Monday, March 5, 2012

Idiotic, mindless, stupid Republicans, Shocking! Sandra Fluke liberal activist… Is that really shocking? - GOP continues to lose the political PR war… Liberals double standard... Obama's dream realized, permanent state of idiocracy

Folks I’ve been saying this for some time and I have never been more convinced that this current batch who are members or the leadership of the Republican Party has got to be the dumbest bunch of mutherfuckers in the history of American politics. I will admit I wish like hell I had an opportunity to involve myself in the leadership of the party because these idiot asses are so remarkable clueless it is not funny. I did not watch the news or listen to my daily dose of radio talk shows Thursday and Friday and did not watch any news since last Wednesday afternoon so I knew nothing of Rush’s tirade again the Georgetown chick and especially him calling her a “slut.” I try not to publish entire posts but this one by Neal Boortz explains how I feel so succinctly I wanted to make sure that if anyone in the distant future reads my blog he or she will have no doubt as to why some of us who proclaim themselves to be on the right side of the philosophical aisle is running out of hope that this country can be turned around and why liberals and Democrats have been handed more power on the proverbial silver platter than ever before because of the intellectual stupidity of the Republican Party.
The Democrats play their game for the likes of this idiot girl in the above example. The GOP plays their game towards those who already think the way they do.
It’s the economy stupid and not contraceptives, abortion or some idiot rich activist white chick.

 Idiotic, mindless, stupid Republicans - Boortz
Yeah .. a bit strong I guess.  But that’s pretty much how I feel about the Republican Party and its chances of a good showing in this election year right now after this asinine debacle last week over some law student’s sex life.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Democrats must be beside themselves with pure unadulterated glee right now --- at least those who didn’t laugh themselves to death last week.
You take the average American who has depended entirely on Entertainment Tonight for their news for the last two years and they could easily understand and map out just what the Democrats did to the Republicans over the past few months … culminating with the Sandra Fluke debacle.
It went something like this:
Democrats knew, as Republicans should have known, that the GOP would need independent voters to carry the November election.  This meant the Republicans would need a significant portion of independent women.  OK … so what issues are important to independent woman voters?  Jobs?  Sure.  But it’s hard to create controversy over jobs.  Everybody wants jobs, right?  The economy?  Yeah .. especially when it comes to personal family finances.  It’s tough to get the women into open revolt mode on the issue of the economy though.
There was one hot area that was just rich for stirrin’ the puddin’.  Women seems to be somewhat strident in their protection of their reproductive health choices .. independent women more so than Republican women, and Democrat women most of all.  So the plan was simple … dump a steaming, fetid load of female reproductive health issues right in the middle of the path to the November election, and somehow get the Republicans to step right in it.  I mean really --- how difficult would this be? (considering how eager Republican men are to make reproductive decisions anyway.)
So some Democrat somewhere comes up with a video clip of Rick Santorum saying that contraception is wrong.  “It’s not OK,” he said.  “It’s (contraception) a license to do things in a sexual realm that are counter to the way things are supposed to be.”  Well, that’s pretty much all you need to start your puddin’ storm.  You have a Republican GOP candidate saying that he knows how “things are supposed to be” in the sexual world of women out there, and that contraception is not good.  Surely you have some independent women out there who believe that the way things “are supposed to be” is that they are free to have consensual sex with whomever they choose, and that they should also be free to purchase contraceptives so that the sexual encounter doesn’t end in either an unwanted pregnancy or a disease.”
Weren’t we all scratching our heads and wondering where that “should contraception be illegal” question came from in an early debate?  Well wonder no longer.  That was George Stephanopoulos lighting the fuse for the carefully crafted reproductive rights bomb the Democrats were preparing.
Many of us knew that the Republicans would self-destruct and hand Obama a huge advantage if they started their usual obsessing over abortion.  The surprise, though, was that the Republicans would do pretty much the same thing over contraception.
The first ploy is to get Obama to mandate that the Catholic Church birth control to employees of many Catholic institutions.  Who DIDN’T KNOW this would incense the GOP.  Obama overplays his hand a bit here, so he has to retreat to simply demanding that the insurance companies provide the contraceptives --- free.  The bonus here was that the ploy would take the Democrats a step closer to their long-term goal of destroying the profitability of private health insurance products.
Once that contraception battle dies down, the Democrats come up with Sandra Fluke.  She was tailor-made for this task.  If some research is to be believed she is a long-time activist dedicated to women’s health issues and she may have actually chosen Georgetown because it is a Jesuit (Catholic) institution – a perfect platform for birth control activism.  Now the Democrats can’t quite get Fluke before an actual Senate or House committee to testify.  She simply doesn’t have either the credentials or a compelling story to tell.  Who, after all, gives a flip about whether or not a woman paying over $50,000 a year for law school can afford the pill or a few condoms now and then.  So the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi,  having failed to get Fluke before a committee, throw together a little Democrat garden party and invite Fluke to sit before them and spin her tail of woe.  (misspelling intentional).
OK … so she thinks that contraceptives are some sort of an entitlement for college coeds.  Fine …let her say it.  Most Americans .. those who actually hear her statement .. will just cast it off as a typically infantile musings of a college student at that magical point in her life where she has all the answers – par for the college student course – and move on to worrying about matters like Iran, our economy, jobs and tax reform.  Upon seeing a clip of here statement a perfect retort would have been “We wish Ms. Fluke the best of success in her quest for a law degree and a little recreational sex to ease the pressure along the way, and we would like to point out that free condoms are available at the Planned Parenthood office 1.78 miles from her dorm.”
But no … suddenly Sandra Fluke is the focus of all GOP efforts to control women’s reproductive health.  She’s assailed and assaulted on a number of fronts when she should have just been ignored.  Whether or not the attacks had merit is not the point.  The point is that independent women across this country were turned off (at best) or completely outraged (at worse) over the attacks levied against Fluke --- and this is JUST what the Democrats had hoped for.
Now am I including Rush Limbaugh in this?  Limbaugh has made it clear since he’s been on the air that he likes to respond to absurdities with absurdities.  If someone says something absurd you just respond with another absurdity … it’s actually a pretty good way to get a point across.  The point here is that when Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” he was following the absurdities-with-absurdities format.  But what about when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “slut?”  Was it a headline on broadcast news channels and CNN.  You already know the answer to that one.
Frankly, I don’t see a way for the GOP to fully recover from this idiotic debacle.  I think it is quite possible that the number of independent woman votes needed to push Caesar Obammus out of office may very well not now be reached.  Many are gone – and they’re aren’t going to give consideration to returning.  If you want more to go – just nominate Santorum.  That should seal the deal.
Does our Constitution guarantee a right to contraceptives?  Certainly not.  To seek them and use them if available?  Sure.  But to demand that someone else supply them to you?  No way.  This matters not, though.  The bait was cast, the GOP bit, and there are enough genuinely pissed off and/or scared women out there to sink the GOP election ship.
Now … before we move on.  Can you folks now see how much better off our country might be today if liberal women had received care packages of free condoms from concerned citizens for --- say --- the last 40 years?  Not too late to start.

This is what is ridiculously insulting. Here you have this spoiled whiny silver spooned 30 year old fake ass white girl who is paying according to Boortz’s piece $50,000 per year to attend Georgetown has the audacity to complain about not being given $3,000 a year for contraceptives? It is insulting and absurd as Rush pointed out and should be insulting to every rational thinking American.
Yes of course she was a plant, yes of course she was the Democrats show pony/activist, that was a shock to anyone? But the problem was the GOP got sucked in and paid her attention, why!?

Rush was exactly right, but Rush’s problem is he does not have any kids and he does not have a daughter.
I’ve been listening to Rush long before he became popular, I know him and I get him, I get his sense of humor and how he process subjects. Frankly not a lot of people understand his humor especially liberals because they are stupid, some either lack the intellectual capacity of get him or simply bitch and moan about him because he has the ability to articulate the conservative point of view.
I've been sent dozens of e-mails from liberal groups wanting an expansion of the advertiser pullout from his show. 

One universal law is you don’t call someone’s daughter a “shut” at least on the air no matter how much she may deserve it.
Is there a double standard in politics? YES, liberals are allowed to called tight wing types "sluts" and even satire the special needs children of right wing parents, but the GOP keeps losing the media relations battle but again GOP types are the ones making the unforced errors. 

Right now because of this idiot president millions of people including myself are struggling to make ends meet but I have never had any compulsion to hold my hand out and start begging for shit. If this chick is worried about getting pregnant (of course she is not because she is an activist)... for those of you bucking for free contraceptives then.... DON’T FUCK UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD IT!

My ex had a great piece of advice for her son that I will steal:

“never stick your dick into something you don’t think there should be more of in this world.”

We don’t teach personal responsibility anymore, we have evolved into this selfish self-serving society exactly the way liberals envisioned their socialist utopia and that is exactly why they remain in power and will continue to do so.

While I support Rush 100% this was not the year to give Democrats more political red meat as Santorum has."One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country.  "Contraception is not okay. It's a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be."Really dickhead, that is the issue you want to win the presidency on!? Really SERIOUSLY!?
 Oh let's not forget the "aspirin between their knees" reference by moron Santorum supporter Foster Friess.
and what Rush did with attacking this chick.
Correct me if I''m wrong but I believe that likely 99% of all American women, and 98% of all Catholic women in the United States, have used contraception at some point in their lives. For most of them it is a health issue. While I don't want the government subsidizing sanctioned fuck fests it is NOT a presidential issue.
We won’t win the presidency but it WAS possible to win back the Senate, the House or BOTH. Now I bet Republicans won’t even do that!

I never thought any of the current Republican candidates could be beat Obama anyway, now it is a lock that this moronic idiot fuck president will win a second term when he clearly does not deserve one.

The Republican Party has grown so inept that they have now made it a stone cold lock that likely the worst president in the history of this country will be elected over an issue or issues so completely far down the priority list of this nation it boggles the mind.

I don’t give a shit about abortion or contraceptives! You know what I’ve completely changed my mind on this abortion issue.
I was dead set against it, now I’m like fucking abortions should be performed at a McDonalds drive thru.
Yes that is horrible but do you people look around and see the complete waste of human skin idiocracy inspired couples are spitting out these days. You watch Maury or Jerry Springer lately? All life is not precious and it doesn’t have shit to do with skin color, religion, male or female or even class. Hell Paris Hilton, the cast of Mob Wives, that idiot chick who flipped the nation the bird during the Super Bowl are all examples of totally useless walking mounds of talking flesh that one less fuck fest could have eliminated.

The thing is only the more well off types like this Fluke chick would take advantage of contraceptives even if they were free to everyone!
The toothless trailer park trash, ghetto hood rats, Jersey Shore morons, racist retarded fucks won’t bother. They will continue to spit out future illiterate air sucking malcontents with their hands out and Democrats will be there to provide the goodies.
Folks this nation is screwed and if we don’t turn this shit around and fucking soon I don’t see America ever recovering from this crap.     


Anonymous said...

Vote Nope 2012. Hope is not getting us jobs!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Will be the first time I won’t vote in 2012 and I know a LOT of people who have said the same thing including some people who are what you would call political insiders and practitioners.

Anonymous said...

Re: Code Pink photo

Notice the term "photo illustration" in top left corner. That means the photo is faked and the sign didn't really say that.

Attempt at smearing Code Pink: FAIL!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Yes I have thousands of faked photos but let me tell you why the photo is relevant.
I was an attendee at a couple of events that featured Code Pink and I can say with 100 percent certainty the majority of the members that comprise Code Pink do indeed has this mindset. These people are as anti-American and especially anti-military as many on the left can get.
I was also at a gathering of Code Pink folks during a pro-Hillary rally in DC to protest delegate counts. Now these people thought that I was a sympathizer you should have heard the conversations these women are a bunch of lunatics and are not playing with a full deck.
Code Pink is one of the most radical left wing organizations out there and it starts with Medea Benjamin and believe me after having a fairly lengthy conversation with her the only conclusion I came away with is she clearly needs to be in a mental institution.
I don’t have an issue with folks with whom I disagree with but there are degrees and Code Pink folks are way beyond people you can have a rational conversation with about issues.