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Has Obama, or any race pimps, urged the country to do some soul-searching after the attacks on Allen Coon?

85-year-old woman raped, husband (a veteran) beaten.   Tyrone Woodfork, age 20, arrested and charged.  No Sharpton.  No Jackson.  No Obama. 

Three black males murdered a white male student at Mississippi State.  Some have suggested it may be retaliation for Treyvon’s death.  No word from Jackson, Sharpton or Obama.

The mainstream media has bent over backwards to portray Trayvon Martin as a choir boy who couldn’t have possibly been at fault and George Zimmerman as a malicious racist who was bent on killing him for no reason whatsoever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to square with the facts we’ve learned since then. That doesn’t mean George Zimmerman is now the good guy and Trayvon Martin is the bad guy or that Zimmerman shouldn’t have to go on trial, it just means the whole case is a lot more ambiguous than it appeared to be at first glance.

George Zimmerman doesn’t appear to be a racist, he MAY HAVE had good cause to shoot Trayvon Martin, and Martin is not the angel he’s being portrayed as in the press. Pointing this out isn’t a “smear campaign,” it’s journalism.

Towards that end, Trayvon Martin’s twitter account, which was deleted after his death, no doubt because it made him look perfectly awful, has now surfaced. What follows is more current picture of Trayvon Martin and 20 of his tweets that stuck out. Under normal circumstances, these tweets wouldn’t be all that important, but given the media narrative, which is that Martin was a harmless little cherub who was pursued and killed for no other reason than because he was black, it’s worth noting that there might be a lot more to the story.
That story starts with the name of his Twitter account, “No_Limit_N*gga” (I put an asterisk in there that’s not in the actual name to keep it from showing up in search engines). The tweets come courtesy of the Daily Caller.
NY Senate Democrats Wear Hoodies In Support of Trayvon Martin - Gateway Pundit
 "Democrats took a break from spending your money to protest Trayvon Martin."
  This is why liberals and Democrats annoy the shit out of me because they will always place more importance on symbolism over substance.
Black kids damn near all over this country are dropping out of school at an alarming rate, are experiencing record unemployment, 75% of black babies are being born to single parent households and crime continues to climb in the hood. But these ignorant ass Negro legislators are more concerned about being perceived as “down with the cause” rather than dealing with real issues. Fucking idiots!
Daily Kos Unglued About Trayvon, Smears Republicans as Racist Paranoid [Insert Curse Words] With Guns

Meet The Real Trayvon Martin: Evidence Emerges He Was A Drug Dealer And Gang Banger

FYI - Folks also keep this in mind. I’ve read and heard that some of the pics being posted on websites may NOT be of Trayvon Martin.  

Multiple suspensions paint complicated portrait of Trayvon Martin
In October, a school police investigator said he saw Trayvon on the school surveillance camera in an unauthorized area “hiding and being suspicious.” Then he said he saw Trayvon mark up a door with “W.T.F” — an acronym for “what the f---.” The officer said he found Trayvon the next day and went through his book bag in search of the graffiti marker.

Instead the officer reported he found women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that he described as a “burglary tool,” according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by The Miami Herald. Word of the incident came as the family’s lawyer acknowledged that the boy was suspended in February for getting caught with an empty bag with traces of marijuana, which he called “irrelevant” and an attempt to demonize a victim.

Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described silver wedding bands and earrings with diamonds.
Trayvon was asked if the jewelry belonged to his family or a girlfriend.
“Martin replied it’s not mine. A friend gave it to me,” he responded, according to the report. Trayvon declined to name the friend.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/26/2714778/thousands-expected-at-trayvon.html#storylink=cpy
  Trayvon Martin Family Criticize Information Leaks - News One 
SANFORD, Fla. — The parents of a slain Florida teenager are blaming police for leaking information about their son being suspended for marijuana and details about the fight he had with the shooter that portrayed the teen as the aggressor.
 Those of you who check out this blog from time to time know I usually don’t focus to much on stories like this because to be honest this country is facing a far greater crisis… Obama.

In a couple of earlier posts I highlighted some incidences I was involved in as a young kid and teenager. I was well behaved, was a decent student, had never been suspended, had never been in trouble with the police and I behaved as my parents taught me to behave mindful of my actions and respectful of adults.
I was not the perfect kid but I did not steal from anyone ever, never engaged in vandalism or any type and I tried to be mindful not to do anything that would embarrass my parents or my family.
When I became an instant dad I raised my son the best way I could. His biological father did not want to have anything to do with him. The unfortunate thing is I knew early on that he was going to be a problem and I was always on his ass about everything from his behavior in school to his grades.
When he became a teen he engaged in all sorts of questionable behaviors, including theft and even stealing from his mother which she kept from me.
He stole some very valuable sports jackets from me and sold it to friends, and soon after started to take items from his friends’ homes.
When I found some stolen items buried in the backyard I called the police on his ass. A few years later I called the police on him when my wife called me at work saying “I smelled something strange coming out of our son’s room” I was like call the fucking police on him, but she refused.
So I came home and beat his ass and then I called the police.
It would take me all day to write out all of the issues I had with my son but the bottom line is his ass sure as hell would have ended up like the Martin kid. However while he would not be shot he did eventually go to juvenile detention and then later to jail.
A lot of black single mothers are in fucking denial like my ex was and paint their kids particularly their son’s as little angels.
I heard an interview with Trayvon’s mother and attorney saying that all of the 411 now coming out on racist right wing websites and blogs like yours truly are trying to paint Trayvon in a negative light and has nothing to do with what ultimately happened but his past behavior had everything to do with what happened.
Common fucking sense tells you that the more you engage in questionable behavior at some point you will indeed pay for those transgressions at some point.
I know it is not just black parents who are in denial when it comes to how they view their kids but we all know that there will be more Trayvon Martin incidences down the road. The question is what type of parent will you be, the one who keeps their head in the sand and refuses to see reality which will no doubt lead to their kid possible being shot and killed or at the very least incarcerated? Or the one who will have “the talk” who will have the an honest conversation with their child on how NOT to be like Trayvon.
His parents bitching that his past behavior and actions had nothing to do with his death is just flat foolish.                  
 NOLA Cop: Trayvon Lived Like A Thug and He Died Like One - News One
 New Orleans police officer, Jason Giroir, 35, has been suspended indefinitely without pay for making disparaging remarks about 17-year-old Trayvon Martin online, reports NOLA.com.
In response to a comment posted Sunday on WWL-TV.com on a story about Trayvon, who was unarmed when he was gunned down by George Zimmerman, 28, Giroir said that the 17-year-old deserved to die:
“Act like a Thug Die like one!” he wrote.
Giroir’s wife echoed her husband’s sentiments on the same article:
“He acted like a thug and died like one,” she wrote.
When a commenter said that Giroir’s comments were racist, the veteran did not back down:
“… come on down to our town with a ‘Hoodie’ and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories!”
Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said that he is outraged by Giroir’s comments and that they do not  reflect the views of the New Orleans Police Department.
“To say I’m angry is an understatement. I’m furious,” Serpas said.
Giroir was placed on desk duty during a recent investigation after he killed a Black man during a routine traffic stop. Justin Sipp was in the car with his brother, Earl Sipp, when Giroir and two back-up officers claim that Justin opened fire and was subsequently killed. Once the investigation was complete, Giroir was returned to his post in the 8th district.
 An Unfortunate T-Shirt Hits Florida Streets In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Killing - The Smoking Gun

Trayvon Mother Moves To Trademark Name For Merchandise 
 MARCH 26–The mother of Trayvon Martin has filed two applications to secure trademarks containing her late son’s name, records show. Sybrina Fulton is seeking marks for the phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon,” according to filings made last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In both instances, Fulton, 46, is seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.
Geraldo’s Point - Thomas Sowell 
It is not often that I agree with Geraldo Rivera, but recently he said something very practical and potentially life-saving, when he urged black and Hispanic parents not to let their children go around wearing hoodies.
There is no point in dressing like a hoodlum when you are not a hoodlum, even though that has become a fashion for some minority youths, including the teenager who was shot and killed in a confrontation in Florida. I don’t know the whole story of that tragedy, any more than those who are making loud noises in the media do, but that is something that we have trials for.
People have a right to dress any way they want to, but exercising that right is something that requires common sense, and common sense is something that parents should have, even if their children don’t always have it.
Many years ago, when I was a student at Harvard, there was a warning to all the students to avoid a nearby tough Irish neighborhood, where Harvard students had been attacked. It so happened that there was a black neighborhood on the other side of the Irish neighborhood that I had to pass through when I went to get my hair cut.
I never went through that Irish neighborhood dressed in the style of most Harvard students back then. I walked through that Irish neighborhood dressed like a black working man would be dressed — and I never had the slightest trouble the whole three years that I was at Harvard.
While I had a right to walk through that tough neighborhood dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit, if I wanted to — and if I could have afforded one, which I couldn’t — it made no sense for me to court needless dangers.
The man who shot the black teenager in Florida may be as guilty as sin, for all I know — or he may be innocent, for all I know. We pay taxes so that there can be judges and jurors who sort out the facts. We do not need Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the President of the United States spouting off before the trial has even begun. Have we forgotten the media’s rush to judgment in the Duke University “rape” case that blew up completely when the facts came out?
If the facts show that a teenager who was no threat to anyone was shot and killed, it will be time to call for the death penalty. But if the facts show that the shooter was innocent, then it will be time to call for people in the media and in politics to keep their big mouths shut until they know what they are talking about.
Playing with racial polarization is playing with fire.
 It Doesn't Matter If You're Black or White - Sultin Knish
 "It doesn't matter if you're black or white," Michael Jackson sang, even as he embarked on a journey to crudely transform himself from one to the other through plastic surgery. Around the same time a biracial man who had grown up in a white family was protesting on behalf of a vehemently racist black professor. That man, who would later make it to the Senate and then the White House, chose to identify as black.

 In the Chicago Tribune, Obama's hometown paper, its columnist, Leonard Pitts Jr, insists that George Zimmerman is white because race is a construct and whiteness is not color, but privilege, making it completely indistinguishable from class. To indict Zimmerman, who is Hispanic and part of a multi-racial family structure, as a white racist, Pitts is forced to argue that race isn't race. Anyone who is of the "oppressed of the earth" is really black and anyone who is privileged is white. 


The Boondocks - Full Explanation of the "Nigga Moment"


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the "P*ssy *ssed Cr*cker" shirt screams I am an ignorant, low life racist who is trying to intimidate you. He has forgotten the face of his father, has no shame and brings shame upon his family (even though they might not either readily admit it or realize it).

Oh well. There goes another rocket scientist - not. It doesn't take much of a reach to figure out where this young male (refuse to use man as he is not a man) will be in a few years: jail or dead. Why's that? Black culture first followed by the all too often fatherless black families. Got to fix the families first then go to work on the dysfunctional black culture otherwise the fixed children will get sucked into the meat grinder of black culture.

Anonymous said...

He does not care nor does many black people because they have never been taught to care about the consequences of their actions.
If they truly cared about this kids legacy they would be calling for peace and the black panthers would not be putting up a million dollar bounty on Zimmerman.

pammi said...

Wanna bet the first thing mom buys with any royalties made from her dead son, the son she supposedly care so much about.
A new Cadillac and other assorted bling.
As awful as this may sound she will eventually be grateful for the bounty reaped on her as a result of her dead son.

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Great blog, great job and thanks for sharing your thoughts and being honest.

Anonymous said...

Had a "Nigga Moment" today. Got off of work tired, dirty and hungry. Pulled up at a stop light and a car pulled in next to me. Just waiting for the light to change when I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye. Glanced over and saw it was a couple black guys in a car. No big deal. Light changed green and I took off. Next thing I know, they pulled in behind me and were honking their horn like crazy. BFD. I was hungry and the fast food place was at the next turn. No bird flipping (unusual for me) and no yelling 'F you asshole' again unusual.

A long time ago I discovered you don't mess with people you don't know. They might be:

2)Better armed
3)Bat shit crazy and don't give a damn
4)Wanted as an escaped psychotic axe murder in 15 states.
5)All of the above

Screw those assholes for messing with me. I just hope they meet up with someone who numbers 1-3 apply.