expanded oil production as a way to relieve the pain at the pump.

"Even if you opened up every square inch of our land and our coasts to drilling," he said. "America still has only 3% of the world's oil reserves." Which meant, he said, that the U.S. couldn't affect global oil prices... It's the same rhetoric President Obama is using now, as gas prices hit $4 again, except now he puts the figure at 2%
 The Worst Economic Recovery Since the Great Depression - The American Spectator 
Yes, the economy was in recession when President Obama entered office, which he never tires of telling us. But that was not unique to Obama. There have been 12 recessions in America since the Great Depression. The American people have forgotten what that was like because President Reagan and his Reaganite Republicans gave us a 25 year economic boom from 1982 to 2007 with no serious downturn.
President Obama's responsibility was to manage a timely, robust recovery to get America back on track again. His record in achieving that is not to be measured from the worst of the recession, but to previous recoveries in U.S. history. And, no, President Obama cannot say that his recovery is so bad because the recession was so bad (worse than he thought he now tells us, after spending all of 2008 telling us it was the worst recession since the Great Depression). The American historical record is that the worse the recession the stronger the recovery, as traditional, long-term, American prosperity has always been restored.

 Pundits gasp as economy dents Obama's poll numbers - Human Events

by Michael Barone
You can almost hear the note of surprise in their voices when you read the Washington Post and New York Times reporters' stories on their papers' latest political polls.
Surprise! Just when they thought that Barack Obama was pulling ahead, with positive job ratings, and just after the mainstream media have been savaging Republicans for two words Rush Limbaugh uttered on his radio program, Obama's numbers seem to be tanking. Actually, the numbers are not so striking or so surprising.
 The media narrative for the last four weeks has been that the president's job approval has been rising in response to good economic news. But the economic news has not been all that striking. We had a quarter in which economic growth reached 2.8 percent. We've had two months with job growth of better than 200,000. Peachy.
But in 1983, the year before Ronald Reagan's re-election, the gross domestic product rose 8.9 percent not just for one quarter but over the whole year. There were two months when job growth was 729,000 and 660,000.
That's the kind of economic recovery that enables an incumbent president's campaign to run a credible "Morning in America" ad. If the Obama campaign ran one now, it would be fodder for "Saturday Night Live" and Jon Stewart. 

The Biggest Threat to America is Barack Hussein Obama - Texas Fred Blog

 FEC records: Obama campaign paid $345,000 for Guggenheim film biopic - The Daily Caller
Records filed by Obama for America with the Federal Election Commission indicate that the president’s re-election campaign shelled out at least $345,353 to commission “The Road We’ve Traveled,” a 17-minute campaign documentary by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim, set for release Thursday. The price comes out to more than $20,300 per minute.
Two separate payments were made to “Guggenheim Short Film” in Washington, D.C. — one for $162,834 and another for approximately $182,159 – according to FEC documents.
Katie Hogan, deputy press secretary for the Obama campaign, refused to provide any additional information about the documentary’s funding stream or whether a public relations firm was authorized to speak about the film project.


 Bear’s Coach Lovie Smith’s Racist Appeal to African-Americans to Support Obama (Video)- Scotty Starnes's Blog
 Liberals take note. Smith isn’t asking all Americans to back Obama. He is asking only African-Americans to support Obama…despite his terrible record.

 Why doesn’t Lovie mention the fact that unemployment in the African-American community is at Depression-era levels or that black youth unemployment is at a record high of 38.5%, which is down from the 2009 record of 49.1%.

 Lovie fails to mention the record poverty that has hit the African-American communities as well. Lovie also leaves out all the debt Obama is placing on African-American’s back with his record spending spree. Everything looks bright for an African-American millionaire who lives in a mansion but not so much for the average African-American struggling under Obama and his failed economic policies.
ANY black person, especially those with lots of money and influence… who would openly support Hussein Obama given what his impact has been on the black community is the ULTIMATE SELLOUT AND A FOOL!
No reasonable, thoughtful black individual can HONESTLY say that Obama’s presidency has been good for the black community.


 One destitute of reason, or of the common powers of understanding; an idiot; a natural.

A person deficient in intellect; one who acts absurdly, or pursues a course contrary to the dictates of wisdom; one without judgment; a simpleton; a dolt.

One who counterfeits folly; a professional jester or buffoon.

To use as a fool; to deceive in a shameful or mortifying manner.

 Why Black People Should (or Should Not) Vote for Obama in 2012 - News One
There are at least two types of black voters in 2012: Those who have jobs and those who don’t. The latter group seems to be far less excited about Obama’s performance than the former. That’s just a simple fact. No amount of black McCarthyism or intimidation of dissenting voices is going to change this hard, cold truth. Those who don’t agree and wish to make excuses for a lack of action on the part of the administration need only look at the data to realize that things didn’t have to be this way. There were some mistakes that we can’t just blame on Republican racism (the same way Pookie being racially-profiled in his neighborhood is no excuse for him to not do his homework). 


The Obama Economy: Blacks, Hispanics Hardest Hit

Readers may have noticed that a certain Professor Derrick Bell has been in the news since Thursday, March 8. That’s when the late Andrew Breitbart’s associates released a video of some guy introducing and hugging Bell, who died in October 2011, at a 1990s Harvard rally. This guy told those assembled: “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.” The video involving Bell, “a man who posited that the civil rights movement was too moderate because it accepted the status quo, and believed that the entire legal and constitutional system had to be transformed in radical fashion,” proves that this guy “not only associated with radicals, he was their advocate.”

While this guy, Barack Obama, has presided over the United States of America, the plight of blacks and Hispanics has worsened significantly, and to a much greater degree than it has for whites.

Amazingly, at least at first glance, Obama’s economic failures haven’t visibly infuriated those his misguided policies have hurt the most. His defenders and his party have gone out of their way to excuse his mistakes and are working feverishly on behalf of his reelection. The reason for this should now be obvious: They subscribe to what Bell believed.


 The Vetting: CNN/Soledad Implodes Over Breitbart's Obama/Bell Video - Big Journalism
Three days after admonishing her audience to stop tweeting to her about her distortion of Critical Race Theory, Ms. O'Brien's own Twitter account -- as of this writing -- has gone dark.

Few of O'Brien's media colleagues have come to her defense. The Washington Post's left-leaning media critic, Erik Wemple, called Ms. O'Brien out over the Brown segment:
O’Brien apparently felt the sting [of last week's debate over Critical Race Theory], because this morning she revisited the topic with Dorothy Brown, a law professor at Emory University. Over a seven-minute segment, O’Brien and Brown agreed that Pollak and had it wrong in every possible way. As a CNN viewer, I’ll gladly take the initial, contentious segment over O’Brien’s chorus-of-consensus do-over.
It's a shame Ms. O'Brien chose this route. Debate is good; it's healthy, and it's important. More voices and discussion, especially with those with whom you disagree, is always a good thing.

What’s the matter with Soledad O’Brien? - Michelle Malkin 


Sowell: Bell Went ‘Incoherent’ To Avoid Obscurity - Big Government
Thomas Sowell’s syndicated column this week took on Derrick Bell, whom Sowell knew at Stanford. Sowell writes that Bell was not a leading scholar, and that he found himself between a rock and a hard place in career terms:
Derrick Bell's options were to be a nobody, living in the shadow of more accomplished legal scholars — or to go off on some wild tangent of his own, and appeal to a radical racial constituency on campus and beyond.

His writings showed clearly that the latter was the path he chose.
Sowell points out that Bell had, to that point, written undistinguished but sensible articles about civil rights. But once he realized he could make a career with his odd thesis – critical race theory – “he wrote all sorts of incoherent speculations and pronouncements, the main drift of which was that white people were the cause of black people’s problems.”


 Left-Wing Hate Speech: Vet the President, Hollywood, and the Media - American Power

Here’s a look at how Saul Alinksy taught Obama everything he needs to know about civil upheaval.

The Department of Justice has just issued a new rule that all public access swimming pools must provide a lift capable of moving disabled patrons from their wheelchairs into the water.

Media Matters Astroturfed the Limbaugh Secondary Boycott.

Email breakdowns plagued White House during Obama’s first 40 days in office

Portrait of an Obamunist: Adam Eugene Cox


Anonymous said...

The (not so) funny thing about this is that any criticism of obama immediately has his shills screaming racism. I guess the answer to that is just saying 'so' to the dung throwers.

You ask a lot for obama's followers to use rational thought processes in deciding if he deserves another term in office. Some whites will vote for him just to show others that they are with blacks in the struggle. Many, many blacks will vote for him just to say 'we put one over on whitey' and to say we displayed unity (at what cost?).

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I would say to any white person who would vote for Obama out of pure guilt is a fool. You mean to tell me that a seemingly reasonable individual would sacrifice their kids financial future to vote again for a man who is taxing Americans out of prosperity and bankrupting the nation to the point that our children’s great grandchildren will be paying for his economic incompetence.

Also voting for Obama is not proof that they are on the side of blacks and that they are down for the struggle. If anything if you are a white racist and hate black people you should love Obama because he is doing more damage socially and economically than then Klan ever could.

If blacks vote for Obama just to put one over on whitey then fine, let em. Just as I have said many times in the old argument of whether or not the GOP should reach out to the black community, I say fuck em, don’t waste one minute nor one dollar trying to convince black people or the damage caused by Democrats and liberals.
You either give a damn about cultivating an environment where all Americans have the opportunity to prosper or you want a welfare state where folks prefer to suck off the government tit.

Black politicians understand the mind of the black community, simple look good, sound good, promise all (even when you know you won’t or can’t deliver) and make whitey the enemy at all cost.

I want to be clear, Republicans don’t have all the answers and I would never chastise anyone for voting for their own self interests, however Obama has clearly demonstrated that he is not only toxic for American but even more so for blacks.
Any black person who is truly paying attention at the very least should be having serious second thoughts. The greater problem is that there are so many black journalists, bloggers, celebrities, athletes ect all well off and not affected too much by Obama’s incompetence who are perfectly willing to bullshit their own brothas and sistas and refuse to tell the truth about this man. That frankly is criminal or at the very least morally disturbing.
Go to any popular black website, blog, news source and you will find little or no real truth about Obama. Blacks choose to remain ignorant… let them do so at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you just wrote and have been to some black web sites and the majority were a rah rah sis boom bah four more for obama. That's quite sad on many fronts.

The UK version of Mad magazine has Alfred E. Newman saying "I've got mine, Jack." That may as well be the slogan of well off blacks in their relationship to the not-so-well off blacks. The professional blacks (non sports, criminal and entertainment) realize that their health and welfare demands that they move away from black communities so as to protect both their families and possessions. When are blacks going to stop preying on each other as it does nothing to improve the community?

As to who has the answers, I don't know either. I saw Herman Cain as a successful businessman, but his excess baggage weighed him down as a political candidate.

During the early 60s and 70s I saw blacks making gains and wished them well. Who squandered the gains the black community as a whole made?

Your blog is a poke in the eye with a sharp stick to those who refuse to listen.